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The Burbs is a 1989 American comedy film that stars Hollywood icon, Tom Hanks, alongside Bruce Dern, Carrie Fisher, and Rick Ducommun. The movie was directed by Joe Dante and written by Dana Olsen. It follows the story of a group of suburban neighbors who begin to suspect that their new, strange neighbors might be part of a murderous cult.

The setting of the film is in a quaint and peaceful suburban neighborhood, where the residents appear to have nothing else to do but obsess over each other's lives. Ray Peterson, played by Tom Hanks, takes time off from work and decides to spend his much-needed vacation relaxing at home. His restful plans soon come to an end when an enigmatic family, the Klopeks, move into the neighborhood.

The Klopeks immediately raise suspicion among the neighbors for their reclusive tendencies and strange behavior. These speculations are fueled further when their trash cans are removed from the curbside and they begin digging up their backyard in the middle of the night. Ray, convinced that something sinister is going on, decides to investigate along with his unenthusiastic buddies, Art Weingartner (Rick Ducommun) and Mark Rumsfield (Bruce Dern).

Together, they try to uncover the Klopek’s secrets, breaking into their property and spying on them from their own house, which often leads to comedic situations. Meanwhile, Ray's wife, Carol Peterson (Carrie Fisher), is trying to get him to focus on their own marriage and not interfere with their neighbor’s lives.

Throughout the film, the characters have to deal with various obstacles that stand in their way of discovering the truth about the Klopek family. The movie takes us on a wild, humorous journey where the neighbors become increasingly convinced that their neighbors are part of a sinister cult that is involved in dangerous and unscrupulous activities.

The Burbs is a slick, well-made film that is bolstered by an excellent cast. Tom Hanks delivers an outstanding performance as Ray Peterson, a man desperate for some drama and escape from the mundane routine of his neighborhood. Carrie Fisher is equally impressive as Carol, his assertive wife, who tries to keep her husband grounded and out of trouble. Bruce Dern is hilarious as Mark Rumsfield, a boisterous and paranoid veteran who takes pride in his military service and is convinced that the Klopeks are up to no good.

The supporting cast also deserves a mention for their excellent performances, particularly Corey Feldman who plays Ricky Butler, the Peterson's teenage neighbor who seems happy to stay out of the drama. Rick Ducommun provides hilarious comic relief as Art Weingartner, who is dragged into the neighborhood watch scheme against his will.

The Burbs explores some deeper themes such as paranoia, community, and morality. The film brilliantly explores how a group of people, once they become convinced that someone is a threat to their community, can come together and work towards removing that threat. It raises the question of whether this morally acceptable behavior or an act of vigilantism.

In conclusion, The Burbs is a must-see for anyone who enjoys a good comedy with a touch of suspense. It combines witty humor, slapstick comedy, and a captivating storyline to make an excellent and entertaining movie. The cast is exceptional, and the chemistry between them is infectious, making for an enjoyable and fun watch. With its eerie yet amusing storyline and great acting, it would come as no surprise if this cult classic remains a favorite among movie-goers for generations to come.

The Burbs is a Musical movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 2. Critics and viewers have rated it no reviews, with an IMDb score of undefined..

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