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My Neighbor is a Secret Agent
A sleep-deprived Texan accuses her neighbor of being an agent bent on stealing her computer. A Brooklyn man decides to tow his neighbor's poorly-parked car.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 21 Now

Night Prowler
A family in Iowa is horrified when they learn an intruder is lurking in their home while they sleep. A property line dispute in Texas gets personal with cursing, honking and a loud bang.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 19 Now

Game of Cones
War erupts between two neighbors in a DC parking lot, involving traffic cones and handwritten notes. A Santa Rosa neighbor wears out his welcome donning a controversial shirt in his apartment complex.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 18 Now

Cat Pervert!
A Florida woman finds herself in hot water with a fellow resident in her building when she soaks in the hot tub after dark. Two neighbors in California go head-to-head over newly-installed security cameras.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 17 Now

Neighborhood Wars Top 10: United We Stand
Welcome to the softer side of Neighborhood Wars, where neighbors come together to lend a helping hand in this top ten special.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 16 Now

Garbage Grudge
A neighbor in Arizona creates a stink in an ongoing dispute over trash collection. In South Carolina a woman goes to battle with her neighbors over her passion for protecting wild geese in her neighborhood.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 15 Now

All Bark
An elderly New York couple finds themselves in the middle of a dispute with their neighbors over a light in front of their house. In Nashville, two neighbors face off about a fence placed over their shared property line.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 14 Now

No Smoke Without Gunfire
A Washington man upset with his neighbors for burning wood in their backyard shockingly turns into a shootout. A Florida woman wrestles with an aggressive neighbor trying to force her way into her apartment.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 13 Now

Knock It Off, Neighbor!
A couple in Florida are terrified when their neighbor repeatedly bangs on their apartment door looking for a missing bike. A Florida man deals with a trespasser by punching him in the face.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 12 Now

How Mean I Can Be
A South Pasadena woman becomes enraged when a film crew shoots a commercial on her street. A dispute over dogs between neighboring residents in Indiana sparks a feud with an unexpected twist.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 11 Now

Gone to the Dogs
Two brothers find themselves in a heated showdown with a group of Alabama golfers during an afternoon on the back nine.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 10 Now

The Grill Sergeant
An Illinois man gets threatened by his landlord's son over a lease dispute; two women in Oklahoma have an argument over the right to cook on a charcoal grill; a neighbor loses his temper over parking in Alexandria, Va.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 9 Now

Sucked into a Tornado
Neighbors in Dayton, Ohio quarrel after construction nails apparently litter a yard where children play. In Olympia, Washington, a couple is awoken by the sound of a neighbor playing basketball against their garage door.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 8 Now

Don't Put Your Hands on Me
Two Texas neighbors engage in a fiery debate about where dogs should relieve themselves. Next door neighbors in England are embroiled in a relentless battle allegedly over noise disturbances.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 7 Now

Weeding & Warring
In Sacramento, a neighbor mistakenly believes two women exchanging hair products in the park are actually selling drugs. A belligerent woman smashes her neighbor's window in Virginia.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 6 Now

Survey Says . . . Fight!
Battling neighbors in San Antonio compare land surveys to determine whose yard owns an extra foot of land. A group of Florida college students are confronted by a man with a weapon when trying to ride the elevator.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 5 Now

Actions Have Consequences
A St. Louis family is alarmed when a neighbor bangs on their door with a hammer. When their leaf blower disappears, two sisters in Virginia decide to confront the neighbors. And in a small Missouri town, authorities enlist the help of a homeowner to reveal the unusual hiding spot of a missing suspect.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 4 Now

Next Door Stingers
An East London woman battles a swarm of her neighbor's bees taking over her bedroom. In Texas, a new mother is shocked to witness her neighbor playing with fire.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 3 Now

The Fourth of You-Lie
When a Houston family is denied access to a Fourth of July party at the neighborhood pool, verbal fireworks are set off. In New York, a man pulls out a switchblade during a school PTA meeting.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 2 Now

It's All Downhill From Here
A San Francisco man blows his lid when some neighbors don't park properly on a steep hill. In Denver, a dog trainer claims her unwelcome puppy advice ends a friendship with the woman opposite.

