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My Foot Looks Like Parmesan Cheese!
A teen with the worst case of webbed toes Dr. Ebonie has seen, a woman with growths so aggressive they could cut off her toes, and a woman with a callus the size of a block of parmesan cheese put the doctors in uncharted territory.

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Horror Movie Bunion
Dr. Ebonie faces a bunion that looks like something from a horror movie. Dr. Brad helps a skateboarder with huge masses on the bottom of his foot that make it impossible to keep at his dream. Dr. Sarah treats a bad case of fungus and disfigured toenails.

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Beastly Feet!
A devoted husband hopes Dr. Sarah can rid his feet of fungus and save his marriage. What Dr. Brad's patient thinks is just a giant wart could be something much more dangerous. A woman with webbed toes and low self-esteem seeks Dr. Ebonie's help.

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Alien Brain Toe
Dr. Ebonie removes an "alien brain" growing out of a cancer-survivor's toe. Dr. Sarah reconstructs a woman's twisted and dislocated toes. Dr. Brad takes a scalpel to a massive heel growth, but the patient refuses to take numbing shots.

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Fix My Twisty Toes!
A woman who has had 25 failed surgeries and is left with twisted toes hopes that her 26th surgery -- this time by Dr. Ebonie -- will be the cure-all.

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Horse Heels
The doctors take on a man with a hole-y mystery, a dancer with towering toenails who brings his pampered pooch to his appointment, and a woman who is so desperate she's resorted to wrapping her feet in medical tape used by veterinarians on injured horses.

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Monstrous Mystery Growth
A man with a monstrous mystery growing on his foot, a young woman whose foot looks like a hand, and a woman with feet as hard as stone give the doctors some big problems to solve.

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A Smell From Hell
Dr. Brad removes growths like horns coming out of a woman's feet. Dr. Sarah treats three sisters and their six fungus feet. Dr. Ebonie helps a woman who hasn't seen her foot in almost two years -- it's anyone's guess what is underneath the surgical boot.

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Hammerhead Foot
A man with a foot shaped like a hammerhead shark is one of the worst cases Dr. Brad has ever seen. A man who has never scrubbed his feet shocks Dr. Ebonie. Dr. Sarah removes a bizarre growth that looks like a worm growing out of a woman's toe.

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My Thumb Is a Toe!
A woman who walked on a broken leg for 10 years is Dr. Ebonie's most difficult surgery yet. Dr. Brad moves to NYC, and his first patient is a runner with bunions the size of golf balls. Dr. Sarah shakes the hand of a man with a big toe for a thumb.

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My Feet Are Killing Me is a riveting and educational reality television series on TLC that debuted in 2020. This innovative series takes viewers into the challenging, yet fascinating world of podiatry, shedding light on extreme foot conditions and the surgeries designed to correct them. The series offers an intimate look into the lives of patients afflicted with severe foot disorders and the skilled medical practitioners who are devoted to helping them regain not just mobility, but a sense of normality in their lives.

The works of the two primary physicians, Dr. Bradley Schaeffer and Dr. Ebonie Vincent, are central to My Feet Are Killing Me. Both are gifted, tenacious podiatrists who are not daunted by the grotesque, and are deeply committed to their craft. With their highly specialized skills, they tackle some of the most shocking foot issues ranging from massive fungus infestations and foot reconstructions to bunions and warts, making an immense difference in the lives of their patients.

For a surprising number of people, foot problems are a daily issue that goes beyond simple inconvenience — they are hindrances to their quality of life. The series positions itself as more than just a showcase of unusual medical conditions. Instead, it treats each patient's story with respect and compassion, humanizing the individual behind the ailment. It explores how these severe foot disorders affect their daily activities, professional careers, self-esteem and social interactions. The show’s ultimate objective is healing — whether it is physical, emotional, or both, to help the patients regain their lives.

The practice of podiatry can often be dismissed as mundane or repetitive; however, the series triumphantly displays the that this is far from the truth. Throughout the episodes, viewers get to experience the daily grind and challenges that these dedicated doctors face. Beyond their commitment to their profession, it’s also the compassionate sides of Dr. Schaeffer and Dr. Vincent that are revealed, allowing viewers to engage with the series on an emotional level.

My Feet Are Killing Me blends the best elements of reality television and documentary filmmaking, establishing itself as a medical documentary series that both educates and entertains. The series avoids falling into the trap of exploiting the “shock value” of the conditions being treated. Instead, it opts to focus on the medical facts and procedures, the impact of these conditions on the patients' lives, and the road to their recovery - all done with a sensitive and respectful manner.

Subplots are integrated meticulously in the series, introducing viewers to the patients' families and loved ones and providing context for the patients’ journey, thereby driving a more in-depth understanding of their unique circumstances.

Each episode builds up to the main event: the foot surgeries, showing just how challenging and complex podiatry can be. The interventions are shot in great detail, but the show is mindful to present these medical procedures with tactful editing, keeping the squeamish viewer in mind. Post-operation, viewers are introduced to the healing process, the impact of the surgery on patients' lives, showing the actual difference the intervention makes, making the series endearing.

Beyond the screen, My Feet Are Killing Me has a significant influence on triggering discussions about foot health – a topic often shied away from, despite its impact on overall health and quality of life. The series transcends the typical expectations of a reality show by striking a balance between entertainment, empathy, education, paving the road for a deeper understanding and appreciation of the work done by podiatrists.

In conclusion, My Feet Are Killing Me is a unique foray into a less-explored medical domain with real-life stories of patients distressed by foot complications. It is an engaging series that combines the intrigue of medical conditions, the honesty of human stories, the high stakes and success of intricate surgeries, and the fulfillment of seeing lives positively transformed. Whether you're a fan of medical reality television, or simply intrigued by human resilience and the marvels of modern medicine, My Feet Are Killing Me is a series that will keep you captivated.

My Feet Are Killing Me is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 40 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.9.

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How can I watch My Feet Are Killing Me online? My Feet Are Killing Me is available on TLC with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch My Feet Are Killing Me on demand at Amazon Prime, Max, Discovery+, Philo, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play, Microsoft Movies & TV, Vudu, TLC online.

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