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Episode 30
The stakes are high ahead of the final confrontation between Jabal and Nimer. For the first time, Zeidan makes an appearance.

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Episode 29
Nimer continues the intimidation game while the captives' lives remain on the line. Jabal and his men gather intel to plot a retaliation.

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Episode 28
A gory sight devastates Al Hayba's residents, and Jabal swears revenge. Khalil switches loyalties and is given his first task.

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Episode 27
With their fates tied to a hanging deal, the captives endure more torture. Chahine invests in rebuilding past relationships.

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Episode 26
A reckoning comes to Musbah for his betrayal. New information about the captives comes to light. Nahed confronts Rania and demands answers.

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Episode 25
In the aftermath of the attack, Al Hayba is shaken. Rania regrets her previous wrongdoings. Nahed takes an emergency trip to Damascus.

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Episode 24
Nahed does some additional investigating to pin down the culprit. The men prepare to disrupt another operation that soon takes a deadly turn.

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Episode 23
Rania decides to execute her sinister plan. Jabal assigns a secret task to Ali, who uncovers new information.

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Episode 22
Al Shayeb pays Jabal an urgent visit. A feud splits Al Hayba up into two camps as tensions rise.

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Episode 21
Based on false accusations, Al Hayba's residents turn on Jabal as he receives a helpful tip for the next step of his plan.

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Episode 20
Production at the factory gets disrupted. The mayor's disappearance stirs up many questions. Nimer comes to some serious conclusions.

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Episode 19
Mona sets her anger aside and steps up to help a family member. Ahmad scouts Al Hayba for potential investors.

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Episode 18
Rania's emotions start to cloud her judgment. Mona struggles to make a drastic decision. Hana's health deteriorates.

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Episode 17
An argument between Chahine and Mona escalates, causing a scene. Jabal and Al Shayeb join forces on a covert plan.

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Episode 16
Feeling rejected, Sakher decides to get away. At the factory, Essam speaks up about work conditions. Mona contemplates her parenting strategy.

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Episode 15
As secret preparations for the celebration get underway, danger looms. A heated phone call leads to a clash between Rania and Nimer.

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Episode 14
Jabal leads Essam to safety, and together they cook up a plan. Rania expresses her true feelings to Sakher.

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Episode 13
Jabal and Mona stand by Chahine following an incident. Rania finds herself in a tricky situation, threatening her cover.

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Episode 12
Chahine finally responds to Mona's plea. Jabal calls a secret family meeting to fill in Nahed and Sakher on his plan.

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Episode 11
After receiving a tip, Chahine pauses his search. Nimer and Jabal's deal starts to materialize, and Mona's plan unfolds.

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Episode 10
Upon their first meeting, Jabal offers Nimer a partnership. Mona starts to run out of options, and Hana proposes a questionable fix.

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Episode 9
Rania's meddling heightens the tension between Jabal and Sakher. Furious, Chahine makes a bold announcement.

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Episode 8
Matters escalate between Chahine and Mona. Jabal's return disrupts Nimer's plans.

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Episode 7
The family celebrates Jabal's return. Marwa pays Ali a special visit in prison. The mayor's investigation leads him to a discovery.

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Episode 6
Following a tense confrontation, Chahine becomes very frustrated. Rania and Sakher bond, while mutiny brews back at the factory.

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Episode 5
As per Jabal's request, Abu Ali asks the mayor to vet Nimer. Chahine gives Al Hayba's men an ultimatum and heads out on a mission.

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Episode 4
Desperate, Jamal's daughter reaches out to Nahed. Chahine and Nimer reach an agreement, and Jabal uncovers a dangerous plot.

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Episode 3
Behind bars, Ali receives a tempting offer. As Sakher struggles to restore the family business, a bystander decides to extend a helping hand.

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Episode 2
A newcomer sets out to make a memorable first impression in Al Hayba while Jabal secretly scrutinizes him from a distance.

