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Big Fish
The case is coming to a close; Ray and Renee are backed against the wall and must make a deal with the devil; Shane's all-business approach brings sworn enemies together and a chance meeting helps Jackie pick a side in the coming battle.

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Chekhov's Gun
Owen is more dangerous than ever and he's taking Sarah; Jackie closes in on the prostitutes' killer; Charmaine and Osito resume their partnership.

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29 Days Later
Shane has a new partner; Ray and Renee's relationship hits rock bottom and Jackie completes rehab - no more rogue hero bullshit.

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Jackie lays out her missing prostitute's case and gets Alan's cooperation to go after Swayzee; from behind bars, Frankie orchestrates his greatest coup yet.

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Fall Brook
Tempers boil over, and Ray and Alan explode at each other; Frankie learns valuable intel about Osito; Jackie learns there are even more missing or murdered prostitutes.

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I Said No, No, No
Jackie fails a pee test and she is off the force, and it wasn't even her pee; Renee unwittingly lets Frankie back into her life, and Osito defends his turf.

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Good Times
State cop Jackie Quinones is back to her wild partying ways; Ray Abruzzi is top cop after taking down the New York connection; imprisoned Frankie Cuevas secures a new partner on the outside.

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Hightown is a gripping and intense crime drama series offered by Starz. Premiered in 2020, the show has quickly gained a reputation for its gritty, raw representation of characters battling personal demons while seeking justice. Set against the backdrop of Cape Cod's picturesque yet sometimes shady tourist scene, Hightown dexterously weaves narratives of addiction, identity, and crime into an engaging tapestry of human struggle. The drama unfolds primarily through the eyes of its tortured protagonist, Jackie Quiñones, who flawishly fuels the emotional engine of the series. Jackie, played by talented Monica Raymund, is a National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) agent leading a life of hedonism reflective of the raucous party scene in Provincetown, Massachusetts. She is as feisty and carefree as she is vulnerable, and her personal journey shares equal screen time with the central crime narrative, offering viewers an immersive and deeply personal viewing experience. Jackie's world spirals when she discovers a body on the beach, a harsh awakening from the insubida lifestyle she has been living. This grisly discovery drags her into the middle of Cape Cod's frightening opioid crisis and its tumultuous underbelly. As she wrestles with her emerging sobriety, she becomes obsessed with solving the murder, an endeavour that intersects with the work of a hardened state police detective. James Badge Dale plays the hardened yet empathetic detective Ray Abruzzo, who is equally committed to solving the crime. Even as he battles a complex inner world of his own, Ray balances the tightrope of morality and duty. The dynamic between Jackie and Ray forms a critical axis around which key narratives revolve, leading to a riveting game of cat and mouse laced with tension and shared desperation. Hightown doesn't shy away from spotlighting the grim realities of addiction, nor does it shy away from the vibrant, wild spirit of Provincetown, presenting an uncensored look at the disparate lives intertwined in this quiet tourist haven. Much of the show's success lies within its skills in showing the duality of life in Cape Cod, focusing on the stark contrasts of life by the sea vibrant summers and a dark, deadly drug trade. It portrays the harsh realities of addiction and the often-devastating impact of the opioid crisis, both on the community and individuals caught up in its grip. Its supporting cast of characters adds depth and nuance to the plot – from junior police officers to ex-lovers, each character is intricately fleshed out, adding layers to the narrative. Each character unveiled provides a rich exploration of Hightown's thematic playground, encompassing both its vivid life and its dark underbelly. The series also stands out for its commitment to representation. Featuring a diverse cast of characters, it doesn't hold back from exploring themes around queer culture, identity, and relationships. Largely set in Provincetown, a place celebrated for its LGBTQ-friendly atmosphere, Hightown doesn't trivialize these identities, but instead, treats them as an integral part of the narrative. This authentic portrayal lends further credence to the series' depiction of modern-day American life. Created and produced by Rebecca Cutter, with the involvement of esteemed producers like Jerry Bruckheimer, Hightown is a dazzling mix of crime, drama, personal hooks, and authentic ambience that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Its realism resonates with viewers, thanks to the excellent performances of the cast and the striking storylines that unravel the unseen side of the town. To summarize, Hightown is a multi-faceted exploration of a town masked by its touristy allure and the individuals attempting to navigate through its gritty reality. Not afraid to delve into the shadows or illuminate the lives led on the margins of society, the show presents a compelling view of personal battles, public crises, and the lengths some will go to for justice. At the same time, the series offers rooms for redemption and recovery, making it an engaging watch for those drawn to the drama of reality and the human resilience that navigates its complexities.

Hightown is a series categorized as a . Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 25 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

Monica Raymund, Riley Voelkel, Atkins Estimond
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