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The Devil's Den
A shattered Team Squad is left reeling as Gary and Avocato travel into Invictus' inner sanctum for the final showdown.

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The Leaving
Long held secrets are revealed that will change the Team Squad forever.

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The Dead Speak
The crew fights to survive a ship-wide invasion of possessed Garys.

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Until the Sky Falls
Gary and Quinn go on a perilous mission to activate the Titan killing apparatus, while Avocato races to stop the Lord Commander's ultimate transformation.

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Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising
The crew heads to Earth in an attempt to activate the Hyper-Trans Dimensional Bridge but in order to do so they must make contact with someone on the other side of Final Space.

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The aftermath of losing one of the crew ripples through the team squad.

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The Chamber of Doubt
As an infection grows within Bolo, the crew races to help before he's lost to them forever.

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Change is Gonna Come
Gary and the crew race to find a cure for Quinn's Final Space poisoning, while Ash confronts Invictus. Meanwhile, Tribore and Quatronostro find out about a prophecy and journey to the great oracle Tim Belts.

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All The Moments Lost
As the crew flees from the Lord Commander, they lighfold into the orbit of a mysterious black hole that threatens to crush them into oblivion.

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One of Us
Gary and Quinn plan a dangerous rescue mission to save Avocato and the others from the Lord Commander.

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The Ventrexian
The Lord Commander tries to pry information about Mooncake's whereabouts out of Avocato. Quinn keeps her sickness a secret from Gary.

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The Hidden Light
Gary and Quinn encounter Earth's last survivor and search for a ship so that they can save the others lost in Final Space.

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...and Into the Fire
Final Space is a serialized intergalactic space saga about an astronaut named Gary and his adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake. Follow their adventures as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of Final Space, the place where the entire universe ends.

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Final Space is an American adult animated space opera comedy-drama series aired on TBS. The brainchild of independent filmmaker, Olan Rogers, it narrates the intergalactic adventures of a rag-tag team of characters and hence is also commonly referred to as a cosmic adventure series. Produced by Conan O'Brien's Conaco, this unique blend of comedy, melodrama, and sci-fi all interwoven into a space opera first debuted on TBS in 2018 and ran successfully till 2021.

The narrative of Final Space keeps the audience engaged with its brilliant storytelling shaped around the character of Gary Goodspeed, a well-meaning but clueless astronaut and his super-powerful, adorable, green-skinned little sidekick affectionately named – Mooncake - who also happens to be a planet-destroying entity. The show starts with Goodspeed sentenced to a jail term onboard a prison spaceship after he had impersonated as a space captain and instigated a false declaration of war. The plot gets a catalytic nudge when he discovers an innocent looking creature, Mooncake, has the power to create dimensional rifts between universes, making him the prey of a demonic and villainous entity named the Lord Commander.

Each episode of Final Space takes viewers on a thrilling space-faring journey filled with new planets, extraterrestrial beings, space-time anomalies, and cosmic danger. The main strength of the series is its compelling and well-drawn characters — from Gary Goodspeed, the friendly and relentless main character, to his loyal, hilarious robot sidekick KVN, to the wise, cynical alien Avocato, and everyone else who hops on board their ship. These key characters, with each of their peculiarities, remain the show's backbone providing it with the necessary vitality and entertainment quotient.

Not your everyday animated comedy show, Final Space skilfully manages to incorporate many complex layers within its narrative, hats off to its top-notch writing. The storytelling, apart from having the typical fun and goofy moments, is also rich with serious, high-stakes drama and deep emotional sequences that echo the foundations of existentiality, the importance of companionship and determination, and the exploration of seemingly infinite universes.

The production quality and animation of Final Space are commendable and add to the splendor of the show. The beautifully crafted visuals are a treat for sci-fi fans, with detailed, vibrant backgrounds, unique alien designs, and kinetic, exciting action scenes. The use of colouring and lighting adds depth to these environments, helping create a distinct mood according to the development of the story.

Final Space also excellently utilizes its audio-visual components to amplify its effect. The soundscape, starting from the choice of background score that shifts between intense, suspenseful tunes adding up to high-octane action scenarios and the softer, poignant themes accompanying the touching moments, serves the purpose of navigating the viewer's emotions brilliantly. Also noteworthy is the voice casting – with actors including Steven Yeun, David Tennant, Fred Armisen and others breathing life into these characters with their outstanding narrative skills.

Underneath all the hilarious quips, thrilling space shenanigans, and heart-tugging friendships, Final Space is a show that explores deeper themes. At its core, it delves into the mystery of life - what it means to be alive, to have friends, to sacrifice, and to fight against the odds, suggests the existence of an alternate universe, and even touches upon existential dread.

To sum it up, Final Space is for anyone who is a fan of good storytelling and is open to exploring content beyond the usual. It's a show that manages to balance humor, action, drama, and a dash of philosophy all set against the backdrop of an intricately designed universe. However, don't let its animated format mislead you into believing it's a children's program. Final Space with its mature storytelling, emotional depth, and serious themes is very much an exciting watch for adults. The synergy of imagination and creativity, the wacky humor, and the heart-touching moments make it stand out in the crowd of animated series that crowd the entertainment industry today.

Final Space is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 38 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.2.

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