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Episode 1
Years after the attack, the Sheikh Al Jabals still reckon with their tragic reality. Al Hayba anticipates the arrival of a mysterious guest.

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Al Hayba is an engaging Arabic drama series that aired on MBC Drama in 2017. This popular drama unfolds a gripping narrative set in a village across the Lebanese-Syrian borderlands. It produced a buzz upon its release due to its captivating depiction of a region seldom discussed on mainstream media platforms. The series showcases how life contorts under the crushing weight of tradition, honor, politics, and subtle power dynamics. The series doesn't shy away from painting a stark, real portrait of the region, highlighting both its harsh realities and the robust will of its inhabitants. At the core of Al Hayba stands the Sheikh Al Jabal family. Their powerful lineage controls the peripheral region within the Lebanese and Syrian border. The family is involved in various illicit activities, including smuggling arms across the border. Despite the illegal activity, their influence is so considerable that they are viewed more as local vigilantes than disruptive elements, illuminating the power hierarchies and lawlessness of the portrayed region. The plot gets a swift kick-start when the Sheikh family's eldest son, Jabal, receives the news of his brother's death, a tragedy that strikes a powerful blow to his stronghold. Desperate to preserve the power equilibrium and to give his niece a suitable upbringing, Jabal decides to bring back his brother's estranged wife, Alia, and their daughter from Canada. While Alia has been distanced from the grit of Al Hayba for 10 years, returning becomes a journey into her past and a deep-dive into the harsh realities and the distinct culture of their native region. One of the notable features that make Al Hayba stand apart is its strong characters, especially the female leads. Alia, who has grown accustomed to Canadian freedom and democracy, faces a stark contrast in Al Hayba, where the men hold the power and the women are the supporting players. Nonetheless, she showcases her strength and resilience as she navigates her perilous surroundings and protects her daughter. The setting of this series goes beyond mere background and becomes a character in itself. Al Hayba is more than just a drama that unfolds in a reclusive region; it serves as a snapshot of the culture, traditions, political machinations, and social problems afflicting these regions. It offers a nuanced look into the everyday life and issues of the people living there, making it a compelling watch. The series does a masterful job of showcasing the dynamic and intense relationship teetering between love, hate, antagonism, and admiration between Jabal and Alia. Their characters' complexities, layered personalities, and slow blooming relationship under dire circumstances add depth to the storyline. Their mutual struggle against the circumstances and for their daughter's future forms the emotional backbone of the series. Al Hayba captivates with the authenticity of its performances. The cast, laden with renowned Arabic actors, delivers compelling performances. The portrayal of Jabal by Syrian actor Taim Hasan is exemplary. His nuanced portrayal of a man caught between his duty towards his family and his growing affection for his late brother's wife is commendable. On the other hand, Lebanese actress Nadine Nassib Njeim delicately balances Alia's vulnerability and tenacity. Moreover, Al Hayba's production values are top-notch, with filmmakers leveraging impressive photography and authentic sets to create an immersive viewing atmosphere. The series manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats throughout, offering a mix of family drama, crime thriller, and pure emotional wrestling within intriguing episodes. Even with its heavy narrative and challenging themes, Al Hayba remains infused with intense drama, suspense, and romance, making viewers eager for each new episode. The drama also smartly touches upon more significant concerns such as power struggles, hierarchal societies, and the deep-rooted issue of patriarchy. However, the series does not aim to judge these customs but chooses to present them as they are, leaving the interpretation to its audience. In just one season, Al Hayba has turned into a cultural phenomenon, sparking considerable conversation and debate among viewers, critics, and scholars. It's not only an entertaining showcase of engaging characters and edge-of-the-seat drama but also an enlightening foray into a world that's often overlooked. Al Hayba stands as a testament to the power of good storytelling and the allure of riveting character study, effortlessly combining reality with drama while providing a window into a culture and place that until now, has largely remained enigmatic.

Al Hayba is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 120 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

MBC Drama
Taim Hasan, Mona Wassef, Oweiss Mkhallalati
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