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Hand in Glove
Jane is piqued when Helen digs about Simon and finds Charlie's father has died. Sonya suggests Ganesh should check the suspects from Mosely's re the e-mail to Peterson.

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Girl Afraid
The Roses are still on the hunt for the DVD evidence. Linda wakes to find Peterson rattled, and he tersely ejects her.

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This Night Has Opened My Eyes
The partners and Linda get an invitation to a Peterson party, as Charlie pushes Jane on the hot kiss. Linda and Jane are evasive about their weekend plans with the other Roses.

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Handsome Devil
Linda is having bike races and playing cat and mouse with Peterson, and he wants to take it further.

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Suffer Little Children
Sonya has found that Felicity was DIC'd on the night Rose died, but they don't know what time she was arrested. Ganesh is assigned to hit up Varsha, but she's off men because of a friend who was the victim of an internet dating scam.

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Half a Person
Linda is not impressed to find Ben is still living with Jane despite the break up, and pursues a suspicion.

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Money Changes Everything
Linda is appalled to find Grant is going for a DNA test to get custody of Nina, and wants to contest the will.

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Paint a Vulgar Picture
Ganesh finally gets Rose's phone to work, and as they review her last messages and texts, the Blue Roses find the last person to talk to her was Charlie, junior lawyer at M&L.

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Pretty Girls Make Graves
When Simon is missing, and there is urgent work due, Jane finally gets the combination to the safe. She finds Simon at a rest home, where she is shocked to find he is with Homeless Guy.

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This Charming Man
The Roses fear that Sonya's scam will be busted, but Peterson's ire is about journalist Adam Revill, who's been blogging about Peterson's oil exploration plans. Peterson demands action from M&L to plug the leak.

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Sheila Take a Bow
Jane and Linda's search for Homeless Guy is proving fruitless. Jane is torn about taking a full time job at M&L: she has opposition from PA, Krystle - and her boyfriend Ben has a better option.

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What Difference Does It Make?
Jane finds Sonya Whitwell was formerly employed at M&L as an accountant and was a friend of Rose's. Jane also gets threats from creepy IT guy, Ganesh.

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There is a Light That Never Goes Out
Temp Jane March joins law firm Mosely and Loveridge to work for Simon Frost. She finds she's replacing a dead PA, Rose, who had fallen off a wharf and drowned after attending a client function on the viaduct.

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The Blue Rose is an intriguing and enthralling crime drama series that originally premiered on Acorn TV in 2013. The New Zealand-based series invites viewers into a world of suspense, mystery, and riveting storytelling shrouded in enigmatic circumstances.

The series delves into the complex lives of its primary characters, Jane March and Linda Frame, portrayed superbly by the talented actresses Antonia Prebble and Siobhan Marshall. Jane, an intelligent and discerning temp, and Linda, a dedicated legal secretary, share a firm belief in justice and fair play.

Their compelling journey begins when their colleague, Rose, suffers a tragic death under suspicious circumstances that are hastily labeled as an accident. However, Jane and Linda, convinced there's more to their friend's demise, set out to uncover the truth. The series artfully showcases their transformation from everyday employees to devoted investigators who navigate a complex web of lies, secrets, and corporate intrigue.

As they dig deeper, this dynamic duo unlock secrets that lead them through mysterious corridors of power, influence, and danger. The Blue Rose flawlessly illustrates their relentless pursuit of truth and justice juxtaposed against a backdrop of corporate and personal challenges.

Moreover, the series offers a powerful narrative that blends crime investigation with the intricacies of office politics. Personal development, friendship, and courage are emphasized and explored as these characters grapple with their demanding roles.

The Blue Rose also stands out due to its captivating narrative structure. Each episode slowly unravels interlocking puzzles that entwine the characters in a net of suspense, pushing both the characters and the viewers to question their understanding of truth and morality.

Despite the gripping crime investigation at its core, the show also profoundly leaves room for emotional depth and human element. The various relationships developed and nurtured throughout the series are filled with the nuances of real human connections, making it more than just a typical crime drama. This emotional layer adds to the series' allure, drawing viewers in and keeping them committed to the intriguing narrative.

Set in the vibrant city of Auckland, the show's backdrop acts as a character in itself. The vivid imagery and excellent cinematography contribute to the overall ambiance, creating an atmosphere complementing the compelling storyline.

The show deals with a plethora of themes, including friendship, love, betrayal, corruption, and the constant struggle to do what's right in the face of overwhelming odds. The range of characters in The Blue Rose is brilliantly depicted – each having their unique personality quirks and ways of dealing with life – adding a sense of realism and relatability to the show.

On the technical front, the production value of The Blue Rose is commendable. With finely crafted storytelling, powerful performances, and a well-written script, it is a testament to quality programming. Despite being immersed in the crime genre’s ubiquitous tensions and thrills, it balances lighter moments with wit and humor, amalgamating various elements to create an intriguing watch.

Moreover, the series displays a sense of nuance and subtle sophistication in addressing societal issues and corporate politics, elevating it from a typical whodunit to a protagonist-driven, character-focused drama. It explores the power dynamics and ethical issues within the world of business, while also scrutinizing the depths people are willing to stoop to maintain their status and authority.

From its captivating premise to its well-etched characters, The Blue Rose offers a multi-layered narrative that is designed to intrigue, mystify, and thrill. This gritty and engaging drama series seamlessly blends crime investigation with deeply influential emotional undercurrents, making it a must-watch for viewers looking for a show with a perfect balance of suspense, drama, and human connection.

It provides a special kind of thrill, designed to keep its viewers on edge, their hearts pounding in anticipation of each episode's new revelation. With each twist and turn, The Blue Rose uniquely showcases the dark side of office politics, corporate corruption alongside the strength of human perseverance, and the power of friendship. Overall, this binge-worthy series from Acorn TV is certain to leave audiences captivated. From the opening scene to the closing credits, The Blue Rose is a show engraved in mystery, deception, and a quest for justice – a quest that underscores the value of truth in the face of power.

The Blue Rose is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.0.

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How can I watch The Blue Rose online? The Blue Rose is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Blue Rose on demand at Amazon Prime online.

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