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Like a Prayer
Series finale. Sheila uses aerobics to foster connection and healing.

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Like We Never Left
Maya forces Sheila and Danny to work together.

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Like a Mouse
Sheila and Greta envision a bold new future. Danny goes on a joyride. Maya acts up in front of Carlos.

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Like No One's Watching
Bitter competition pushes Sheila and Greta to the edge. Breem learns about his family. Intrusive thoughts force Sheila to question her relationship.

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Like You Mean It
Sheila can't escape her imagined enemy. Danny goes on a dangerous date.

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Like Crazy
A reeling Sheila risks her most important business partnership. Danny reaches out for help. Breem struggles to support his wife.

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Like a Rocket
A fitness expo challenges Sheila's recovery when it brings her face to face with Kelly.

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Like It's on Fire
New romance helps Sheila connect with her deeper self. Greta pursues a lucrative deal. Breem vies to impress the committee.

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Like a Bitch
Sheila's search for her public persona triggers repressed trauma. Breem hunts down a vandal. Danny discovers a new passion.

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Like a Whole New Woman
Sheila and Greta enlist an unlikely ally to protect Body by Sheila's financial freedom. A new menace supplants Sheila's inner voice.

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Set in the colorful 1980s, Physical is an original dark comedy-drama series launched on Apple TV+ in 2021. The show effortlessly blends elements of personal struggle, societal pressures, and emerging cultural revolutions – the growth of videotape culture and the fitness boom. As an unconventional and gritty exploration of personal evolution, the show beautifully serves up a cocktail of self-destruction and empowering transformation with an unexpected protagonist.

The narrative primarily centers around Sheila Rubin (played by Rose Byrne), a quietly tormented housewife living in a San Diego beach house. She is an unappreciated speechwriter for her ambitious but problematic husband Danny (played by Rory Scovel), who is vying for a state assembly seat. Sheila is struggling with a complicated relationship with her body and is constantly under the pressure of societal expectations of how a woman of her status should behave, look, and live. However, things take a dynamic turn when she discovers the world of aerobics.

As Sheila stumbles into the world of aerobics, she finds not just an outlet for her frustrations but also a potential method for redefining herself. She constructs a radical business proposition centered around the emerging culture of home videotapes, using them to record the synchronous dance workouts that represent her journey towards freedom and self-perception. This alter ego existence morphs into a secret passion-cum-business, which serves as both an escape and a path forward.

Rose Byrne delivers a compelling performance as Sheila, a woman toiling with body image issues, personal demons, and societal molds. It's more than a mere portrayal of a frustrated housewife; instead, it's a journey into the depths of her psyche and the strenuous path towards self-realization and growth. The other characters in the show also possess their share of complexity and provide an excellent juxtaposition to Sheila's development.

Physical showcases the '80s in all its glory, from neon-spandex workout wear to the revolutionary era of home video technology, and doesn't shy away from delving deeper into swift cultural shifts, illustrating how commodification of body-based culture took the world by storm.

While the show serves as an intimate character study of Sheila, it doesn't narrow down its scope. Each episode crisply investigates the cultural norms of the '80s, touching upon the changing dynamics of relationships, body fandom, capitalism, and the political undercurrents that boundary the lives of the characters. It provides a gripping view of the era, mixed with a timely exploration of the conflicts of perfectionism, self-acceptance, control and liberation.

Physical also includes an unusual and noteworthy component – the almost constant internal monologue of Sheila. This distinct narrative style presents the audience with an in-depth, brutal, and sometimes comedic insight into Sheila's innermost thoughts and fears, anchoring the narrative and taking the show well past the realm of mere aestheticization of the 1980s.

The series emanates a certain dark charm, veiled under layers of spandex, sweat, and workout sessions. On one hand, it is a period drama drenched in nostalgia with a betting background score, while on the other hand, it is a nuanced observation of personal and societal metamorphoses. It does an impeccable job of maintaining a balance between drama and dark humor, using the dichotomy of those elements to dissect and critique the era and its people authentically.

Overall, Physical is a riveting drama that forms an unexpected liaison between empowerment, obsession, and aerobics, making for a deeply engaging television viewing experience. It is simultaneously humorous, introspective, agonizing, and empowering, serving to draw in audiences from various walks of life who can relate to the diverse struggles, initiatives, and victories of its characters. Staying true to its title, Physical moves beyond mere physicality, exploring internal landscapes and everything that exists between the physical and the psychological.

In conclusion, Apple TV+'s Physical is an intriguing, multi-layered series that, while set in the past, resonates with the present's viewers. Its exploration of both personal evolution and women's empowerment, juxtaposed with the societal complexities of the time, makes it an engaging watch. Now spanning multiple seasons, the voyage of Sheila Rubin promises to provide a rich, empowering, and insightful narrative that isn't afraid to delve into the darkest corners of the human psyche.

Physical is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 30 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.3.

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