Watch Neighborhood Wars Season 6 Episode 1 Now

Neighborhood Wars is an intriguing reality television series released on the A&E network in 2021. The show brings to life the unexpected drama, disagreements, and intense rivalries that brew behind the serene facades of suburban neighbourhoods across America.

The battles that occur in these neighbourhoods, often concealed by the idyllic and calm exterior, exhibit just how quickly tranquil lawns and friendly barbecues can turn into battlegrounds of territorial disputes and petty squabbles. This series elevates these experiences to a whole new level, providing viewers with a window into how disputes over fences, trees, pets, noise, and a plethora of other seemingly innocuous and mundane issues can escalate into full-blown warzones.

Neighborhood Wars unfolds events from both sides of the conflict, with each episode featuring different neighbourhood battles, allowing viewers to get an impartial perspective of the circumstances. While the disagreements aired might seem trivial initially, they rapidly balloon into larger discords, tearing friendships apart and dividing neighbourhoods. Some fallouts become so contentious they require mediation or even law enforcement intervention, providing heart-thumping drama to keep audiences riveted.

The participants are everyday people living ordinary lives until a dispute turns their tranquil existence upside down, leaving them grappling with bitter arguments, threats, and occasionally, outright hostility. These are the unsung heroes and villains of their neighbourhoods; the one commonity is they’re all “ordinary” people until tension takes over, transforming cul-de-sacs into arenas of conflict.

The extraordinary aspect of Neighborhood Wars is its ability to strike a chord with viewers worldwide-it's not confined to big cities or secluded regions, disputes rock calmer suburban environments just as often. It demonstrates that conflict is a universal experience, and we are not alone in dealing with troublesome neighbors or irritating inconveniences. In fact, the battles featured might come across as strikingly familiar to many viewers.

The unscripted nature of the show makes it even more appealing, giving it an edge of authenticity. The raw emotions displayed, the clash of perspectives, and the unraveling of events that lead to escalated tensions create an intriguing mix of emotions throughout each episode. The show doesn’t just present conflict for the sake of entertainment – it delves into the causes and effects, giving audiences an opportunity to reflect on what they would do if faced with such predicaments.

Indeed, Neighborhood Wars not only showcases how disagreements get out of hand, but also how these situations can be effectively handled and managed. It's not just about the conflict – but about its resolution and eventual peace-making. This aspect allows audiences to learn, empathize, and even find solace through various scenarios, as they see how others navigate and resolve their neighborhood disputes.

Accompanied by engaging narration and brilliant camera work, Neighborhood Wars presents a compelling viewing experience. Significant attention is paid to the interview segments interspersed throughout each episode, where viewers get to dive into the minds of the feuding parties and hear their side of the story. This direct insight into the thoughts and emotions of each player in the discord give the series an intimate feel, drawing viewers in with a blend of curiosity and empathy.

Neighborhood Wars uncovers the hidden reality of suburban life, where seemingly peaceful environments mask potential discord under the surface. Going beyond stereotypes of manicured lawns and white picket fences, it displays how easily a paradise can become an agora of contention and strife, stirring curiosity about the dynamics that govern our nearby living spaces.

In conclusion, Neighborhood Wars is a captivating dive into the real-life dramas that unfold on the streets we think we know well. The show, with its depiction of rivalry, conflict, understanding, and eventual resolution, paints an unvarnished portrait of neighborhood life that's sure to draw viewers in from the first episode. Whether you've found yourself in heated disputes with your neighbours or you're just intrigued by the prospect of close-knit community life, Neighborhood Wars has something to offer all audiences.

Neighborhood Wars is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 100 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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