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War Against Japan
The war in Europe is over. However, in the Pacific East, the United States is still fighting the Japanese, who consider surrender the greatest humiliation for a soldier.

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Battle of Berlin
Germany has without question lost World War II in Europe, but Hitler, by now a heavily medicated and deluded character, refuses to give up hope; he orders the roughly one million German soldiers left in the ruined city to defend Berlin, now a strange mix of combat veterans, teenage boys from the Hitler Youth, and old men from the People's Army.

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The Battle for Germany
Germany is retreating on all fronts and suffering defeat after defeat. The breach of Germany's pre-War borders now seems inevitable.

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Secret Intelligence of the Red Army
Shortly before the outbreak of the Second World War, the Polish and British have succeeded in de-coding the top secret German military codes known as "Enigma." This information, referred to as "Ultra" by the Allies, becomes vital for the Allies' military situation in North Africa, the Soviet Union, and Northern France.

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The Partisan Movement
By 1943-1944, as the Germans are desperately struggling to hold their ground, they are increasingly hindered by the Soviet partisans, which contain many former Red Army soldiers that had been cut off behind enemy lines. The Germans responded with intensive counter-insurgency campaigns and brutal reprisals against the civilian population.

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War in the Sea
Hours before the start of Operation Barbarossa, the Germans, along with their Finnish allies, begin mining the Gulf of Finland to prevent any naval evacuation of Soviet troops and ships. When Operation Barbarossa begins, Axis U-boats begin pounding the grand Soviet Navy, primarily based at Leningrad.

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War in the Air
On 22 June 1941, German pilots were the first to see the sun rise. Before the day was over, the Soviet Air Forces had lost almost 2 000 aircraft.

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Operation Bagration
By summer 1944, Germany has undeniably lost the battle of the USSR. After the Soviet victories at Moscow, Stalingrad, Kursk, and Leningrad, the Soviet Union, with its practically unlimited resources of manpower and mat

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The Liberation of Ukraine
Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, is, after a lengthy battle, back in Soviet hands. But now they have to clear the Germans and German allies out of the Crimea and liberate the rest of Western Ukraine.

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Soviet Storm: WWII in the East is a riveting historical documentary series produced by Content Media Corporation in 2011. The series thoroughly explores the most significant events of the Eastern Front during World War II, offering a nuanced perspective through the lens of the Soviet Union, an angle often overlooked in the Western-centered narratives of WWII.

Each episode delves into a particular battle or pivotal events occurring on the Eastern Front, combining gripping narratives with visually engrossing reenactments and wartime footage. The documentaries intricately weave together the dramatic journeys of individuals and armies, their intestinal strategies, epic struggles, and the deadly stakes at play in the wartime endeavors.

Soviet Storm: WWII in the East consists of in-depth research and factual analysis merged with compelling storytelling to masterfully paint the picture of the battles that took place on the Eastern Front. It provides an undiluted experience of the barbarity of the war battles, the strategic maneuvers they entailed, and the poignant human stories that reverberated within the tumultuousness of a world at war.

From the heartrending Siege of Leningrad to the momentous Battle of Stalingrad, this series unfurls the storyline of the Soviet Union's engagement in WWII, underscoring the bracing realities of war. The tactical, political, and historical progression on the Eastern Front is analyzed in ponderous detail, illuminating the audience about the Soviet Union's strategic decisions, their consequences, and their critical role in the larger theater of World War II.

The series also explores the different facets and layers of the military leaders and soldiers that played a central part in the Pacific theater, enriching the viewers’ understanding of the war. Furthermore, it delves into the political dimensions and maneuverings in the USSR, portraying how the country's leadership navigated the tumultuous waters of wartime politics.

Narration in Soviet Storm: WWII in the East is expertly curated and delivered, accompanied by top-notch 3D animation, archival footage, expert interviews, detailed military maps, and some reconstructed scenes. The storytelling appeals equally to general viewers interested in historical documentaries as well as military history enthusiasts seeking an in-depth understanding of the Eastern Front battles.

The series doesn't shy away from discussing the treatment of POWs, civilians' suffering, and the harsh realities behind the Red Army's operations, bringing forth a more comprehensive picture of the war front. It brings to the forefront the controversial topics that often get eclipsed in the footnotes of mainstream history.

Renowned WWII experts and historians contribute insights and details, providing a definitive historical context to the events. Furthermore, firsthand accounts from survivors and veterans of the war add authentic voices to the documentary, steering viewers through the emotional rollercoaster that was World War II.

The show's visual style adds an extra component to the experience, with its animations and reenactments helping to bring the past to life. This seamlessly constructed historical portrayal in Soviet Storm: WWII in the East ensures that the audience doesn't just learn about the Eastern Front but feels as if they were a part of the unfolding history.

One of the key strengths is its balanced narrative, removing any romanticism or bias associated with the conflict. It maintains an objective viewpoint, focusing on the lived realities of the soldiers and civilians, the tactical maneuvers, and the epic battles as they unfolded in the harsh landscapes of war-torn Europe.

Soviet Storm: WWII in the East puts the decisive battlefield of the Eastern Front in World War II into sharp focus, providing in-depth analysis within its powerful depiction of the titanic struggle between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. It is a must-watch series for anyone interested in understanding the ferocity and intensity of the battles fought on the Eastern Front and the critical role the Soviet Union played during World War II. The series serves as an enlightening visual textbook, detailing the pivotal events of the war from a seldom-explored perspective.

Soviet Storm: WWII in the East is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 28 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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