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The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Asan updates his soldiers of the frond outbreak and Lazak whooshes off to inform Shango. Luckily, Piers, alerted by one of his security sensors, comes to George's rescue.

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The Darkest Hour, Part 1
It's the day of Vlad's eighteenth birthday and he's anxious about his breather relatives coming to his party - what if the surge of Chosen One powers change him into an evil bloodsucker?

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Bite Me
The Count, already paranoid after the recent attacks on Garside, is beside himself when he, Vlad and Talitha are beset by a string of garlic bombs! A brave Renfield comes to the rescue but gets very little gratitude from The Count.

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Blood Match
The Draculas, Renfield and Talitha are going about their normal bedtime routine when they find themselves tied up or imprisoned in UV cages! It's all part of Shango and Asan's new plan to put Malik on the throne.

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The Bodyguard
After the assassination attempt on Vlad, Roquelour, Head of Security at the VHC, assigns him a bodyguard until the Bounty Hunters are caught.

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Open House
The Count shows Renfield the proposed, hideous death zone from the unstable Magister Maleficorum; it looks like they'll have to move further afield than he'd planned -Australia to be precise!

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Nemesis Rising
From the lake within The Blood Mirror Elizabeta communicates with Malik, demanding to be rescued. When he is finally able to get down to the basement Malik's rescue attempt is thwarted by the Gargoyle Guardians.

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Warning Shadows
The biter and breather families are living together and, for Vlad's sake, trying to get along... Their "˜peaceful coexistence' is interrupted by a knock at the door -it's Asan, a young refugee, seeking vampire asylum at Garside.

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Once Bitten, Twice Shy
It's fifteen minutes later and Sally is trying to come to terms with the fact that she's just met her long lost son and found out he's a vampire! Vlad apologises for tricking his mum and asks her to stay for a bit -he'd like to get to know her better.

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Flesh and Blood
The Count tells Vlad he's decided to turn Garside into a vampire themed hotel -they're doing it in the Old Country and making an absolute killing. Vlad is against the idea until he realises this would be a great way of meeting his mum.

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Who's the Daddy?
Vlad's curiosity is aroused when Renfield lets slip that he is suffering from a breather cold... His suspicions are compounded when, following a violent cough, Vlad is exposed to direct sunlight and only suffers a mild singeing...

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Fight or Flight
Vlad returns to Garside. The Count is disappointed to learn that he intends to head back out on his travels and isn't bothered about becoming the head of the Dracula dynasty.

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Young Dracula is a fascinating and compelling television series, produced by Content Media Corporation which ran from 2006 to 2014. Drawing inspiration from a children’s book written by Michael Lawrence, Young Dracula explores a charming and innovative take on vampire mythology while injecting fresh spirit into the classic folklore. With the exceptional performance of actor Keith-Lee Castle in a central role, the show is sprinkled with layers of humor, action, and essential life lessons.

Set against the visually striking landscape of Transylvania, Young Dracula initially begins with the eccentric yet charismatic Count Dracula, played by the talented Keith-Lee Castle, moving his family to Britain after a mob of angry peasants storms his castle. Searching for a quiet life in the gloomy town known as Stokely, Count Dracula hopes to survive unnoticed with his children, Vladimir and Ingrid.

The storyline evolves around Vladimir, often referred to as Vlad, an adolescent vampire who is not comfortable with his imminent responsibilities as the next 'Chosen One.' He is unwilling to follow in his father’s footsteps and longs for a normal human life away from the supernatural world. Alongside Vlad, Ingrid, the ambitious and fierce sister, also provides a spirited character who yearns for a recognition of her powers in the male-dominated vampire society.

Keith-Lee Castle's performance as Count Dracula absolutely captivates the audience. He embodies the role as the sophisticated, ancient vampire rooting for his archaic vampire traditions while also trying to fit in the 21st century scenario. Castle's eccentric portrayal brings in humor and light-heartedness, which plays in stark contrast to the stereotypical image of the dark and scary Dracula that audiences are so used to.

The show is skillfully crafted, blending the struggles of a typical teenage life seamlessly with the peculiar and exciting world of vampires. It handles various social issues such as fitting in, sibling rivalry, dealing with responsibilities, and asserting individuality with a touch of humor and unique vampire related twists. This makes it relatable to younger audiences while still able to entertain adult viewers.

Young Dracula's take on vampire lore entirely revolves around the Dracula lore and introduces the audience to exciting new components of the iconic vampire universe. More than just a story about blood-sucking creatures of the night, the narrative also explores the complex vampire hierarchies, chilling prophecies, mysterious ancient vampire rituals, and ageless rivalries that span centuries.

Besides, its innovative take on vampires, Young Dracula stands out for its impressive cast. Each character is three-dimensional, evolving progressively with each season. One cannot help but grow fond of not just Vlad or Ingrid, but also of Count Dracula himself. The sparky chemistry among the actors adds to the overall entertainment quotient of the series.

Of course, Young Dracula's charm extends beyond its characters and into its script. The dialogue is smart, witty, and regularly filled with comically dark humor. Each episode offers an engaging plot, ensuring viewers remain engaged and eager for the next installment.

While fundamentally a comedy, Young Dracula does not shy away from venturing into darker territories. As the series progresses, it delves into more intense and dramatic themes, skillfully balancing the elements of humor and drama.

Overall, Young Dracula is an exciting and entertaining watch, showcasing the less-seen side of the legendary vampire story. Not only is it full of enticing supernatural adventures, but it also illustrates the age-old struggles of growing up and searching for one's identity, albeit in a much more captivating environment. This series stands as a delightful blend of mythology, humor, and poignant life lessons. The impressive performances, particularly by Keith-Lee Castle, coupled with the innovative storyline, make Young Dracula a must-watch for anyone seeking a fresh, fun, and imaginative series.

Young Dracula is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 65 episodes, the show debuted on 2006. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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