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Ice Guardians is a documentary film that explores the role of hockey enforcers in the NHL. It was released in 2016 and starred Jay Baruchel, Gino Odjick, and Wendel Clark. The film examines the complex and controversial role that enforcers play in the game, as well as their impact on the players, teams, and fans. The movie explores the history of fighting in hockey, tracing it back to its origins in the rough and tumble days of the game in the early 20th century. It interviews retired enforcers from different eras of the game, including Odjick and Clark, who discuss their experiences as NHL enforcers and the physical and psychological toll that their role took on them. The film also examines how the role of enforcers has evolved over the years, changing from simply being tough guys who fought on the ice to being players who had to be able to skate and contribute in other ways as well. It examines the tactics that enforcers have used over the years, from straight-up fighting to intimidation and physical play, and the impact that these tactics have had on their opponents and teammates. One of the key themes of the movie is the idea of "protecting the team." Enforcers are often seen as the "tough guys" who protect their teammates from injury and aggression from the other team. However, the film asks whether this role is still necessary in modern hockey, and whether the risks and dangers of the job outweigh the benefits. The film also addresses the controversies surrounding the role of enforcers, including the risk of serious injury, the psychological toll of fighting and physical play, and the impact that enforcers have on the game itself. It interviews experts on the subject, including former players, coaches, and analysts, who offer their own perspectives on the role of enforcers in modern hockey. Throughout the movie, Baruchel serves as the narrator and interviewer, bringing a personal touch to the film as he shares his own experiences as a lifelong NHL fan. His passion for the game shines through in every scene, and he clearly has a deep respect and admiration for the enforcers who have played such an important role in the sport over the years. Overall, Ice Guardians is a fascinating and thought-provoking documentary that sheds light on a controversial and often misunderstood aspect of the game of hockey. It offers a nuanced perspective on the role of enforcers, exploring both the positive and negative aspects of their role and leaving viewers with much to think about long after the film has ended.

Ice Guardians is a Documentary movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 108 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.4..

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