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Saving Grace
Season finale. Tensions run high as shocking revelations come to light. Time is running out for the Garvey sisters.

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Going Rogue
The sisters get a heartbreaking reality check. Matt steps up as Thomas begins to crumble.

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The Cold Truth
Becka is determined to prove Eva wrong. Thomas and Matt wait for news of a breakthrough.

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Rest in Peace
John Paul suspects foul play as he pieces together what happened. Thomas and Matt reconnect.

Watch Bad Sisters Season 1 Episode 7 Now

The Garvey sisters regroup as their fears grow for Grace's well-being. Thomas finally gets a lead.

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Eye for an Eye
Bibi is gripped by a bold, dangerous idea for John Paul's birthday. Matt learns a difficult truth.

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Baby Becka
Becka comes to regret trusting John Paul. In the present, she and Matt get a shock.

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Chopper Liver
Ursula is next in John Paul's crosshairs. Thomas hopes the police will help him.

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Explode a Man
As Thomas and Matt grasp at straws in the present, a sinister plot takes shape in the past.

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The Prick
John Paul is dead. The Garvey sisters think it's all behind them—but the insurance men have questions.

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Bad Sisters is a darkly comedic thriller and drama series that premiered on the Apple TV+ streaming platform in 2022. The show, set in the picturesque coastal town of Ireland, weaves a tale of family, mystery, and the lengths one might go to protect their loved ones. The series pivots around the tight-knit Garvey sisters, who are bound together not only by blood but also by the untimely and suspicious demise of their parents, leaving them to rely on each other more than ever. The Garvey sisters are an eclectic mix of personalities and life stages, but the one thing they share is their disdain for the husband of their eldest sister Grace, named John Paul. John Paul is widely regarded as a manipulative and unpleasant individual, rendering him the black sheep in the otherwise tight familial unit, and he’s often referred to by the sisters as "The Prick." The sisters perceive him as a dark cloud hanging over their sister Grace, impacting her life and happiness adversely, which leads the audience into the central mystery of the narrative. The central conceit of Bad Sisters is the investigation into John Paul's sudden and mysterious death. The circumstances of his death prompt an inquiry from a life insurance company, and two dogged insurance investigators take it upon themselves to dig into the case. The investigators are convinced that foul play is afoot, and their suspicions guide them towards the Garvey sisters. As the series unfolds, viewers are taken on a journey rife with flashbacks and twists that flesh out the story and slowly reveal the complex relationships and events leading up to John Paul's demise. Suspense is maintained throughout the series by nimbly alternating between the present-day investigation and the past events that led to the climactic moment. The narrative delves into each sister's unique connection to John Paul, their personal struggles, and the trials they face, both as a cohesive family unit and as individuals. These storylines are intricately woven with threads of humor, making Bad Sisters a genre-blending series that oscillates between the gravitas of drama and the levity of comedy. Grace, the eldest, is depicted as nurturing and compassionate, often the glue keeping the family together. Her endless excuses for John Paul's behavior and her willingness to see the best in people often blind her to the reality of her situation. Eva, the second eldest, is fiercely protective and strong-willed, with a tough exterior that hides a deep well of emotional complexity. Bibi is the resilient one, battling life's challenges head-on while displaying an indomitable spirit. Ursula, the more conventional sister, struggles to balance her own moral compass with the fierce loyalty she feels towards her siblings. And the youngest, Becka, adding youthful exuberance and spontaneity to the mix, finds herself at a crossroads in life, trying to figure out where she fits in relation to her older sisters and the larger world. Underneath its surface plot of mystery and suspense, the show delves deep into themes of sisterhood, loyalty, and the bonds forged by shared trauma. Amid these interwoven plots, the series also doesn't shy away from addressing issues such as domestic happiness, personal agency, and the sometimes oppressive nature of societal expectations on women. It explores how the different personalities within the family respond to the complex web of emotions and circumstances they face. The characters in Bad Sisters are portrayed with nuance, which is a testament to the strength of the ensemble cast, who deliver performances that resonate with authenticity and emotion. The magnetism of the characters, bolstered by sharp writing and direction, invites the audience to empathize with their plights, cheer for their unity, and partake in the dark humor derived from the grim situations they navigate. The series flaunts a lush and cinematic aesthetic that complements the storytelling, with Ireland's natural beauty providing a stunning backdrop that contrasts with the dark plot elements. The serene Irish coastal landscapes juxtaposed with the emotional turmoil of the characters create a compelling visual and narrative tension that keeps viewers invested in the unfolding drama. Creating a rare breed of television that successfully marries humor with suspense and emotional depth, Bad Sisters is a testament to razor-sharp storytelling that is simultaneously entertaining and profound. It is a highly addictive show that thrives on the chemistry of its principal cast, the tightly constructed narrative, and a balance of genres that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while simultaneously warming their hearts with the undeniable bond of sisterhood.

Bad Sisters is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2022. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

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