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Ultimate Birdhouse Playhouse
Actor and model Ali Landry hires Charmed to build her family's dream playhouse. Ali wants it chic and elegant, yet fun for the kids, and inspired by...

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Welcome to the Jungle
When Tyson and Audy get a request for an adventure playhouse, they envision a towering jungle fortress with climbing features and secret passages. But an accident puts a core crew member out of commission.

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Ghost Train Playhouse
A never-sold playhouse is transformed into a crooked mansion with a haunted train slamming into it, but the details and the price are almost as terrifying as the finished product.

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Playhouse to the Stars
Actress Alana de la Garza hopes to promote her kids' fondness of science with an observatory playhouse.

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Playhouses in Neverland
A Neverland-theme job must hold to a tight deadline to create three playhouses that include a pirate ship, a Victorian town home and a Lost Boys tree house that includes a zip line.

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Fairytale Castle Playhouse
Major League Baseball's Ryan Zimmerman orders a huge Storybook Princess Castle, complete with dragon, dance floor, and magic wand dressing room.

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Pony Stable Playhouse for the Currys
Tyson and Audy Leavitt build a pony stable playhouse for their biggest client yet- NBA MVP Stephen Curry and his family.

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Playhouse Masters was an appealing and lively show aired on TLC in 2016 that masterfully combined the charm of creative playhouse designs with the intricate craftsmanship involved in their creation, featuring, at the heart of it all, a delightful husband-and-wife duo who bring children's dream playhouses to life. American audiences found the show a refreshing and unique TV production that appealed to the child in everyone, irrespective of their age.

The reality series placed Tyson and Audy Leavitt in the center of its show, a couple running their business Charmed Playhouses. Tyson's background in landscaping paired with Audy's design experience and natural artistic flair made them a formidable team capable of creating some of the most unique, spectacularly detailed themed playhouses imaginable. They were also parents themselves, which further deepened their understanding of children's imaginative inclinations and the magical allure that well-crafted, thoughtfully planned playhouses had for their young clientele.

The show was an interesting mix of reality television, DIY renovation, and extravagant reveal moments typically characterized by shouted exclamations of delight from the lucky children receiving the custom designed playhouses. From regulators in action to family dynamics, Playhouse Masters chronicled how Tyson and Audy built their business from the ground up, while juggling the responsibilities of family life and demanding clients. Audiences got to peek into the humans behind the masterpieces, their processes, their ups and downs, and how they managed to pull off some seriously incredible projects.

Each episode of Playhouse Masters would typically involve the planning, construction, and presentation of one or more dream projects. For the little patrons, these were not just any playhouses, but miniature architectural marvels tailored to their each and every whim which took on the form of fairytale castles, pirate ships, woodland cottages, and much more, complete with all the bells and whistles.

Tyson, with his genius for interpreting children's wishes into feasible, tangible designs, and his team of expert craftsmen, skillfully put together often complex, multifaceted projects, while Audy, with her knack for capturing the childlike wonder engaged in decorating the interiors of the playhouses. She was famed for her ability to visualize spaces that encourage imaginative play, while also reflecting the individual personality of each young client.

The duo catered to a wide range of customers, some with more familiar, distinctly popular themes, while others leaned toward more individualistic, creative designs. They used interesting customer profiling and brainstorming sessions called 'Charmed Consultations' to understand the child's outlook and dreams, which helped in creating designs that the little ones would love. After these deeply engaging consultations, the couple set off to their workshop to start bringing the dream playhouses to life.

Moreover, aside from the ordinary, everyday clients, Playhouse Masters also featured a lineup of celebrity clients, adding an extra dose of glamour and intrigue to the mix. Several renowned figures placed their orders for luxurious, opulent playhouses for their children, allowing viewers an inside look into the lives of these stars while also offering a synopsis of the Leavitt's skills to create extravagant, awe-inspiring designs.

As would typically be expected of a reality show, Playhouse Masters also showed the occasional tiffs, disagreements, and the inevitable pressures and expectations of creating such intricate designs within set deadlines. More than a home renovation show, it was an unfolding story of a family-business with a unique product line that not only brought satisfaction to the creators but joy and amusement to the young recipients of their work.

In summary, Playhouse Masters offered a whimsical path into magical world of playhouses, an interesting account of the business of creating dream playhouses, and an insight into the Leavitt's lives in a warm, relatable and entertaining fashion. It was a wonderful mix of family, creation, and imagination, proving to be a delightful addition to TLC's array of reality shows.

Playhouse Masters is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers..

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