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Still Waters
When a clash between the radical Green Party and senior Dutch politicians over the building of a major new sea barrier leads to murder, Piet Van der Valk is set to investigate.

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The Ties that Bind
Van der Valk must resolve the bold murder of a former judge as he discovers a network of connections between Amsterdam's most prominent citizens and underground criminals.

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Proof of Life
Van der Valk must outwit the kidnappers of a prominent businessman and his son. Who was the ringleader of the crime?

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Van der Valk (Original) is a compelling crime drama series from PBS Masterpiece in 2020 that is a modern-day remake of the classic British detective series from the 1970s. The show brings to life the suspenseful narrative of Commissaris Van der Valk (played by Marc Warren), a street-smart and unapologetic Dutch detective who navigates the lively and historically rich landscape of Amsterdam to solve seemingly unconnected crimes. Van der Valk introduces audiences to a version of Amsterdam that is much more than its clichéd representation of canals, tulips, and windmills. It is a cosmopolitan metropolis with a diverse population, where crime and corruption emerge from every corner, in every faction - from the elite society to street-level hustlers. Our titular hero, Simon 'Piet' Van der Valk is a captivating figure with his intuitive skills, sharp wit, and endearing cynicism, taking viewers on a thrilling journey through the often complex and intricate world of crime-solving. Marc Warren's masterful portrayal of Van der Valk adds an intriguing mix of wit, intelligence, and cynicism that brings a unique charm to the show. His laid-back yet assertive persona often masks a deeply thoughtful mind that is constantly at work, dissecting crime scenes, and delving into the psyche of criminals. He is a hardened detective, intuitive and patient, a tenacious pursuer of justice who operates by his rules while pushing the boundaries of traditional policing. Offering Van der Valk assistance and professional camaraderie is a carefully selected team of colleagues - Inspector Lucienne Hassell (played by Maimie McCoy), Sergeant Brad de Vries (played by Elliot Barnes-Worrell), and Job Cloovers (played by Darrell D’Silva), the pathologist. Each member of the team brings key traits to the table, further enhancing the dynamic nature of the show and making teamwork a defining aspect of the series. Lucienne, fiercely resourceful and independent, has a strong working relationship with Van der Valk. Brad, on the other hand, is a young, ambitious police officer eager to prove his worth. Job, though often overlooked, is a critical component of the team, providing valuable insight into the most complicated crimes. At the heart of the series are the cases that Van der Valk and his team tackle. Each murder mystery in the series is a standalone narrative, which allows viewers to engage with an entirely new storyline in every episode. These crimes are complex, often linking back to historical events, art, politics, and the highest echelons of Amsterdam society. A significant aspect of these cases is the environment they occur in, with Amsterdam herself playing an essential role. The picturesque city serves as both the backdrop and the intertwining network connecting all the different elements of each crime. Adding further depth to the series is the wider narrative it explores. The show subtly delves into the personal lives of the characters, giving viewers a glimpse into Van der Valk’s solitude and his complicated relationship with the past. It provides insights into the contemporary Netherlands' socio-political landscape and cultural attitudes, adding layers of intrigue and provoking thought. The cinematography of Van der Valk is deserving of special mention. The city of Amsterdam is showcased in all its glory, with its vibrant and colourful cityscapes, enthralling canals, iconic architecture all beautifully captured, intensifying the visual appeal of the series. The series also boasts a remarkable music score, which enhances the mood and tension in every episode. In conclusion, Van der Valk is more than just a simple detective show; it's a complex, intelligently written, and beautifully shot series that presents a captivating blend of crime-solving, intriguing characters, and socio-political commentary. embodying everything that viewers love about classic British detective dramas while offering refreshing modern twists. The 2020 iteration of Van der Valk truly honors its original while elevating it to resonate with contemporary audiences worldwide. It's a must-watch for any fan of crime drama, and is guaranteed to keep you on your toes till the very end.

Van der Valk (Original) is a series categorized as a . Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 18 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

PBS Masterpiece
Barry Foster, Meg Davies
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