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Scott of the Atlantic
Season finale. Scott reaches the point of no return. Jason and his team face a moment of truth. Princess makes a huge discovery.

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White Lies
Nikki looks for answers in Spain. Back at home, Jason has to call in reinforcements to avert a disaster.

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Airport Run
Jason and Nikki’s good intentions are derailed by old friends while, unbeknownst to them, their family is about to be rocked.

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Mother's Day
A celebratory spa visit is surprisingly stressful. Jason's plan to bond his team spins out of control.

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Road Trip
On a mission to help Tyler fit in, Jason starts a junior soccer team. Nikki, Karen, and Princess travel to Brighton—and one of them has a secret.

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Murder at Slaughterbridge Manor
A family party leads to a life-changing decision for the birthday boy.

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Nikki's impulsiveness sparks an unexpected night out with Jason and a mystery man.

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The Send-Off
A loss brings the family together—and also threatens to tear it apart.

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Trying is a gripping British comedy-drama series exclusively available on Apple TV+ that first aired in May 2020. Based in contemporary London and created by Andy Wolton, the show integrates humor, charm, and poignancy to skillfully tell an engaging story of love, resilience, and the journey to parenthood.

The show centers on its main protagonists, Nikki, a dynamic social worker with big dreams, and Jason, a quirky self-employed handyman, who are both in their 30s. The couple lives a fairly ordinary life; they love each other, have a tight-knit group of friends, and are comfortable in their respective careers. However, they're increasingly weighed down by societal expectations of adulthood and their own personal longing for a child.

The plot of Trying presents a thoughtful exploration into the intricacies of adoption after this couple discovers they cannot have biological children. Emblematic of its title, the series portrays Nikki and Jason's exploits as they "try" to navigate the convoluted adoption process, all the while trying to prove themselves as 'parent material' in the eyes of the judgmental adoption panel. The story skilfully tackles the couple's endeavour to fill the void in their life and their longing to become parents.

The series intelligently uses humor and lighter moments to offset the emotionally dense theme. It's not a typical sitcom, and nor does it shoehorn slapstick humour at every turn. Instead, it thoughtfully integrates comedy to bring a sense of realism to Nikki and Jason's journey, presenting both their joyful moments and challenging struggles as they grapple with their personal insecurities and professional setbacks in their pursuit of parenthood.

One of the significant strengths of Trying is its robust character development. As it unfolds, viewers are offered deeper insights into Nikki and Jason's individual personalities and their relationship dynamics. We see a realistic portrayal of a couple in love, trying to navigate life together amidst challenges. Their friends and family provide a diverse supporting cast, each with their own unique idiosyncrasies and contributions to the story. The strong performances by an ensemble of actors, including Esther Smith (Nikki) and Rafe Spall (Jason), heighten the viewer’s emotional investment in their journey.

Despite being a comedy, Trying doesn't shy away from delving into serious themes. It unpacks topics such as grief, self-worth, identity, and societal pressure with a sensitivity and gracefulness that steer clear of melodrama. The show maintains a careful balance, interjecting its heavy moments with refreshing levity and wit.

Another aspect of Trying that is widely appreciated is its truthful representation of London. It juxtaposes picturesque London landscapes and historical sites with the grimy beauty of local haunts and everyday experiences. The realistic portrayal of London's mundane sights and sounds serves to ground the story in reality and charm the viewer with its authenticity.

Additionally, Trying's scriptwriting is another praiseworthy element of the show. The dialogues are sharp, snappy, and often encapsulate profound, universal truths. Andy Wolton’s writing is empathetic and smart, filled with witty one-liners and compelling storytelling that keep the audience engaged. The narrative avoids clichéd tropes or predictable twists, opting instead for an honest account of a couple navigating their way through the ups and downs of the adoption process.

The cinematography, production design, and music score further enhance the series, adding texture and depth to the storytelling. The ingenuity in filmmaking subtly complements the narrative, reinforcing the characters' experiences and emotions.

Trying is a binge-worthy series that leaves you rooting for the endearing Nikki and Jason. Across its episodes, audiences accompany the couple’s relentless determination to grow their family, however daunting the obstacles. Part comedy, part drama, Trying beautifully captures a poignant story - turning the universal human experience of trying into an unmissable narrative. In its own unique way, it sparks discussions about love, parenthood, and the lengths one would go to for family, making it a must-watch for those seeking an engaging, emotionally resonant, and refreshingly honest series.

Trying is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 32 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

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