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Puncture is a compelling, emotionally charged legal drama that hit the screens in 2011. Directed by Adam and Mark Kassen and starring Chris Evans, Mark Kassen, and Vinessa Shaw, the film is a riveting portrayal of personal sacrifice, corporate greed, and the enduring spirit of truth and justice.

The film revolves around the life of Mike Weiss (played by Chris Evans), an exceptionally gifted yet deeply flawed attorney who battles drug addiction. Weiss is seen juggling his professional life, grappling with demanding court cases and simultaneously dealing with his personal issues, resulting in a nuanced character brought to life by Chris Evans's compelling performance.

Puncture sets its narrative in the legal practice where Weiss is a partner, managing challenging cases alongside his best friend and co-worker, Paul Danziger (played by Mark Kassen). Their lives take an unexpected turn when they take on a seemingly simple negligence case involving a nurse, Vicky (played by Vinessa Shaw). As they unravel the details, they find themselves strolling down a path of intrigue and deception, crossing paths with corporate giants in the healthcare industry.

Vicky, a devoted nurse at a local Houston hospital, is accidentally pricked with a contaminated needle, eventually leading to her contracting HIV. The hospital was using standard needles instead of a safer alternative due to buying practices and contractual obligations. The root of this incident lies within an intricate web of corrupt practices in the medical industry, where profit trumps safety. Vicky's life-altering crisis comes to the attention of Weiss and Danziger's law firm, sparking off a David versus Goliath battle.

To avoid such incidents in the future, Weiss and Danziger team up with an inventor who has designed a safe, retractable needle but has been unsuccessfully trying to market it. As they delve deeper into the case, they uncover a corporate conspiracy where larger firms ensure that the life-saving needle never reaches the market. Unwilling to back down, Mike Weiss decides to take on the corporate giants indirectly responsible for Vicky's plight.

Chris Evans delivers a phenomenal performance in a role that is very different from his iconic portrayal of Captain America. As Mike Weiss, he transforms into a hard-partying lawyer who’s constantly under the influence of drugs but also an intelligent, committed attorney devoted to the pursuit of justice. The film effectively showcases the dichotomy within Weiss's personality, offering a close look at his highs and lows, battles, and strengths. Vinessa Shaw plays her part with an equally impactful intensity, making the audience feel the harsh sting of her reality.

Puncture unravels a sobering tale of the healthcare industry, demonstrating the discomforting reality of corporate greed that subverts groundbreaking inventions for profit. The fight is not just for Vicky, but for countless healthcare workers whose safety is compromised. The movie compellingly strikes at the heart of the medical industry's darker side, keeping you on the edge while amplifying the real-life risks confronting healthcare professionals.

The movie's backdrop is adeptly handled by the directors Adam and Mark Kassen. They carefully tread the fine line of dramatization and authenticity, ensuring the narrative stays true to the atmosphere of a legal fight against powerful corporations. Meanwhile, the cinematography by Helge Gerull adds an even starker realism, perfectly capturing the high-pressure stakes and the unmistakable strain it puts on our protagonists.

From the engrossing screenplay to the gripping performances, Puncture is a film that paints a vivid picture of one man's relentless journey against deep-seated corporate corruption. Despite the overwhelming odds stacked against him, Mike Weiss carries on his quest for justice, fighting not only for his clients but also battling his personal demons.

In essence, Puncture is a captivating narrative that serves to question the ethics of the modern medical industry and the courage of those standing up against the system. It highlights the direct impact of corporate greed on the lives of everyday people and leaves us pondering the cost of safety in our society. This film is a must-watch for viewers who enjoy legal dramas, tales of personal redemption, and stories highlighting social issues.

Puncture is a Drama, Mystery movie released in 2011. It has a runtime of 100 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 54.

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