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Blackstream is a prison riddled with drugs, and a cloud of suspicion hangs over some of the officers. Sister Pat struggles with Harry, an old-timer in a fast-changing prison world, who carries a fatal secret.

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Sister Pat's emotions are in disarray when Margaret, her support of many years, decides to leave the order. Hodges leaves Blackstream and rejects Jones's support.

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An Early Release
Louisa faces a personal and professional crisis when she has to negotiate a meeting with Haines, a psychopathic sadist, and the parents of one of his victims. Louisa's fears lead her to contact Haines' unwitting partner, Norma, in an attempt to unlock the parents' pain.

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Wishin' and Hopin'
Terri and Kim anxiously await the outcome of the court cases of their respective partners, Gazza and Rod, and make a pact to leave them if the sentence exceeds five years. Meanwhile, Louisa must confront her own problems when Sam admits he is still attracted to her.

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Louisa and Sister Pat encourage three Aboriginals to form a band to keep them out of trouble. Louisa is also faced with the problem of dealing with a self-mutilator, known as "Spoons", whom she is trying to have transferred to a psychiatric facility.

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After Redman's shooting, Buckley must regain her position of power in the face of isolation among her peers and the scorn of the prisoners. Meanwhile, Louisa's progress with Hodges is halted when a planned visit from his estranged sister is thwarted by industrial action, resulting in a lock-down of the prison.

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Officer Helen Buckley joins Blackstream Prison staff, and is unwittingly seduced by Specs Redman, a prisoner who has his own hidden agenda. After Redman lands in hospital, Buckley realises she has been taken for a ride, and must make a split-second decision.

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Shots in the Dark
Louisa is confronted by the parallels of life and work when a prisoner, Brett Hodges, little older than her son, Anthony, arrives at the prison. Hodges' attitude problem and naivete make him vulnerable to the drug network.

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Roman Holiday
Louisa discovers the truth about Jones, but before she exposes him, she must establish why he chose the path of deceit. Concurrently, Louisa is drawn into the fantastic world of a prisoner, Alfredo, and his pain when Jean, his long-time visitor, dies in a car crash.

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Rat Tamer
As the new prison psychologist, Louisa Correlli must find a way to help a long-serving prison officer, Costa, come to terms with the break-up of his marriage and the death of his best friend. Through all this, a newly-arrived prisoner, Kevin Jones, who appears to be suffering from brain damage, arouses her interest.

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Correlli was an Australian television drama series that aired in 1995. Produced by the renowned Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), the show offered a compelling blend of psychological insight, thrilling drama, and a powerful perspective on penal psychology that unfolded in our living rooms for a single, memorable season of ten episodes. The series was integral to raising critical conversations on the role of prisons in society and the complex dynamics between prisoners and those who are tasked with their rehabilitation.

The show's title, "Correlli," is derived from the lead character's name, Louisa Correlli, portrayed with consummate skill by the talented Deborra-Lee Furness. Louisa is a prison psychologist who works in the foreseeably constrictive and emotionally charged surroundings of Blackstream, a high-security men's prison. Furness's portrayal of Correlli, a dedicated and empathetic professional thrown in a world characterized by violence and unrelenting tension, offered an indelible impression on audiences with its nuanced portrayal of human strength and vulnerability.

Correlli navigates this challenging environment daily, dealing with a broad range of explosive personalities and dangerous criminals, while also managing the inevitable administrative and bureaucratic struggles that come with her position. Her role is often tenuous, caught in the delicate balance of being a counselor to hardened criminals, while maintaining the professional distance required by her role.

The narrative strength of Correlli comes from these interactions and relationships, showcasing the progressive web of tension, interpersonal dynamics, and the balance of power within the prison. Audiences are introduced to a plethora of diverse characters who offer glimpses into the myriad experiences and emotions of incarcerated individuals, taking the series well beyond the usual precincts of law and order narratives. It humanizes prisoners without romanticizing criminality, giving viewers an opportunity to reflect on the complex dynamics that exist behind prison walls.

The other key character of the series is Kevin Jones, played by a then-lesser-known actor, Hugh Jackman, in his first significant television role. The character of Jones is a particular challenge for Correlli – he is an inmate struggling with amnesia after a traumatic event. It is their complex relationship that becomes a significant narrative element of the series.

Correlli is known for not shying away from dark themes and challenging subject matter, including sexual assault, violence and mental health issues. The complex psychological underpinnings of the characters, interwoven with the broader social perspectives on the prison system, situates this series as a thought-provoking and socially relevant television serial.

However, the series is not just about the tense relationships and dangerous encounters within the confines of the prison. Correlli's personal life and relationships outside the prison also plays a central role in the narrative. Her life with her husband, a school counselor adds another layer to the exploration of human conscience, morality, and societal norms.

Even though Correlli was limited to a short run, its dramatic intensity, the stellar performances by Deborra-Lee Furness and Hugh Jackman and its thematic boldness ensured that it left a powerful impression on its viewers. Moreover, the series also stands as a testament to Australian television's courage to venture into complex themes and deliver nuanced and engaging narratives that blend mass appeal with intellectual stimulation.

To conclude, Correlli was a groundbreaking series that dared to delve deep into the world of prisons and psychology, while offering thrilling and emotionally-charged viewing. With stand-out performances and complex, layered storytelling, this show was much more than a glimpse into Australia's penal system. It will be remembered for taking viewers on a challenging journey that aroused contemplation and empathy, while also serving up a good dose of drama and suspense. Although it lasted for just one season, the show's influence is enduring and, for many, it demanded a rethinking of the conventional perceptions of prisons and those who reside within their walls.

Correlli is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 1995. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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