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Part 6
Maan turns himself in, but his disgrace has a disastrous effect on his father's political campaign and the entire Kapoor family. Emboldened by casting her vote in India's first national democratic election, Lata makes a decision about her future.

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Part 5
As the general election approaches, Maan helps his father campaign. While Kabir remains desperate to make amends, Lata finds herself courted by Amit and Haresh in Calcutta.

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Part 4
While Haresh is preoccupied with finding himself a superior job, competition for Lata's hand grows when Kabir reenters her life. Maan returns to Brahmpur, but his long-awaited reunion with Saeeda is cut short.

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Part 3
Concerned by Lata's growing friendship with poet Amit Chatterji, Rupa enlists the help of a friend to find her headstrong daughter a husband, and she sees enthusiastic shoemaker Haresh Khanna as the best candidate.

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Part 2
Lata wants a romantic relationship with Kabir, but she knows her mother would disapprove. Glamourous singer Saeeda continues her affair with her much younger lover, Maan.

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Part 1
In newly independent India, literature student Lata looks towards the future. Her mother, Rupa, hopes her daughter will soon marry, but Lata wants to find her own path.

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A Suitable Boy is a big-screen adaptation of Vikram Seth's colossal novel and is a compelling addition to Acorn TV's line-up of dramas. This six-part miniseries originally aired on BBC One in 2020 and was directed by the laudable Mira Nair and adapted by Andrew Davies. The story is an expansive narrative set against the backdrop of a newly independent India, crashing into the mid-20th century with the vestiges of the British colonial past vanishing from view.

The story revolves around an overbearing mother, Rupa Mehra (Mahira Kakkar), who is hell-bent on finding a 'suitable boy' for her younger daughter, Lata Mehra (Tanya Maniktala). It is a pursuit that codifies the eponymous title. Set in the post-colonial 1950s India, where antiquated traditions live in discord with the contemporary post-liberation worldview, A Suitable Boy sketches a society where marital alliances are not just about two individuals, but the intermingling of their respective familial lines.

Lata is an ingenious young woman who cherishes education, dreaming of an independent life, and detests the idea of arranged marriages, often called the 'Purdah system.' Her mother's obsession with finding her a well-suited husband often brings them at odds. In the midst of grappling with societal pressures and the impending question of her arranged marriage, Lata embarks on a defining journey of self-discovery and love. She finds herself wooed by three very different men, leaving viewers intrigued to see whom she will eventually end up with.

Parallel to Lata’s story is another complex narrative that brings in the country's volatile political landscape and sociocultural divisions. The political storyline pulls viewers into the life of Maan Kapoor (Ishaan Khatter), the spirited son of revenue minister Mahesh Kapoor (Ram Kapoor). Maan is portrayed as being recklessly in love with a beautiful courtesan, Saeeda Bai (Tabu). This particular story arc carefully borrows from the tumult of the era—partition and its aftermath, communal riots, the tussle between modernity and tradition, the political make-up of early independent India—all seen through the prism of a flawed but earnest young man.

A Suitable Boy is an ambitious adroit mix of themes that manages to embody the expansive spirit of the original novel. The beauty of this series lies in the rich tapestry that weaves together several other subplots. It draws attention to issues like casteism, feudalism, religious fervor, gender disparity, and linguistic divide, among others. It gently navigates the viewer through the road to secularism, democracy, and societal change in a country that had only recently shirked off its colonial past.

Furthermore, the show is a treat to the senses, too. The atmospheric, almost tangible productions transport viewers to a time when India was an eclectic mix of traditional and modern, rural and urban, the personal and the geopolitical. Everything from the grandeur of the majestic havelis to the authentic reproduction of period clothing, the bustling marketplaces, the serene Ganges ghats, and the soulful classical music background score feels like a character in its own right. The show's success lies in its ability to depict an immersive and sincere visual narrative that captures the essence of the period it represents.

The cast ensemble does a remarkable job embodying their characters. Newcomer Tanya Maniktala skilfully portrays Lata as intelligent, strong-headed, yet vulnerable, while celebrated actors like Tabu and Ishaan Khatter are charismatic, emotive, and thoroughly believable. The multilingual screenplay, primarily in English but generously interspersed with Hindi and Urdu, adds to the authenticity of the narrative and gives the show an edge of realism.

In conclusion, A Suitable Boy is not just a love story or a mother’s quest for her daughter’s future. It is a vivid snapshot of a society and a country in flux, a cosmopolitan tableau representative of its time. For viewers who appreciate an intricate plot, historical depth, and cultural richness, A Suitable Boy would be an ideal watch on Acorn TV. A vast, grand, and wonderfully visualized series, it aims to provide viewers an immersive experience into a fascinating period of Indian history.

A Suitable Boy is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.1.

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How can I watch A Suitable Boy online? A Suitable Boy is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch A Suitable Boy on demand at Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon online.

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