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The Perfect Shade Of Blue
Bride Toya is upstaged by her opinionated bridesmaids who head downstairs to shop for themselves instead of helping her! Bride Kayla is also downstairs looking for the perfect shade of blue - that may not even exist outside her wedding vision.

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Twelve Years In The Making
When Bride Chontelle's dream dress is no longer available, she'll need to come up with a new vision, or go home devastated. Bride Maddie is giving her bridesmaids the freedom to pick a dress they love, but prankster Tae has ideas of her own.

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Eleganza Dahling
Plus-size bride Lela has her heart set on a mermaid gown, but her mother insists that she'll only look good in a figure flattering ball gown. Bride Jocelyn wants her bridesmaids to wear a beachy mid-drift, but her bridal party is very against it.

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Y'all Are Trying To Please 11 Women
Kentucky grooms Justin & Bryant want their bridesmaids in completely different dresses, but what they think is a sophisticated wedding vision, looks more like a hot mess. Bride Christy hopes to wear a dress she bought 7 years ago.

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You're Fired!
Madi allows her bridesmaids to choose their own dresses, while Chasity one is having a hard time with her opinionated family. Meanwhile, Sarah's custom train is missing.

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Are They About To Fight?
Bride Jessica wants a revealing dress, but her conservative entourage has a different vision in mind. Bride Dominique's identical twin sister and MOH Monique demands a special bridesmaids dress that will stand out from the rest of the bridal party.

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Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta is a captivating reality television series brought to life by the producers behind learning-oriented networks such as Discovery and The Learning Channel (TLC). Premiering in 2010, this entertaining spin-off of Say Yes to the Dress continues the tradition of the original New York-based series, wherein brides-to-be embark on the rollercoaster ride of choosing the perfect wedding dress.

Set in the thriving metropolitan city of Atlanta, Georgia, the show takes us within the bustling confines of Bridals by Lori. This particularly upscale bridal salon is a dreamland for any bride-to-be, boasts an extensive collection of wedding dresses from globally acclaimed bridal designers. Each episode showcases multiple brides as they navigate through the tumultuous terrain of wedding dress shopping, loaded with decisions and fueled by emotions. The brides peruse the shop's collection, each hoping to find "the one" among thousands of beautiful gowns.

Each 30 minutes long episode is masterfully packed with drama, joy, and the occasional tear, bolstered by a fascinating mashup of distinct personalities that add flavor to the bridal experience. High-energy fashion director Monte Durham leads the team at Bridals by Lori, his flamboyant personality and exceptional eye for detail ensuring no dull moment in each viewing. Alongside him is the sagacious Lori Allen, the shop's owner, whose years of experience in the bridal industry give her an uncanny ability to guide every bride to her perfect dress.

The show's magic doesn't entirely lie in the dresses, beautiful as they may be; it's the deeply personal stories and experiences of the brides that make every episode captivating and unique. The brides come from all walks of life, with varied dreams for their wedding day and, of course, the all-important dress. From brides who wish for a traditional church wedding draped in lace and pearls to those that desire a beachfront ceremony in sleek chic dresses, each has different expectations and constraints that add layers to the unfolding drama.

As an inherent part of the drama are the customer's family and friends, who accompany the bride to the fitting. Their opinions, sometimes in direct contrast with the bride's choices, add an extra layer of tension and unpredictability to the show. They can influence the final dress choice, thus playing a significant role in the narrative of each episode.

Moreover, the tense relationship between the needs and wants of the brides, and the advice of the fashion-savvy staff and consulters drives the plot of the show. While the team at Bridal by Lori works hard to cater to the bride's demands, they also offer their expert guidance and provide alternative options that the bride might not have considered. This balancing act makes for engaging viewing as conflicts of opinion inevitably rise.

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta accurately captures the nuances involved in selecting a wedding dress ─ the quintessential garment that encapsulates the essence of a bride's personality, her aesthetic preferences, and, most importantly, her sentimentality. The show exhibits the transformational power of these dresses and the emotional attachment a bride can have with her chosen gown. It offers an intimate glimpse of that unforgettable instance of saying "yes" to that one dress out of many.

Once in a while, the show features a celebrity or a surprise element stepping in, an added dimension that keeps viewers hooked, queued to expect the unexpected. The backstage drama, the budget constraints, the coveted designer releases, and the tear-jerking personal backstories further heighten the excitement and unpredictability, keeping viewers glued to the screen episode after episode.

In essence, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta is a multi-layered reality show filled with tears, smiles, uncertainty, and inevitably jubilant resolutions. It gives viewers a front-row seat to the emotional rollercoaster that is the bridal dress shopping experience, capturing real-life human interest stories that have propelled the Say Yes to the Dress franchise's enduring popularity.

Whether you are a bride-to-be, a fan of fashion, or a regular viewer who enjoys reality TV with a generous helping of dressing-room drama, Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta is a delightful romp through the triumphs and trials of the bridal gown shopping experience ─ the thrill of the search, the joy of discovery, and the elation of saying "yes."

Say Yes to the Dress: Atlanta is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 11 seasons with a total of 179 episodes, the show debuted on 2010. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 5.7.

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