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Living Among Us is a supernatural horror movie from 2018, directed by Brian A. Metcalf. The movie stars Thomas Ian Nicholas, William Sadler, and John Heard. The premise of the movie is a team of documentarians who visit a vampire family to document their daily lives. The movie takes an interesting angle on the classic vampire trope by portraying vampires as a family trying to live peacefully among humans.

The movie begins with a team of documentarians who set out to make a movie about a vampire family that lives among humans. The team is led by Mike (played by journalist and producer Mike Le), who introduces us to his team members, including Carrie (played by Jordan Hinson), Benny (played by Andrew Keegan), and Jonathon (played by Chad Todhunter). The team has been tasked with documenting the lives of a family of vampires, the Smiths, for a week.

The Smiths are relatively new to the area and have only recently moved in. The family's patriarch, Andrew (played by John Heard), is a charming and charismatic man who appears to be very accommodating to the film crew. His wife, Elleanor (played by Esmé Bianco), is somewhat of a recluse and prefers to stay hidden in her room. The Smiths' son, Blake (played by Thomas Ian Nicholas), is a hip and youthful vampire who is excited to share his family's story with the world. The family's doctor, Sam (played by William Sadler), acts as a mediator between the vampires and the humans.

The documentary crew sets up their equipment in the Smiths' home, and the family starts sharing their stories. As the days go by, the crew begins to notice strange behavior from some of the family members. They start to suspect that the family may not be all that they seem, and things take a dark turn when one of the crew goes missing.

The movie does an excellent job of portraying vampires as everyday people trying to coexist with humans. The family's desire to live peacefully among humans is limited by their need to feed on human blood. This need is one of the central themes of the movie, and it's quite interesting to see how it plays out. The movie tackles important questions like "what would it be like to live forever?" and "What is it like to live in a time where everyone you know and love has died?"

The performances in the movie are all top-notch. Thomas Ian Nicholas does an excellent job of portraying Blake, the family's son, who is eager to share his story with the world. John Heard is fantastic as Andrew, the charismatic family Patriarch who seems to be holding onto a secret. William Sadler's performance as Dr. Sam, the family's physician, is also notable, as he brings a sense of gravitas to the role.

The movie's pacing is generally good, and the story moves along at a nice clip. Although the movie is somewhat predictable, it still manages to keep the audience engaged and interested. The director also does a great job of creating tension and suspense, leading up to a satisfying conclusion.

The movie's visual effects are also impressive, with some excellent practical effects used to portray the vampires' powers and abilities. There are also some great shots of the vampire family hunting at night, which are both creepy and beautiful.

Overall, Living Among Us is a solid entry in the vampire genre, and it manages to bring something new to the table. The movie's portrayal of vampires as a family trying to coexist with humans is refreshing, and the performances are all top-notch. While the movie is somewhat predictable, it's still a very entertaining watch. If you're looking for a good vampire movie with a twist, Living Among Us is definitely worth checking out.

Living Among Us is a Thriller, Horror, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 87 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3..

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