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King Cuddly
Jack skillfully convinces Elizabeth to de-genius Toby, and she builds a new MFE machine.

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Jack Makes His Move
In an attempt to make Toby jealous, Elizabeth partners with Jack in an end-of-year science experiment.

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Meet the Parents
Desperate for information about Elizabeth's genius, Jack offers her a deal.

Watch Wicked Science Season 2 Episode 24 Now

Spider Boy
When Garth's little cousin Rodney turns up in Sandy Bay, he immediately wreaks havoc with his pranks.

Watch Wicked Science Season 2 Episode 23 Now

Ghost Girl
Russ falls in love with a movie star who's in town to shoot her new film.

Watch Wicked Science Season 2 Episode 22 Now

The crimson-ringed octopus has venom so toxic that one drop can immobilize an elephant ... or one Mr.

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Time Loop
Unable to bear the thought of Toby and Nikki getting together, Elizabeth traps Toby in a time loop, forcing him to relive the same day over and over.

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Crazy for You
Elizabeth decides to create a self-learning artificial intelligence program to act as her personal assistant.

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Air Dog
Toby invents an antigravity belt that will lift the wearer to any height. Jack manages to steal the belt and attach it to a small dog

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The Truth Is Out There
Jack films the lead up to an interschool Science Expo as an excuse to find wicked science and blackmail Elizabeth and Toby into making him a genius.

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Verity from the Black Lagoon
After damaging an experiment involving a rare plant from Boggy Creek, Verity is banished from Elizabeth's lab.

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Talk to the Animals
Working on the theory that if she makes Toby ill, he will come running to her for a cure, Elizabeth invents a device that drains his hyperfunctions.

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The Weakest Link
Toby's liquid nitrogen cryogenic refrigeration chamber malfunctions, spelling potential disaster.

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Bolt From the Blue
Elizabeth is driven wild with jealousy when Toby and Nikki decide to go to the school dance together.

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A Day in the Life
The "sibling" rivalry between Sacha and Russ escalates to the point where the trio threatens to break up.

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Koala in the Mist
When Garth "borrows" Elizabeth's shrink ray to increase the size of his breakfast, Jack not only sees the device in action, but steals it.

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Catch Me If You Can
Russ continues to be on Toby's back about helping him with girls, so Toby invents a flying disk to make Russ look good on the beach.

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Toby invents a homing device that teleports Sacha's horse to Sandy Bay.

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Ring of Confidence
Toby invents a "doubt eliminator" ring to boost Nikki's confidence, but the device falls into Verity's hands.

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Close Call
Disaster strikes when the school clock breaks and Elizabeth is forced to hide her lab equipment in the school storeroom.

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The Great Dork
When Russ is bullied by Garth, Toby tries to prove that Russ is not a loser. Toby creates a time portal to show Russ his valiant ancient ancestors.

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A Friend in Need
Russ finds himself forced to masquerade as Toby at a meeting with Nikki in the surf café.

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Elizabeth catches a bad cold from Verity. With a raging temperature, her power to hyperfunction and use her genius is out of control.

Watch Wicked Science Season 2 Episode 4 Now

Toby has his eye fixed firmly on Jack's sister, Nikki. He is desperate to impress her -- but how?

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Sweet Dreams
A charming, manipulative new student befriends Garth so he can gather information about his shrink ray.

Watch Wicked Science Season 2 Episode 2 Now

The Flies
It's the first day back at school after the holidays, and the giant doll still stands in the school grounds as a reminder of the events that occurred.

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Wicked Science, produced by the New Video Group and featuring Andr in 2004, is an enchanting exploration of the high school experience, infused with a thought-provoking blend of science fiction and drama. This captivating Australian television series centers on the tumultuous lives of two teenage whiz kids and their extraordinary scientific adventures, highlighting the exhilarating yet chaotic intersection of teenage life and groundbreaking science.

The story revolves around two 15-year-old students, Toby Johnson and Elizabeth Hawke, who attend the high-performing school, Sandy Bay School, located on a beautiful island off Australia's Gold Coast region. The pair shares one common interest – a deep passion for science that far surpasses their peers'. Apparently, though they are both geniuses, they're as different as chalk and cheese in their personalities and approach to life.

Toby Johnson is charismatic, kind-hearted, and equable – a 'regular' teenager who seeks to live a normal life, despite his prodigious intellect. On the other hand, Elizabeth Hawke, the perfectionist student council president, is driven, ambitious, and eager to capitalize on her scientific prowess. This stark contrast in their characters provides a unique texture and depth to the plot and the series as a whole.

The real action begins when the two prodigies are involved in a laboratory accident that imbues them with superhuman abilities. The peculiar event unleashes a plethora of scientific phenomena, transforming the seemingly mundane Sandy Bay School into a hub of inexplicable science experiments and extraordinary occurrences.

While Toby uses his newfound abilities to help others and maintain balance, Elizabeth is driven by her ambition to seize control of the school and its inhabitants with her newfound superpowers. As Toby and his friends struggle to fend off Elizabeth's increasingly dangerous scientific experiments, their high school journey becomes a thrilling battle of wits against a backdrop of glacial caves, deserted islands, and other legendary locations.

At its core, Wicked Science is not just about complex scientific experiments and supernatural phenomenon. It masterfully weaves in elements of teenage drama, friendships, rivalries, and burgeoning love. The show also delves deep into human emotions and relationships, adding layers of complexity to its straightforward sci-fi premise.

The depth of the characters' development throughout the series and their dynamic growth takes the audience on a compelling adventure. Toby and Elizabeth's constant tug-of-war – their struggle for dominance – consistently accelerates the plot, challenging viewers on the definitions of right and wrong, power and responsibility, love and friendship.

The series successfully encapsulates some heavy teenage social issues like peer pressure, competition, teenage crushes, and adolescent insecurities. While exploring such themes, it never loses touch with its light-hearted tone, ensuring an immensely enjoyable viewing experience.

Equally significant is the series' depiction of science. It makes excellent use of scientific concepts and theories to spur the narrative, making science seem fascinating, engaging, and approachable. As Toby and Elizabeth experiment with the laws of nature, they demystify the seemingly complicated world of molecules, reactions, and phenomena. This scientific exploration is intelligently intertwined with their daily high school life, making the show just as educational as it is entertaining.

The show's stunning special effects, ingenious scripts, and impressive performances provide a spectacular viewing experience. In particular, Andr offers a commendable performance, becoming a notable character to keep an eye on.

Wicked Science is a testament to the educational and entertaining power of children's television programming. Its premise is unique, its performances are captivating, and its steady escalation of storyline keeps the audience on their toes. One minute, viewers will find themselves deeply engrossed in the characters' personal dilemmas. The next, they'll be at the edge of their seats, wondering what unexpected scientific marvel will unfold.

In summary, Wicked Science is a must-watch for those who relish films and shows that imaginatively blend science fiction, teenage drama, and ethical dilemmas. It's not just a tale of teenagers and science; it's a journey through adolescence where every scientific experiment signifies life's trials and tribulations, and every solution, a step towards maturity.

Wicked Science is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 52 episodes, the show debuted on 2004. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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