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EPisode 10
Mun-jo dares Jong-u to commit his first murder if he ever wants to see Ji-eun again. When Jong-u refuses, his bloodthirsty neighbor is dissatisfied.

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Episode 9
Suspecting that Kang Seok-yun's message is a cry for help, Jong-u goes back into Eden to pull him out. But Seok-yun nervously admits it was a joke.

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Episode 8
Mun-jo helps out Jong-u when he's arrested after a brawl. While the act of kindness intensifies Jong-u's fear, something violent stirs from within.

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Episode 7
Jong-u confides in a new neighbor, and they agree to look out for one another. So Jeong-hwa's investigation finally develops some leads.

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Episode 6
When Min Ji-eun stops by Eden alone, Jong-u rushes home with the police

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Episode 5
There's been an intruder. But before Jong-u is able to catch the person who broke into his room, Mun-jo pulls him aside to offer a word of advice.

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Episode 4
Something about Mun-jo and the mystery meat rests uneasily with Jong-u, causing his nightmares to worsen. Um Bok-sun's lies come to light.

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Episode 3
On the building rooftop, Jong-u meets Seo Mun-jo, who has taken a liking to him. They bond over their mutual interest in crime and art.

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Episode 2
Jong-u receives unwanted attention from his neighbors but none at all from his supervisor at work. Meanwhile, dead cats are found near Eden.

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Episode 1
Plain bad luck awaits Yoon Jong-u on his first day in the big city. He finds a cheap place to live and vows he will stay there only for a short while.

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Strangers from Hell is a gripping 2019 South Korean television series that aired on the OCN network. Originally a popular webcomic, the series was skillfully brought to life by director Lee Chang-hee and writer Jung Yi-do. Strangers from Hell features enchanting performances by Im Si-Wan, Lee Dong-Wook, Lee Jung-Eun, Oh Hye-Won and many others. The series captivates viewers, drawing them into an intense psychological drama punctuated with elements of horror and mystery. The storyline sees a young man named Yoon Jong-Woo, portrayed by the talented Im Si-Wan, move from his small hometown to bustling Seoul. He hopes to pass his civil service exam and dreams of a better life in the big city. However, his limited financial resources force him to take up residence in a low-cost dormitory named Eden Studio, which is steeped in an unsettling atmosphere. The series artfully tracks Yoon Jong-Woo's journey as he tries to adapt to his new life, all the while surrounded by strangers whose activities and intentions are unclear, and who, over time, seem increasingly sinister and disconcerting. Lee Dong-Wook portrays the character Seo Moon-Jo brilliantly: a stylish and charismatic dentist by day, and an enigmatic figure with hidden depths that are gradually revealed as the plot unfolds. Moon-Jo shows a peculiar interest in Jong-Woo, adding another layer to the tense and ominous atmosphere of Eden Studio. The antagonism between Lee Dong-Wook and Si-Wan Im's characters becomes one of the compelling aspects of the show. Adding to the dynamics of the series, Lee Jung-Eun, known for her role in the Oscar-winning film "Parasite," and Oh Hye-Won play critical roles as landlady Eom Bok-Soon and schoolgirl So Jung-Hwa respectively. They create a colorful array of characters with distinctive personalities, each more mysterious and terrifying than the last. The residents of Eden Studio soon begin to torment Jong-Woo, their eccentricities and ulterior motives overwhelming him and intensifying the pressure he's under as he prepares for his exam. Strangers from Hell also stands out visually, using a desaturated color palette to create a gloomy and eerie ambiance. The cinematography and set design enhances the storytelling, presenting the dormitory in a haunted, otherworldly light. It sets the tone for the characters' lives, adding on to the ominous and foreboding atmosphere of the narrative. The occasional break from this bleak color template in certain scenes heightens the sense of tension and suspense for the viewers. The series seamlessly blends these visual elements with a chilling soundtrack and strategic silence to create a memorable, spine-chilling viewing experience. The screenplay of Strangers from Hell does a fantastic job of slow-burning dread, with a build-up that keeps viewers hooked despite the minimal action sequences. It skillfully unravels the intensity and horror that lies beneath the veneer of the ordinary, challenging our sense of security and trust in the everyday. The series subtly draws out the horror that seeps into Jong-Woo’s life, coupling it with his psychological anguish. The overlapping layers of fear, trauma and mental distress create a nerve-wracking experience that expertly maintains the suspense throughout every episode. Strangers from Hell keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, captivated until the very end. It distinguishes itself from other thrill-demanding TV shows by focusing less on gore and more on psychological influence. It pushes on without cliches or unnecessary side plots, each episode serving to develop the storyline or the main characters further. The series does an outstanding job of creating a symphony of tension, dread, and mounting horror that lingers long after the end credits have rolled, embodying the spirit of true psychological horror. In conclusion, Strangers from Hell is an engaging psychological thriller with strong performances, unique visuals, and a compelling storyline, uncovering the darkness that might lurk beneath a seemingly commonplace setting. For any fans of the genre, this series is a sterling example of intelligent, psychological horror and stands as a testament to the creative potential within South Korean television.

Strangers From Hell is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

Im Si-wan, Lee Dong-wook, Ahn Eun-jin
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