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The Bad Guys from 2022 is a crime comedy movie that follows the story of a gang of criminals who are trying to pull off their biggest heist yet. The movie stars an amazing cast including Sam Rockwell, Marc Maron, and Awkwafina. The plot revolves around a group of criminals who are known as 'The Bad Guys'. The team is made up of five lifelong friends: John (Sam Rockwell), Deon (Marc Maron), Regina (Awkwafina), Tony (TBD), and Marcus (TBD). They have been pulling off small-time heists for years, but they have never been able to land a big one. However, when John gets a tip about a vault that contains a fortune, the team decides to put their skills to the test and go for broke. As the team prepares for their heist, they run into a few obstacles. First, they realize that they need to recruit an expert in computer hacking to get past the high-tech security system. Second, they must figure out how to get the money out of the vault once they get inside. Lastly, they must avoid getting caught by the police. The movie has a lot of excellent twists and turns as the team tries to overcome these obstacles. For example, when they meet the hacker they need, they discover that she is actually an undercover agent who has been trying to take down a big criminal organization. The team must decide whether they can trust her and let her join their heist. The Bad Guys from 2022 is filled with many hilarious moments that are sure to make audiences laugh out loud. The chemistry between the ensemble cast is fantastic, and each actor brings their unique talents to the movie. Sam Rockwell is perfectly cast as John, the leader of the group, and Marc Maron does an excellent job as Deon, the team's muscle. Awkwafina shines as Regina, the team's driver, and her comedic timing is perfect. One of the things that stands out about The Bad Guys from 2022 is how the movie blends the crime and comedy genres seamlessly. The heist scenes are well-crafted and exciting, but they are also interspersed with moments of humor that give the movie its charm. The movie's director, TBD, has done an excellent job of balancing the movie's tone so that it never feels too dark or too goofy. Another great aspect of The Bad Guys from 2022 is the excellent soundtrack. The movie features a mix of classic and modern hip-hop tracks that complement the movie's tone perfectly. The music adds an extra layer of excitement to the heist scenes and keeps the audience engaged throughout the entire movie. Overall, The Bad Guys from 2022 is an excellent crime comedy that is sure to become a fan favorite. The movie is filled with exciting heist scenes, hilarious moments, and an excellent cast. The movie's mix of comedy and crime elements makes it a must-see movie for fans of both genres. Whether you're in the mood for a laugh or an action-packed adventure, The Bad Guys from 2022 has something for everyone.

The Bad Guys is a Kids & Family, Animation, Adventure, Comedy movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 64.

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