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Boys from County Hell is a 2020 Irish horror-comedy film directed by Chris Baugh and written by Baugh and Brendan Mullin. The movie follows young Eugene Moffat (played by Jack Rowan), a disenchanted and frustrated citizen of a small Irish town called Six Mile Hill. Six Mile Hill has a dark and legendary history concerning the local vampire legend of Abhartach, a malevolent, bloodthirsty creature who terrorized and murdered the townspeople. However, Eugene is not interested in the town's vampire mythology or any other tales about "the struggling dead" surrounding him. Instead, he dreams of escaping his stifling hometown and pursuing his rock music career with his best friend, William.

However, one night, during one of their gigs in a nearby pub, Eugene and William meet a mysterious stranger with a murky past. The stranger, known only as "The Frenchman," piques Eugene's interests with his tales of the town's vampire legends, and they decide to bring him on their tour of the local vampire sites. Along with William's father, a hard-drinking farmer, and the town's drunken publican, they set out into the woods, heading towards Abhartach's supposed burial site.

Soon after, a gruesome accident occurs, and the group is forced to confront the fact that they may have accidentally unearthed the malevolent vampire instead of the local lore. As the vampire's reign of terror begins anew, Eugene and his friends must band together to save their town and their lives before it's too late.

The film presents a macabre and comedic vision of traditional Irish folklore with a contemporary twist, creating a unique blend of horror and comedy that is sure to delight audiences worldwide. The movie's overall aesthetic is heavily influenced by Irish folklore and culture, with grim, desolate landscapes, spooky nighttime settings, and a cast of endearing Irish characters. The witty writing and sharp dialogue make for a genuinely entertaining experience and a welcome addition to the horror-comedy genre.

Jack Rowan delivers a strong performance as the lead, Eugene Moffat, portraying a young man conflicted between his desire for escape and his loyalty to his friends and family. Louisa Harland, known for her role as Orla in Derry Girls, brings her trademark humor to the movie as Claire, one of the group's members. Nigel O'Neill is suitably gruff and endearing as the drunkard publican, Eamon.

However, the film's standout performance comes from Robert Nairne as the menacing and ferocious vampire Abhartach. Nairne's physicality and intensity bring the monster to life, imbuing him with a visceral power that makes him a formidable opponent for the hapless protagonists.

The film's score and cinematography create an eerie atmosphere that enhances the tension and suspense of the story, with the use of deep and substantial shadows immersing the viewer in the character's fear and dread. The practical makeup effects are also commendable, with a gritty realism that adds to the film's scare factor.

In conclusion, Boys from County Hell delivers an entertaining and bloody horror-comedy that pays homage to traditional Irish folklore while also updating it for a modern audience. It's a fun, genre-bending flick that offers plenty of laughs, chills, and thrills to horror fans and casual moviegoers alike.

Boys From County Hell is a Horror, Comedy movie released in 2021. It has a runtime of . Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 56.

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