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The Grenadier Pub & The Haunted London Ghost Tour
In part one, Michaela visits the historic Grenadier. In part two, Michaela follows in the footsteps of the thousands of tourists who go on Ghost Tours around London every month.

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The Black Swan Hotel & A Ghost Tour of Devizes
In part one, Michaela visits the ancient market town of Devizes in Wiltshire. In part two, Michaela goes on a haunted tour of Devizes to learn more about the town's most famous ghosts.

Watch Great British Ghosts Season 1 Episode 7 Now

The Hellfire Caves, West Wycombe & Ostrich Inn, London
In part one, Michaela visits the infamous Hellfire Caves in West Wycombe Park. In part two, Michaela visits the historic Ostrich Inn, in Colnbrook near Slough.

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The Galleries of Justice, Nottingham & The Viaduct Tavern, London
In part one, Michaela visits the notorious Galleries of Justice in the centre of Nottingham. In part two, Michaela travels to the City of London to visit a historic pub called The Viaduct Tavern.

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The Red Lion Hotel & Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker
In part one, Michaela visits the ancient Red Lion Hotel, which dates back to the 15th Century and is steeped in history. In part two, Michaela visits a relic of the Cold War, the Kelvedon Hatch Nuclear Bunker near Cheltenham in Essex.

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Woodchester Mansion & Prestbury Village
In part one, Michaela visits the stunning Woodchester Mansion, a magnificent Victorian gothic style manor house. In part two, Michaela visits the village of Prestbury, said to be the most haunted village in all of England.

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The New Inn, Gloucester & Chavenage House, Tetbury
In part one, Michaela visits The New Inn Hotel, which dates back to the 14th Century and is one of the most haunted places in the whole area. In part two, Michaela visits the beautiful Chavenage House, which dates back to the Elizabethan period.

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The Mermaid Inn, Rye & Michelham Priory, Sussex
In part one, Michaela visits the Mermaid Inn, one of the oldest and most haunted inns in Britain. In part two, Michaela visits Michelham Priory, a moated medieval building with centuries of haunted history.

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Great British Ghosts is a riveting paranormal documentary series from Content Media Corporation that aired in 2011. It features widely celebrated TV personality Michaela Strachan, best known for her various nature programs, exploring a new and uncharted territory - the world of the supernatural. The series provides an engaging blend of historical, psychological, and paranormal aspects, all wrapped up into an intriguing exploration of Britain's most haunted places.

Rather than focusing on the macabre and terrifying aspects of the paranormal, the aim of Great British Ghosts is to delve into history, legends, and personal experiences associated with notorious haunted locations across the UK. The series travels from one corner of the country to another, unearthing chilling tales of restless spirits, long-held curses, and eerie, inexplicable phenomena.

Strachan offers viewers an immersive exploration into the world of ghosts and ghouls. Renowned for her passionate and engaging presenting style, Strachan brings a unique human touch to the tales, focusing not just on the specters themselves, but also on the people whose lives have been shaped by these paranormal experiences. From innkeepers and caretakers to historians and psychic mediums, she interviews individuals who have had firsthand experiences with these apparitions, bringing a personal dimension to the often-terrifying encounters.

Throughout the series, Michaela visits a myriad of locations known for their hauntings. This includes English castles steeped in bloody history, ancient pubs allegedly frequented by lingering spirits, eerily silent battlefields, and even ordinary houses claimed to be rife with supernatural activity. Strachan uncovers the dramatic historical events associated with each location, making the age-old stone walls and ancient trees come alive with the echoes of the past.

However, Great British Ghosts isn't just about wandering spirits and haunted houses. It is also a fascinating exploration of British history. As Michaela unravels the legends behind the apparitions, viewers gain a deep understanding of past events that have shaped the culture, architecture, and stories of Britain's towns and cities.

On her chilling journey around the country, Strachan features uncanny experiences reported by both locals and visitors. Anecdotes of spectral sightings, strange noises, and uncanny feelings are presented without prejudice, giving viewers an opportunity to form their own beliefs about the phenomena.

Moreover, the show successfully combines ghostly tales with the art of storytelling, history, and psychology. This unique mix allows viewers to develop a more profound understanding of the stories and the persons narrating them. The series raises questions about the power of the mind and how strongly belief, expectation, and fear can affect human perception.

While many of the topics discussed in the series are unsettling, the host's empathetic and open-minded approach makes the material accessible to a wide range of viewers. Michaela manages to strike a delicate balance between skepticism and credulity, showing respect for the beliefs and experiences of the people she interviews, without necessarily endorsing their views.

The engaging storyline, backed by appealing background music and stunning visuals of Britain, makes the series a compelling watch. Great British Ghosts does more than merely provide ghostly tales. The series is an atmospheric showcase of centuries-old buildings, landscapes that time forgot, and incredible narratives that have been etched into the nation's memory.

The episodes are filmed beautifully, utilising atmospheric night shoots, eerie graphics, and suggestive reconstructions to set the tone. The effects serve to heighten the suspense without resorting to cheap thrills or clichés.

Directed with a perfect blend of investigation and excitement, Great British Ghosts sweeps viewers off their feet into the thrilling world of ghosts. It caters to a broad audience, appealing to both paranormal enthusiasts and those who simply love British history.

Overall, Great British Ghosts provides an absorbing blend of history, the supernatural, and psychology, making it a must-see for anyone fascinated by ghostly tales and the rich tapestry of British history. Through the eyes of the affable Michaela Strachan, viewers share in the thrill, curiosity, and sometimes trepidation that comes with exploring the Britain's most haunted locations, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Great British Ghosts is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.7.

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How can I watch Great British Ghosts online? Great British Ghosts is available on Content Media Corporation with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Great British Ghosts on demand at Amazon Prime, Pluto TV, Tubi TV online.

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