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A Steamboat Party
Kylie is having a steamboat party for ten friends at home - she provides the food, the guests do the cooking.

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Lunch On the Water
Kylie has been invited to a delicious outdoor lunch by the sea - the only catch is she has to cook.

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The Art of Food
There's a party for the opening of an art exhibition - and Kylie is doing the catering.

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Into the Melting Pot
Kylie takes us through her Chinese versions of traditional Australian favorites and introduces us to the cross-cultural mix of modern Australian cooking.

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Frugal Food
The Chinese are inventive cooks, making delicious meals from basic ingredients. Kylie tries out her cheap cut recipes on the staff at a famous Chinese restaurant.

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Family Ties
Kylie's mum taught her to to cook, and her brother judges who does the best noodle stir fry today.Three generations of Kwong women then make some party food.

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The Joy of Cooking
Kylie loves to entertain. She prepares recipes for her friends from the very best fish she can find at the markets.

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My Chinese Family
Kylie shares the secret family recipes she grew up with, the inspiration for her own restaurant.

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"Kylie Kwong" is an iconic cooking show that was aired on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in 2003. This captivating and very personal series was produced in Australia and helmed by the renowned Australian chef, Kylie Kwong. This series marks Kwong's debut on television, and viewers are invited to her heart and kitchen, where she prepares a spectrum of dishes, sharing her passion for food and the art of cooking, all by incorporating her distinctive touch.

In the series, Kylie Kwong, a third-generation Australian Chinese, delves into her family's history, drawing inspiration from her ancestors' recipes and cooking techniques and has meticulously honed her culinary skills and recipe creation. She uses her show as a platform to explore the fusion of modern Australian and traditional Chinese cuisine, which she calls Modern Australian Chinese cuisine.

In each of the riveting episodes, charmingly vivacious Kylie leads us on an exploration. The viewers not only learn about the intricacies of various dishes, but they are also treated to an in-depth understanding of ingredients, cultivation or procurement, and their historical significance. Kylie Kwong undertakes a journey unraveling the secrets of her signature dishes and displaying a unique innovativeness with an array of fresh produce, pushing the boundaries of traditional cooking and continually inspiring the audience to experiment and learn more about diverse culinary techniques and traditions.

Kylie's effervescence is infectious, her warmth palpable. As she lovingly prepares each dish, she converses with the viewers, narrating stories from her childhood and her family's ancient cooking secrets. Each episode is a blend of culinary art and storytelling- a testament to how delicately food is woven into our life tapestry.

As the series progresses, Kylie uses her culinary expertise to shed light on the rich and deep roots of Chinese cuisine. She introduces the concept of Yin and Yang in food and often quotes the Chinese saying, "medicine and food have the same origin," to emphasize the dietary significance of many ingredients and the significance of balance in meals. Many traditional dishes showcased are touted to have medicinal benefits and are symbolic of certain cultural aspects or festivities, which adds a fascinating layer to the cooking process.

Not restricting her art to the kitchen, Kylie transports viewers across various Australian and Asian landscapes to meet local farmers, fishmongers, and food artisans. From bustling fish markets to serene family-owned farms, from high-end gastronomic boutiques to quaint stalls in local food-alleys, viewers follow Kylie on her quest for the freshest ingredients and the best produce. Through this, the show advocates for organic and locally sourced produce's benefits, promoting sustainable practices in the culinary industry.

A significant portion of the show is filmed in Kylie's very own Sydney based restaurant, Billy Kwong, which serves as a backdrop for some episodes. The viewers have an insider's perspective on running a successful restaurant, the behind-the-scene action, and the sweat and toil that goes into serving up delectable dishes, day in and day out.

Kylie's guests on the show are a star-studded mix of chefs, food critics, and food enthusiasts, some of whom happen to be her friends. Together they share their culinary experiences and the joy of cooking or eating a beautiful meal. Kylie's magnetic personality, her profound love for food, and the guests' wisdom bound in one show make this a must-watch for any food enthusiast.

However, the series isn't strictly for cooking aficionados. Those with even a passing interest in food will find themselves engaged by the rich tapestry of culture, history, nature, and of course, wonderful and vibrant cuisines. The picturesque locations, Kylie's endearing narration and soothing background scores that beautifully blend with the overall theme of the show contribute to a delightful, immersive viewer experience.

Simply put, "Kylie Kwong" is more than a cooking show. It's an exploration of culture, a discovery of one's roots, and a journey into the heart of Australia's vibrant food scene through the eyes of one of its most passionate cooks. The series serves as an idyllic representation of Australia’s culinary diversity and opens a welcoming window into the soulful, radiant world of Kylie Kwong. Truly a melting pot of cultures, cuisines, and relentless passion for food, the series resonates with a global audience's appetite for authenticity in culinary storytelling.

Kylie Kwong is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2003. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.3.

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