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Breaking & Exiting is a 2018 independent romantic-comedy movie about a burglar meets a suicidal girl who has sworn to kill herself at the end of the weekend. Milo Gibson plays Harry, a house burglar who is down on his luck, having just broken up with his girlfriend and feeling alone in the world. Jordan Danger plays Daisy, a suicidal young woman who is planning on killing herself when her abusive boyfriend, Matt (played by Adam Huber), returns from out of town.

Harry, who lives across the street from Daisy, is in the middle of burglarizing her home when he discovers her lying unconscious on her living room floor. He immediately calls for an ambulance and saves her life. After Daisy wakes up in the hospital, she tracks Harry down to thank him for what he's done, and from there, a curious sort of friendship begins to form.

As the storyline progresses, we see that Daisy and Harry both have their own personal struggles- lives that are very different from each other yet strangely interconnected. Harry's dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian have not yet materialized, and he is struggling to find a sense of purpose in his life. Daisy, on the other hand, has lived with an abusive boyfriend and has lost most of her self-confidence. Harry supports Daisy's fight against her abusive boyfriend, as she can't seem to leave him entirely until she has gained some sense of independence through her own accomplishments.

In the meantime, Harry starts to form a bond with Daisy as he shows her how to let go of her fears and trust that life is worth living. He takes the time to show her the things she loves and inspires her to take control of her life by making choices for herself. Although Daisy is the opposite of Harry, they share one thing in common: they both have the ability to save each other's lives, both literally and emotionally.

The film features a unique combination of comedy, romance, and drama, while it slowly builds tension throughout the plot. The humour is witty and bold, yet never excessive, as it is supplemented by the very real and very present issues and struggles that the two protagonists navigate during the film.

The acting in this movie is superb, most notably, Jordan Danger's portrayal of Daisy. She delivers a powerful performance as a vulnerable and emotionally-compromised character. Milo Gibson is also excellent as Harry, delivering the right mix of comedic timing and emotional depth to make him a relatable and likable character throughout the movie.

The cinematography throughout this movie is rich, capturing the city of Los Angeles in a way that feels both gritty and romantic all at once. The use of natural light and the thoughtful composition of the shots really elevate the movie, lending it an air of authenticity that reiterates the authenticity of the character's struggles.

Overall, Breaking & Exiting is a touching and well-executed romantic-comedy movie that explores the toll of emotional pain and the relief that can come from an unexpected connection. The storyline feels fresh and is executed brilliantly, with well-timed humour and a balance of gritty realism and feel-good moments that keep the viewer engaged throughout the movie. If you enjoy indie romantic comedies that tell a heartfelt story of two damaged souls, then Breaking & Exiting is definitely worth checking out.

Breaking & Exiting is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 78 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6..

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