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Episode 6
Tae-sik untangles the mystery of the mental hospital -- but Sang-hun remains missing. Seo-hui confronts Jeong Yeong-mun about what he knew.

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Episode 5
Suspecting something is amiss at the mental hospital, the cops send Jeon Ho-gyu undercover. Seo-hui eavesdrops on Hong Min-guk and Dong-gu.

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Episode 4
Another grisly package surfaces. Tae-sik and his team suspect In Dong-gu is involved. Seo-hui tries to understand a bill that her party wants passed.

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Episode 3
When a factory worker he'd been trying to find turns up dead, Tae-sik investigates. Seo-hui forces herself through a tough campaign trail.

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Tae-sik and his team look into Sang-hun's disappearance -- and learn he and Seung-cheol were working on something together.

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Jo Tae-sik inspects an apparent suicide. After learning that Kim Seung-cheol died in a car accident, Kim Seo-hui can't get a hold of Jeong Sang-hun.

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The Lies Within is an enthralling South Korean television series that first premiered on OCN in 2019. This thriller drama series introduces viewers to a web of intricacies, secrets, and deception. Each episode peels another layer off its complex and intelligent narrative, leaving audiences grappling and yearning for the truth.

The plot of The Lies Within revolves around two main characters, Kim Seo-Hee and Jo Tae-Sik. Kim Seo-Hee, played by Lee Yoo-Young, is a woman who hails from a politically influential family. She shies away from her family's political endeavors and lives a simple life with her husband, who incidentally is a member of the National Assembly. Seo-Hee’s world turns upside down when her husband suspiciously vanishes following a horrific accident. Troubled by the prevailing ambiguity concerning her husband's eradication, she steps into the political arena, unwilling to remain a silent and grieving wife. Her sole ambition becomes uncovering the truth of her husband's disappearance, and she will stop at nothing to do so.

On the other hand, we have Jo Tae-Sik, a determined detective played by Lee Min-Ki who prefers working on trivial cases despite his remarkable prowess in solving complex ones. Coincidentally, he gets entangled in Seo-Hee's case, and this seemingly insignificant incident compels him to dive deeper into the savage realms of political deceit and corruption. Tae-Sik's character is laden with a tragic past that forces him to maintain a distance from violent cases. However, his involvement in this intriguing case changes his perspective and he finds a newfound purpose.

The Lies Within effectively demonstrates a power-play between the politically mighty and ordinary citizens, entwining it with personal narratives of loss, resilience, and truth-seeking. The show delves into the lesser exposed and darker side of political ascendancy and authoritative misuse of power while providing a gripping account of a woman's relentless quest for the truth and a detective's struggle against the injustices pervading society. The makers of the show succeed in asserting the unnerving reality that what appears on the surface often contradicts the truth concealed deep within.

From a technical standpoint, the series showcases meticulous and skilful direction, while the screenplay keeps you on your toes. The performances by the lead actors deserve recognition, as they beautifully communicate their characters' emotional turmoil while wrapping their reactions in layers of suspense. The combined effect of these elements is a gripping and tension-filled series that fully immerses viewers.

The Lies Within uses the technique of a slow-burn narrative interspersed with sudden suspenseful shocks, thereby holding the viewer's attention from beginning to end. Striking a balance between the harsh political realities of our society and the subtle yet meaningful exploration of its main characters' personal life, the series captures the essence of a true thriller that is both emotionally and mentally engaging.

The underlying theme that the truth is often masked by a web of lies is reinforced in every episode, with plot twists and turns that ultimately create an intricate maze, leaving viewers eager to solve the puzzle.

Aside from the main plot, the series also explores the human fear of confronting reality. It brings out the fact that we often choose to live a lie rather than face bitter truths. The series utilizes this existential premise to deepen the psychological underpinnings of its storyline.

The Lies Within is not just a regular crime detective series; it is a sincere attempt at teasing apart layers of human emotion and resilience set against the backdrop of heartrending events. It is a tacit observation on the prevalent corruption at the hands of the mighty and the compelling journey of those who dare to seek the truth.

To sum up, The Lies Within harmoniously blends mystery, politics, and personal drama to create a series that is sure to leave viewers on the edge of their seats. It exemplifies how people, driven by determination and courage, endeavour to unmask the lies woven by the deceptive play of power.

The Lies Within is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.1.

Lee Joon-hyuk, Yun Jong-seok, Kim Si-eun
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