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Episode 16
Back in the interrogation room with irrefutable evidence against him, Jin-u clams up. But Seon-jae knows how to provoke a confession out of him.

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Episode 15
Standing on the brink of death, Jae-i manages to make a deal with her captor, buying just a little more time for her father to come and rescue her.

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Episode 14
A small shift in the past changes the course of the future as Shin Jae-i recalls new memories. Jin-u is held in the interrogation room.

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Episode 13
Transported back to the 80s, Gwang-ho is unable to process the evidence for a DNA match. However, he's able to locate the sole survivor of the murders.

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Episode 12
While Gwang-ho tries to decrypt Ho-yeong's message, a medical examiner named Mok Jin-u enters his radar. Something is off-putting about him.

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Episode 11
Even when he’s caught red-handed, Jung Ho-yeong is unfazed and uncooperative. But Seon-jae is more determined than ever to break him.

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Episode 10
While the police pursue a suspect, the real killer lurks under their noses — and he's not happy that someone else is taking credit for his crimes.

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Episode 9
The stocking murderer returns with an evolved M.O. Seon-jae realizes that he may have unknowingly triggered the killer’s comeback.

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Episode 8
Having uncovered the truth behind their linked past, Kwang-ho and Seon-jae unite under a common goal. Kwang-ho learns of his family's whereabouts.

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Episode 7
Seon-jae grows suspicious of his partner when he discovers that another young detective named Kwang-ho has been found dead in the mountains.

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Episode 6
An identity thief tears apart the lives of her victims. As the case unfolds, it's revealed that she's after more than their credit card numbers.

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Episode 5
Gwang-ho and Seon-jae are dispatched to a crime scene when a sudden downpour traps them inside a rest stop. They suspect the killer is there too.

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Episode 4
When a young student is arrested for robbery, Gwang-ho’s old-school ideas — though initially frowned upon — move the investigation forward.

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Episode 3
Teamed up with Kim Seon-jae and an enigmatic criminology professor, Gwang-ho tries to identify the owner of the severed foot.

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Episode 2
Stranded in the future, Gwang-ho inadvertently assumes the identity of another officer with the same name. To be himself again, he needs to go back.

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Episode 1
The year is 1985. While chasing after a petty thief, Park Gwang-ho comes across an abandoned body that's been bound and gagged in stockings.

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Gripping and intense, the South Korean television series Tunnel from 2017 is a mesmerizing blend of crime, drama, mystery, and supernatural elements. Produced by Studio Dragon, and aired on the Orion Cinema Network (OCN), the show transcends the ideas of time and reality, spinning a captivating tale that compels viewers into a world where the past and present collide in unexpected ways.

Tunnel introduces us to Park Gwang-Ho, a diligent and dedicated detective in the Hwayang Police Station during the 1980s. His world turns upside down when he becomes embroiled in a serial murder case. The savage nature of the killings that terrorize his city leaves a heavy toll on Gwang-Ho, particularly as the murderer remains elusive despite his relentless efforts. The relentless pursuit of justice and his determination to catch the culprit soon propels him into a situation he could never have anticipated.

While in the midst of chasing the serial killer through a tunnel, Gwang-Ho experiences a surreal and inexplicable event. He emerges not in the same place he entered, but in the year 2017, thirty years into the future. In this baffling scenario, Gwang-Ho encounters a different world, one that runs on advanced technology and holds secrets even more complex than the world he left behind.

Dazed by his unforeseen circumstance, Gwang-Ho grapples to comprehend his reality. His singular focus remains, however, to catch the serial murderer. All the while, he stumbles upon startling revelations about the case that continue to evolve and complexify over time.

In this future world, Gwang-Ho crosses paths with Kim Sun-Jae, an elite detective known for his formidable investigative skills and excelling in criminal profiling. Hardened by a past tragedy, Sun-Jae is also passionately driven by the pursuit of justice. Yoon Jae-Hee, a criminal psychologist, also becomes part of their tangled lives. Her calm and collected demeanor, along with her sharp intellect, make her an essential asset in their investigations, complementing the detectives' abilities. The trio forms an unstable yet unyielding alliance as they navigate a labyrinth of tangled clues, deceit, and unexpected revelations.

The core narrative of Tunnel builds around the strange interplay of time, destiny, and justice. It explores Gwang-Ho's longing to return home, and his irking anxiety about the continued existence of the killer, who may have escaped punishment for the past thirty years. As Gwang-Ho grapples to understand his predicament, his profound determination to resolve the crime compels him to adjust to his new reality.

Though the series unravels within the framework of a crime procedural, its backbone is the enthralling concept of time travel. The unique narrative vehicle gives rise to compelling questions around fate, justice, retribution, and the nature of human evil. With time as an essential driver, the show never strays from its suspenseful undertone.

The complexity of the series isn't merely due to the plot's structural intricacies. Tunnel also offers well-rounded characters, each with distinct personalities, values, and motivations. Equally captivating are the evolving relationships between them. At its heart, it is as much a character-driven drama as it is a crime puzzler.

In terms of visual storytelling, Tunnel showcases a high degree of artistic and technical finesse in creating suspense-driven atmospherics. The show utilizes light, shadow, and vivid color schemes harmoniously, resulting in a consistent visual identity that enhances the narrative's emotional intensity.

Fundamentally, Tunnel is a riveting crime drama that successfully intertwines sci-fi elements with human emotions, complex character arcs, and thought-provoking thematic explorations. It promises an intriguing journey toward the resolution of not just a single case, but a series of interconnected events that span across time. The show remains unpredictable and gripping right till the end, rewarding viewers with plangent emotional moments, relentless suspense, and profound reflections on human morality. Its storytelling prowess exemplifies the finesse of South Korean television, a perfect blend of dramatic intensity balanced with narrative subtlety.

Tunnel is a series categorized as a cancelled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Choi Jin-Hyuk, Kang Suk-Won, Yoon Hyun-min
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