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Spies And Apostles Part 2
A letter addressed to a royal found in the Dead Sea Scrolls sheds light on an apparent rift between the message of St. Paul and the message of James, brother of Jesus.

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Spies And Apostles Part 1
Simcha follows a spy checklist to see if St. Paul was a secret agent, working for the Romans to infiltrate the Jesus movement.

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Queen Esther And Purim
The Book of Esther tells us that a 5th Century bad guy named Haman wanted to kill all the Jews in Persia. He relied on a game of chance to select the day.

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The First Supper
A cross has just been found in a town in the Galilee where Jesus and his disciples hung out, and archaeologically dated to that time. But the cross did not become a symbol for Christianity for another three centuries.

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Lilith: Queen Of The Night
According to a rabbinical interpretation of the Book of Genesis, Adam's first wife wasn't Eve, but a woman named Lilith. But where did the rabbis get the idea of Lilith from?

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Naked Letters
Simcha answers letters sent in to The Naked Archaeologist. Viewers' questions take him from Israel to Egypt to Istanbul, as he investigates ancient sports, Biblical sex quandaries, and we learn fascinating things about our forbearers, everything from their fashion sense to where their bones ended up.

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Gone Fishing
The Gospels tell us Jesus was a 'tekton' or a builder but there's not a single stone mason or carpenter among his disciples. Why were fishermen so important to Jesus' ministry and why did he choose to spread his word among the fishing culture of the Sea of Galilee?

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Rebuilding The Temple
Over two thousand years ago, the Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed, but now it is being rebuilt in some surprising places. Simcha travels from Texas to Jerusalem to London to visit model builders obsessed with discovering what Solomon's Temple looked like.

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The Hairy show
The Bible is not a picture book so even though it's chock full of references to hair we have no idea what ancient Israelite hair-dos looked like. Did women braid or cover their hair?

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The Bath That Changed History
When David saw Bathsheba bathing, he was in love. They were married and history was changed. What are the impacts of the most important bath in history?

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Simcha investigates ancient fashions and scents in this trend-setting episode.

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Ancient Glass
A giant slab of glass is discovered in the middle of an ancient cemetery where important Rabbis are buried. What's it doing there?

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Moses Vs. Akhenaton
The Bible says that Moses was the first person to bring the idea of Monotheism - the worship of one God and one God only - to the ancients. But Sigmund Freud has a different idea.

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The Naked Archaeologist was a popular documentary television show that ran successfully from 2005 to 2008. Syndicated and hosted by Simcha Jacobovici, an experienced Canadian-Israeli film director and producer, the show uniquely exemplifies the world of archaeology in a unique and fascinating style that captures the interest of viewers worldwide.

The series revolves around Jacobovici as he explores the ancient world, attempting to uncover the truths and mysteries behind Biblical stories and significant historical events. The 'naked' in the title refers to the unadorned, candid, and stripped-down approach that Jacobovici takes towards archaeology. Here, nakedness implies simplicity and transparency, discarding the nonessential complexities to present archaeological findings and interpretations in an understandable and enjoyable way for ordinary people.

Each episode of the television series investigates a different biblical myth, character or event, utilizing scientific techniques and archaeological discoveries. Jacobovici takes his audience on a journey back in time to biblical locations spread across countries like Israel, Egypt, and Greece, among others.

The Naked Archaeologist isn't just about presenting archaeological facts. Instead, it blends elements of history, archaeology, and travelogue while maintaining a refreshing humor that broadens the appeal. Its episodes are peppered with intriguing interviews of scholars and experts in the field. All these elements are cleverly mixed with anecdotes and intriguing facts that make the serious and often austere discipline of archaeology more accessible to a general audience.

Simcha Jacobovici, a two-time Emmy winner, is known for his daring approach and inquisitiveness. His unique presentation style, which has earned him the nickname 'the Indiana Jones of television', brings with it an element of unabashed excitement, curiosity, and genuine enthusiasm for uncovering truths from the past. His expertise as a journalist only adds another layer of credibility to the explorations and discoveries made throughout the show.

The Naked Archaeologist is not only about digging up artifacts, but it's also about deciphering historical narratives that have shaped our present understanding of the past. It presents archaeological pieces not just as mere historic remnants but as illuminative keys to the past, providing viewers with a fresh perspective on ancient history.

Humor and wit are an integral part of the show, which makes for an entertaining viewing experience. Yet, the show maintains its informative edge, providing historical context and scholarly interpretation of each artifact covered. Jacobovici's courage to question, challenge, and sometimes overturn prevailing interpretations of biblical events is yet another unique feature of the series that continually sparks interest and provokes discussion.

The Naked Archaeologist is very much rooted in the field of biblical archaeology, but it reaches out to a much broader audience base – from history buffs and travel lovers to curious viewers with a taste for adventure and mystery. By incorporating elements of humor and presenting information in an engaging and easily digestible way, the series offers something for everyone, irrespective of their prior knowledge about archaeology.

Jacobovici, as the show's host and main protagonist, drives the narrative with his well-researched, scientifically-backed exploration and interpretation of biblical events and characters. His lucid explanation of intricate archaeological techniques and historical references helps the viewers to look at history in a new light, making the show an absolute delight for viewers with a thirst for knowledge and adventure.

In conclusion, The Naked Archaeologist presents a unique and captivating take on biblical archaeology. Its blend of serious investigation, intellectual curiosity, humor, and high-spirited presentation caters to a wide audience. With Simcha Jacobovici taking the reins, the show manages to turn the potentially dry subject of archaeology into an entertaining and enlightening journey through the annals of time, providing unforgettable insights into our shared human history.

The Naked Archaeologist is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 65 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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