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Episode 6
Zhen Huan is pregnant again, but she knows her body is too weak to give birth. She plans a way to miscarry, and blame it on the Empress, in order to have the Empress imprisoned.

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Episode 5
Concubine Ye Lan-Yi leads Moz-Yan, a nun in Gan-Lu Temple to the palace to testify to Zhen Huan's innocence. Lady Qi ultimately fails Zhen Huan.

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Episode 4
Life in Gan-Lu Temple is difficult for Zhen Huan. Soon she falls in love with the Emperor's younger brother, Yun-Li, known as "Prince Guo.

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Episode 3
Consort Hua blames Zhen Huan for her miscarriage, which also causes Zhen Huan to miscarry. The Emperor is furious that he stripped Consort Hua's title.

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Episode 2
The Emperor sentences Concubine Yu Ying-Er, who tried to poison Zhen Huan's medicine, to commit suicide. Concubine Yu refuses to adhere to the sentence.

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Episode 1
In the Royal Palace, Yong Zheng, Emperor of the Qing Dynasty, circulates among his concubines. But trouble arises when one of the emperor's beloved women, the powerful Hua Fei, begins her battle against the new rising star, Zhen Huan.

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Empresses in the Palace is a tour de force Chinese television period drama originally aired in China from 2011-2012 and captured the imagination of the audience with its intriguing depiction of court life during the Qing dynasty. It was produced by Content Media Corporation and features an ensemble cast, led by the masterful performances of Sun Li, Chen Jianbin, Ada Choi, and Jiang Xin. The series is composed of six episodes.

Set against the backdrop of the opulent yet treacherous royal court of the Qing Emperor Yongzheng, Empresses in the Palace tells a riveting story of palace politics, the bitter rivalries among concubines, and the difficult journey of a young woman who must navigate this perilous labyrinth to rise above it all and transform herself into an authoritative Empress.

The story opens with the protagonist Zhen Huan, played by Sun Li, entering the Forbidden City as one of the Emperor's newest concubines. A beautiful, intelligent, and kind-hearted woman of humble background, she initially appears to be poorly suited for palace life. However, her astuteness and strong survival instincts quickly become evident as she learns to maneuver herself around the poisonous traps that seem to lurk at every corner.

As Zhen Huan's reputation grows within the palace walls, she finds herself tangled in an intricate power struggle among the other concubines. They are vying for the Emperor's favor and a more influential position within the court, hardly shying away from any means necessary to achieve their ambitions.

Missing from this court of cutthroat politics is the core component of genuine affection and mutual trust. This is perhaps most poignantly highlighted in the strained relationship between Zhen Huan and Emperor Yongzheng. He is portrayed as a strategic ruler, skilled in playing the various factions in his court against each other to maintain his power but is often blind to the emotional consequences of his actions on those closest to him.

As Zhen Huan navigates the complexities of palace intrigue, the series offers an intricate and detailed portrayal of the customs, traditions, etiquettes, and fashion styles of the Qing Dynasty period. Furthermore, an insight is also provided into the ritualistic and often regulated lives that the people associated with the royal court had to follow.

Each episode of Empresses in the Palace brings with it unexpected twists along with constant power shifts that keep viewers on their toes. The narratives encompass various themes, including loyalty, betrayal, friendship, love, and above all, survival. The depth of these concepts adds a layer of complexity to the show, making for a captivating viewing experience.

The show is also impeccably produced. The beautiful sets - from the opulence of the royal quarters to the garden scenes - all help in creating a vivid representation of the Qing dynasty era. It pays great attention to detail, thus ensuring historical accuracy so far as possible. The costumes of the Emperor, his concubines, and the court officials are intricately designed, showcasing the grandeur associated with Chinese royalty.

The character development in Empresses in the Palace is superb, as each character is fleshed out with their distinct traits and motivations, causing viewers to root for their favorites. It is a masterful blend of human drama and historical accuracy that delicately portrays the lives of these characters. The show does not shy away from showing the darker side of palace life, tackling issues of patriarchy and the struggle for existence in a controlled environment.

The stirring performances by the cast aptly bring these complex characters to life. Sun Li's portrayal of Zhen Huan is universally acclaimed, where her character's transformation from a naive maiden to a strong, influential woman is executed with finesse. Her emotional range and nuanced acting breathes life into the character, making her enticing and unforgettable.

Empresses in the Palace is more than just a period drama. It is a nuanced exploration of human nature, power dynamics, and the complexity of relationships intertwined with historical events and societal norms of that era. It is a riveting series that will leave viewers spellbound by its intricate plot lines, exceptional performances, and a fascinating peek into the historically significant era of the Qing Dynasty. Whether you're a fan of period dramas or looking for a gripping tale of power and survival, Empresses in the Palace is a must-watch.

Empresses in the Palace is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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