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Meeting Evil is a psychological thriller that was released in 2012. The movie stars Luke Wilson, Samuel L. Jackson, and Leslie Bibb. The film is directed by Chris Fisher, who is known for his work on the TV series "Chaos" and "Dirty". The plot of the movie revolves around John, a suburban family man, who gets caught up in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with a mysterious stranger named Ritchie.

The movie begins with John, a depressed former real estate agent, who is struggling to find work and provide for his family. One day, John's life takes a dramatic turn when he crosses paths with Ritchie, a stranger who shows up at his doorstep. Ritchie is mysterious, charming, and charismatic. He talks John into giving him a ride, and their adventure begins.

As the movie unfolds, it becomes clear that Ritchie is not who he seems to be. He is dangerous, and there is something sinister about him. He convinces John to join him on a series of violent missions, manipulating him at every turn. John is desperate for a change in his life, so he goes along with Ritchie's plan. Along the way, they encounter a range of interesting characters, including a seductive waitress and a corrupt cop.

The tension and suspense in the movie are built up through the interactions between John and Ritchie. There is a real sense of danger and unpredictability in every scene. Luke Wilson gives a convincing performance as John, the ordinary man who finds himself in extraordinary circumstances. Samuel L. Jackson plays Ritchie with an effortless and commanding presence that draws the viewer in.

The supporting cast also shines in their respective roles. Leslie Bibb portrays John's wife, Joanie, with an understated grace that balances out the more intense scenes. The character of Junior, played by Peyton List, is particularly memorable. She is a young woman who has been seduced by Ritchie's charm and becomes caught up in his dangerous game.

The cinematography in Meeting Evil is also noteworthy. The movie is shot in a way that creates a sense of unease and danger. The lighting, camera angles, and use of color all help to create a tense atmosphere that keeps the viewer on edge.

At its core, Meeting Evil is a character study of two men who are at opposite ends of the spectrum. John is a family man who has always played it safe, while Ritchie is a charismatic criminal who lives life on the edge. The relationship between the two characters is complex and intriguing, and it keeps the viewer engaged throughout the movie.

Overall, Meeting Evil is a well-crafted thriller that is sure to entertain fans of the genre. The movie has a strong cast, tight pacing, and a sense of tension and danger that keeps the viewer on edge. The story is engaging and the characters are interesting and complex. While it may not be a movie for everyone, those who enjoy a good psychological thriller will find plenty to enjoy in Meeting Evil.

Meeting Evil is a Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3..

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