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Season finale. The Foxes reunite to determine the family's future when an unexpected crisis threatens to end their journey once and for all

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The Counterfeiters
Allie and Margot forge different paths to secure their family's future. Dina lays low at a luxury resort and considers a path of her own.

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Dead Totems
Charlie and Allie trek through the jungle to uncover Guillermo's secret. Margot learns Richard's true intentions at Casa Roja.

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The Burning of Judas
Allie makes a discovery that could change his family's fortunes forever. Margot gets close to Richard in hopes of earning his trust.

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Goat Head Taco
New revelations about Casa Roja leave Allie trapped working with a local drug lord, forcing Margot to take the family's future into her hands.

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Positive, Front-Facing Optics
Allie is forced to complete a dangerous task for Casa Roja's landlord. An unexpected guest throws Margot and the kids' lives into disarray.

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A Rag, a Bone, a Hank of Hair
Margot pursues a course of action that threatens to tear the family apart. Charlie has a dangerous encounter that jeopardizes everyone's safety.

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Talk About the Weather
The Foxes find refuge in an isolated jungle haven, but difficulties integrating with the community leave the family torn about whether to stay.

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Least Concern Species
After a storm capsizes their boat, the Foxes work to repair it so they won't be stranded by rising waters in an unforgiving jungle.

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The Damage Done
While venturing deep into the jungle, Allie and Margot reveal the truth about how they became fugitives from the U.S.

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The Mosquito Coast is an engrossing, character-driven suspense drama series launched by Apple TV+ in 2021. The series takes its inspiration from a novel of the same name written by Paul Theroux, published in 1981. The show centers on Allie Fox, portrayed brilliantly by Justin Theroux – an ironic twist since Justin happens to be the nephew of Paul Theroux, the original author of the novel. And so, the familial connection enhances the show’s unique charm, giving it a distinguishing subtlety. Allie Fox, the protagonist, is a radical inventor who has distrusted the American government for as long as he can remember. A brilliant mind who's fiercely charismatic, Allie is also an intensely idealistic, paranoid, and rebellious character who resides in Southern California’s outskirts. He has chosen to live off the grid with his free-spirited wife, Margot, and their two children, Dina and Charlie. Dina, the couple's 15-year-old observant daughter, is ambitiously played by Logan Polish, and their 9-year-old son, Charlie, is admirably portrayed by Gabriel Bateman. Allie's dissatisfaction with the state of the United States leads him to take a drastic step - to uproot his family from their modestly comfortable, off-grid life and embark on a dangerous, albeit adventurous quest towards an untamed paradise – the Mosquito Coast. Turning their backs on all conventional and social living, they leave behind furnishing, clothing, devices, and not to forget, their identities to become unidentified migrants heading towards Central America. But despite his insistent optimism and persuasive charm, Allie's controversial choice amidst an intricately designed contemporary world proves to be more exhilarating, menacing, and nightmarish than he ever anticipated. The constant pursuit by the U.S government and other dangerous elements presents unforeseen challenges on their treacherous journey. It's the relentless pursuit of a radical American Dream that weaves the narrative of this seven-part complex adventure, embedded with ample suspense, intrigue, and philosophical musings. Adding an extra layer to the storyline is Neil Cross, known for his work on 'Luther,' who serves as the series’ showrunner. Cross, in collaboration with Tom Bissell, carefully alters the original novel’s narrative to explore contemporary themes of isolation, governmental oppression, and the radicalized distrust of the system. At heart, The Mosquito Coast is a dynamic exploration of family and identity in a volatile world. It masterfully balances an evocative narrative that oscillates between distinguishing the utopian dream from dystopian reality and powerful familial bonds. It's a strikingly profound portrayal of a family's journey on the beaten path, struggling, fighting, and surviving in the name of 'freedom.' The engrossing storyline is complimented by Apple TV+'s high production quality. Cinematic sequences bathed in vibrant colors and striking visuals succeed in immersing viewers into the show's world. The mesmerizing landscapes juxtaposing the distressing journey make the voyage feel more real and jarring. The cinematography is meticulous and lush, painting a beautiful yet unsettling image of the paradise the Fox family is willing to risk their lives for. Every character in The Mosquito Coast is intricately woven with a complex layer of emotions and resilience, testing their moral compass on every turn. As the narrative unfolds, viewers can't help but question the blurred boundaries of right and wrong, freedom, and captivity through these characters' eyes. And while Allie's perspective forms the narrative's bedrock, the highlight of the show is the depth and versatility of the female characters, Margot and Dina, who are far from passive observers in this wild expedition. In conclusion, The Mosquito Coast is a beautifully crafted and captivating drama series fueled by gutsy performances, metaphorical depth, and breathtaking visuals that keeps the audience at the edge of their seats. The series is a thrilling exploration of one family's dogged pursuit of a distorted version of the American dream, who against all odds, strive to carve out their paradise. This is a series that's not just seen, but felt. The suspense and drama will undoubtedly keep viewers coming back for more.

The Mosquito Coast is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 17 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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