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Return to the Island
The Sharkpack, Barb and Dad embark on an exciting adventure to return the Sharkpups to their island. But will the team make it home in one piece?

Watch Sharkdog Season 3 Episode 7 Now

Puptown Funk / Pup, Pup and Away / Sharks on a Boat
What's causing the pups to go into Sharkmode? The Sharkpups are running wild in Foggy Springs! Barb and Dad help the Sharkpack wrangle the Sharkpups.

Watch Sharkdog Season 3 Episode 6 Now

School of Sharkpups / How to Train Your Sharkpups / Sharkbites and Pupcakes
The Sharkpups get loose in Max's school. Max and Sharkdog compete to see who's a better Sharkpup trainer.

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Stranger Fins / Sharkdog and Mia's Eggcellent Adventure / Snow Way Out
The Sharkpack arrives on the secret island to search for more Sharkdogs. Mia brings a mysterious egg to school.

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All Mapped Out / Sharkdog on Ice / How Barb Got Her Groove Back
The Sharkpack tries to decode a secret map. Ollie needs to learn how to ice skate... and fast! Barb is too scared to sail in the cold weather.

Watch Sharkdog Season 3 Episode 3 Now

Gnome Is Where the Art Is / News Hounds / Sharkdog vs. Sharkdog
Sharkdog tries to help Mr. Heubel win an art contest. Max and Sharkdog accidentally delete Mom's news report. Mia gets a new favorite Sharkdog.

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Sharks, Dogs and Sharkdogs / Sharkdoggy Day / Fins That Go Bump in the Night
Sharkdog spends the day on his own. Barb and Sharkdog search for a secret map. The boys get spooked after watching a scary movie at a sleepover.

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Sharkdog is a vibrant and light-hearted animated series that debuted on Netflix in the year 2021. The series includes engaging characters and adventurous instances that incorporate surreal comedy with an engaging storyline.

At the center of the delightful animated mayhem is Sharkdog, the playful eponymous character. Sharkdog is unusual and extraordinary, a domestic pet with an unexpected twist. Despite having traits of an adorably clumsy dog, he astonishingly also possesses the unique qualities of an imposing shark, which are artistically well-blended and make for a creatively original character. Half-dog, half-shark, his dualistic personality and antics form a significant part of the series' charm, contributing to the humour and comedy that the show offers.

The main human character in the show, Max, is Sharkdog's proud owner. Max is a cheerful young boy with a bold spirit and innocent curiosity, characteristics that are quintessential for a lead character in an engaging children's series. Drawn together by chance and bonding over a mutually adventurous spirit, Max and Sharkdog navigate their world together, with all its comical, thrilling, and sometimes unpredictable realities. The inseparable duo’s friendship is the heart of the show, and their warm bond is as inviting as it is endearing.

The premise of Sharkdog is rooted in the surreal and imaginative. The half-shark, half-dog protagonist trots around town with Max, causing a fair bit of mischief, unintentional confusion, and unexpected adventures because of his unique shark-inspired traits. The world in which they exist is continually teetering on the brink of being zany due to Sharkdog's unusual behavior, with humorous instances of Sharkdog trying to reconcile his shark instincts with the norms of his doggish domestic life. Whether it's a usually mundane walk-around, a frolic in the park, or every day at school, Max's life is laced with the outlandish quirks that come with owning an unconventional pet like Sharkdog.

While Sharkdog poses unique challenges for Max due to his unpredictable habits, Max often finds ways to use Sharkdog's aquatic abilities and mighty jaws to solve problems, turning a potential pitfall into an advantage. The series often centers around how Sharkdog's dual identity complicates yet adds flavor to everyday activities while also framing funny and clever narratives. Often the duo finds themselves getting into and out of trouble, sometimes even saving the day, making their world a fresh and adventurous place to be.

With lively animation and bright colors that are bound to catch the attention of younger viewers, Sharkdog offers up universally relatable themes. It touches upon friendship, loyalty, problem-solving, and navigating life’s unexpected moments with humor and resilience. There are life lessons woven into the story, subtly teaching young viewers about empathy, inclusion, and acceptance of differences, while also providing endless fun and laughter.

The humor in Sharkdog is universal and lighthearted to engage both children and adults alike. On the one hand, young audiences can enjoy the slapstick comedy and the amusing characters. On the other hand, adults can appreciate the clever humor, the references, and the show's overall originality. It’s a show that families can enjoy together, allowing for shared laughs and discussions

Characteristic of various Netflix original animations, Sharkdog maintains top-notch quality in terms of its animation and production design. The sounds, music, and eccentric characters add to the charm of the series even further. The characters are well fleshed out, and the voice acting brings them vividly to life.

Overall, Sharkdog offers a fresh take on animation and storytelling, making it a treat for children and adult viewers alike. There's plenty of humor, adventure, and surreal yet lovable elements that make Sharkdog a unique addition to the world of animated television. It's a series that's worth diving into for its wild rides, stimulating visuals, and to follow the enjoyable camaraderie of Max and Sharkdog.

Sharkdog is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 34 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.0.

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How can I watch Sharkdog online? Sharkdog is available on Netflix with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Sharkdog on demand at Netflix online.

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