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DAY 10
The house on Palmer Drive.

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Welcome to Eidolon.

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Marty and Earl have a chat. George makes chicken dinner. Henry and the girls come home.

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Henry goes for a walk. Betty visits George. Hazel visits Lucky. Henry makes a discovery.

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Lucky does Gracie's hair. Henry has a beer with a new friend. Ruby tries out. Betty phones a friend.

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Helen goes to work. The Emorys leave North Carolina.

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Lucky visits Helen. Henry gets good news. Ruby and Doris share a secret. Lucky meets Ella Mae.

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Henry surprises the girls. Lucky goes to Hazel's. Betty makes an impression. Lucky takes the bus.

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Henry goes to work. Ruby goes to school. Lucky and Gracie go to the hardware store. Lucky bakes a pie.

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Welcome to Compton.

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Them is a 2021 anthology horror series available on Amazon Prime Video. Developed by Little Marvin and produced by Lena Waithe's company, Hillman Grad Productions, the show vividly portrays an African American family's pursuit of the American Dream amidst the throes of extreme racial intimidation. The first season, titled "Them: Covenant," is set in the 1950s during the Great Migration, a time when many African American families migrated from the rural southern states to the rest of the United States. Centered on the Emorys, an upwardly mobile African American family from North Carolina, the series tracks their relocation to an all-white Los Angeles neighbourhood. The ten episodes explore their harrowing yard-by-yard fight against abject, unyielding racist hostility juxtaposed with supernatural occurrences. In the show, the Emory family consists of four members: the father, Henry, a WWII veteran with a traumatic past; the mother, Lucky, a spirited woman grappling with grief; and their two young daughters, Ruby and Gracie who are innocent draughts in this chilling war. The storyline unfolds as they move westward, leaving behind the racial segregation of the Jim Crow South, only to encounter an equally terrifying hostility in suburban California. With powerful storytelling, the series provides a chilling illustration of racial terror in the United States. The Emorys are not only dealing with the terror of racism from their white neighbours but also the horror of supernatural events that seem inexplicably tied to their new home. This amplification of real-world dread with supernatural elements embodies the stark reality of racial disparity and terror prevalent during that era. The series tends to break the barrier of traditional horror genres by including depictions of racial terror and microaggressions. It carefully demonstrates that one of the most frightening aspects of the series is not supernatural, but rather the deplorable racism that the Emorys endure every day. Consequently, it delves deeper beyond its genre, not quite horror, not quite a historical drama, but an unsettling amalgamation of both. Them is visually stunning with incredible set designs fitting perfectly into the 1950s era, while encompassing classic horror aesthetics like creepy basements, foggy nights, and desolate roads. It uses music and sound effects to great effect - from an eerie yet dramatic score to unnerving lullabies and the jarring contrast of sobering silence. The performances delivered by the whole cast, specifically Deborah Ayorinde and Ashley Thomas as Lucky and Henry Emory, are nothing short of exceptional. Displaying the terror, courage and fighting spirit necessary for survival against these menacing odds, they bring an extraordinary depth and nuance to their characters. Critics have collectively noted that the series is not an easy watch and can be unsettling. It is raw and provocative, attempting to reflect the unwhitewashed reality of racial hate and terror during the era. The creators have unapologetically put forth a work that confronts viewers with the uncomfortable truth about racial disparities that persist even today. In conclusion, Them, through its chilling narrative and powerful performances, brilliantly impresses upon the audience the real terror that racism poses. It is a haunting reflection of the African American experience in the 1950s, painting a frightful picture of how the quest for the American Dream can transform into a living nightmare. With its potent mix of horror and history, the series certainly provides a gripping viewing experience, designed to instigate crucial conversations while sending chills down your spine. However, the graphic content and intensity of the series might not appeal to everyone, therefore, viewer discretion is advised. Regardless of whether you're a fan of horror shows or historically-driven dramas, Them, it's an attempt to make an impactful statement about the past and present racial realities in America, making it essential viewing.

Them is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 10 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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