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Getting Away With Murder
When Stephen Tyler is accused of murdering his wife, Ambassador Smith tries to help him.

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A Matter of Life & Death
Smith finds herself at the center of a political storm when a young British girl in an Irish prison asks for her help.

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Unholy Alliances
When a British family enlists the embassy's help in recovering their son from a Dublin cult, Smith has to confront the charismatic cult leader Cornelius.

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Cost Price
Ambassador Smith is torn between love and duty when Cochrane is kidnapped.

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Vacant Possession
Fearing a civil war, Smith enlists the help of her resident MI6 agent John Stone.

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The Road to Nowhere
Smith finds happiness with her new lover, Cochrane, but a break-in at her official residence forces her to make the hardest choice of her career.

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The Ambassador is a compelling British drama series produced by Content Media Corporation that originally aired on BBC1 in 1998 and 1999. The series revolves around an intricate mix of diplomatic maneuvering, personal dilemmas, political crises, and international intrigue.

The protagonist of the show is the amazing Pauline Collins, famously known for her Academy Award-nominated role in the film Shirley Valentine. Collins steps into the shoes of a diplomat, Harriet Smith, the newly appointed British Ambassador to the Republic of Ireland. Dynamic yet compassionate, Collins's character, Harriet Smith, is multifaceted and dramatically compelling throughout the series.

The Ambassador delves into the demanding world of international diplomacy, showcasing the stirring reality on the other side of luxurious embassies and First-Class flights. Collins's character is called upon to juggle the intricacies of Anglo-Irish relations while dealing with a barrage of political and personal issues. She stands firmly at the intersection of allegiances, maneuvering between her obligations and loyalties to her homeland, her office, and the government of the host nation, the Republic of Ireland.

The series is set against the backdrop of the beautiful but often tumultuous Republic of Ireland. This allows for the exploration of historical tensions and contemporary challenges between Britain and Ireland. The diplomatic world is made all the more complex in light of Harriet Smith's personal life, which is marked by a fractious family situation, including an ailing husband and wayward children.

Navigating this demanding career and challenging personal life makes Harriet Smith one of the most complex characters on television. Her role does not only call for political diplomacy but emotional diplomacy as well. This combination provides a captivating mix of political and personal drama, making The Ambassador a must-watch for fans of profound and character-driven storytelling.

The supporting cast is as robust as its lead. Denis Lawson plays Harriet's husband, John Smith, and Owen Roe complements the cast well as the Deputy Head of the Mission Kevin Flaherty. Each character contributes to the richness and deep narrative of the series, further entangling the web of international diplomatic complexities.

One of the most striking features of the series is its authenticity. The show expertly reflects the contrasting worlds of tenuous diplomatic relations and personal struggles. The Ambassador achieves this by implementing a careful and realistic balance between the professional and personal touch, depicting both situations with equal importance and detailing while maintaining their distinctive differences. If you’re someone who appreciates the delicate balance between global politics and personal struggles or intrigued by the backstage of diplomatic missions finding its way into the personal lives of diplomats and their families, The Ambassador offers a riveting and satisfying viewing experience.

Written by Hugh Costello and directed by Patrick Lau and Crispin Reece, The Ambassador masterfully manages to depict the life of a diplomat navigating one crisis after another. It stands out for its well-crafted and mature storytelling that brings light to the nuances of international diplomacy. The realistic representation of the challenges and dilemmas faced by diplomats, as well as the skillful performances of the actors, makes it a unique blend of drama and suspense.

The show also offers an insight into the intricacies of diplomatic negotiations, topical controversies, and the inevitable sacrifices one has to make when juggling their loyalty towards their home country and their assigned duty towards the host nation. The series thus encapsulates issues of national and global interest, sensitively portraying the human ability to balance personal and professional lives amid external political and internal family upheavals.

In a nutshell, The Ambassador is an intense, multi-layered drama series that traces the journey of Harriet Smith, a strong and determined woman, played by Pauline Collins, as she maneuvers through a labyrinth of political complexities and personal challenges. The show’s impressive storytelling coupled with awe-inspiring performances separates it from the typical drama series, providing viewers with a unique, behind-the-scenes panoramic view of diplomacy and intrigue.

The Ambassador is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 1998. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

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