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After The Fireworks
Kate's ex-boyfriend reveals some shocking information that could potentially end things with Ben, and Connie and Larry's fake date takes ends up being very real.

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Tiffany's decision to leave New York because of her divorce forces Connie to look for a new job and means that Larry finally has a chance with his dream girl.

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The Secret Life Of Larry
When Larry loses Connie's camera, they retrace his footsteps. Ironically, she makes a startling discovery about Larry.

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The Young And The Reckless
When Ben and Kate become concerned that they're not fun enough for the other, a spontaneous outing turns out to be disastrous.

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Pub Quiz
An obnoxious client forces Ben and Larry to prove themselves before he gives them his business.

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Paw & Order
Larry continues to interrupt Connie's dates with Officer Barrett in an attempt to get out of a traffic ticket. Meanwhile, Kate accidentally loses her boss's dog.

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Baby, You Can Drive My Car
Ben reveals his true feelings for Kate while she's driving the car that he is trying to sell. She ends up crashing it and then forces everyone to stay in the same room for the night.

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The Spy Who Loved Me
Kate uses the building's security cameras to spy on Ben when he's forced to work late nights with his ex-girlfriend.

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To Munsch or Not to Munsch
Ben tries to bond with Connie by helping her at her nanny job.

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Little Sister, Big City
Julia, Kate's little sister, visits New York for the first time and Kate has a difficult time remembering that Julia is not a little kid anymore.

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The Kate Gatsby
Ben's bad advice for Kate could potentially ruin her friendship with Connie, who happens to be planning a surprise birthday party for her.

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Friends and Other Obstacles
Ben and Kate's first official date is splattered with romantic obstacles, most notably Larry and Connie.

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In the series premiere of Mad Love, when Ben Parr and Kate Swanson accidentally meet at the top of the Empire State Building, they decide to make plans to go out later that evening.

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Mad Love is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from February 14 to May 16 in 2011. The show, set in the buzzing heart of New York City drew viewers into the lives of a quartet of friends navigating the unpredictable terrains of love, friendship and everything in-between. Central to the series is the character of Ben Parr, portrayed by Jason Biggs, who is known for his roles in popular franchises like 'American Pie.' Ben is an affable and somewhat earnest character, whose warmth and charm quickly strike a chord with Kate Swanson, playfully brought to life by Sarah Chalke. Sarah is well-known for her roles in the hit series 'Scrubs' and 'Roseanne' and in Mad Love, her portrayal of the conscientious and career-driven Kate was widely appreciated. The narrative unfolds as the straightforward love story between Ben and Kate who, after meeting randomly atop the Empire State Building, proceed to date and subsequently fall in love. However, the main arc is supportively peppered with a helpings of comedy, thanks to the refreshing dynamic between their respective best friends: the cynical Connie Grabowski (Judy Greer) and easy-going Larry Munsch (Tyler Labine) Judy Greer, renowned for her roles in '13 Going on 30' and 'Ant-Man' portrays Connie, a no-nonsense lawyer who's as sharp with her wit as she is with her legal expertise. Tyler Labine, a recognizable face from shows like 'Reaper' and 'Deadbeat', delivers interesting moments as Larry, a straight-talking, down-to-earth bloke who often finds himself as the voice of reason amongst the group. As best friends to the newly enamored couple, Connie and Larry bring in a lively contrast to the romantic proceedings, creating a fine balance between sentiment and charm, between a light-hearted romp and insightful human experience. Mad Love expertly captures the vibrant spirit and heartbeat of the city, taking viewers on a journey through a refreshingly modern love story. The show's narrative delicately portrays the highs and lows of relationships, the magic of falling in love, and the often hilarious challenges entailed in maintaining those relationships. The show is as much about friendship as it is about love, and the camaraderie between the main characters provides a welcomingly warm backdrop to the proceedings. Each episode explores different facets of their daily lives - from work-related challenges, social encounters, personal dilemmas to the unavoidable rifts and reconciliations. All four leads deliver strong performances, fleshing out their characters with depth and authenticity and ensuring that their character's arcs compliment each other, making their collective dynamic one of Mad Love's strongest uniquely endearing attributes. Yet, Mad Love is not all rosy, it doesn’t steer away from depicting the occasional bumps and potholes on the road to companionship. Through the course of the show, Ben and Kate’s relationship is tested by a variety of obstacles - personal baggage, parental interventions, career choices, and more. Parallelly, the off-beat, somewhat quirky relationship between Larry and Connie takes flight, bringing in a different dimension to the narrative. Visually, the show’s director made commendable use of the New York setting, reflecting well on the city's ever-present energy. From the bustling streets, the cozy apartments, local hangouts, to the iconic skyline, New York serves as more than just a backdrop to the story, it almost feels like a character unto itself, linking their stories in its unique embrace. Skillfully written by Matt Tarses, who worked for other notable sitcoms like 'Scrubs' and 'Sports Night', Mad Love is a tantalizing cocktail of humor, love, life lessons and the age-old quest for happiness. Tarses ensures that while every episode carries the central thread of the narrative forward, it also stands out with a unique scenario or theme, making it much more than just a linear progression of events. In summary, Mad Love, with its delightful mix of romance, comedy, and a dash of drama, provided audiences with a unique take on the classic tale of modern love and companionship. With its charming characters, praiseworthy performances, and a narrative that beautifully captures the essence of human relationships, 'Mad Love' was a show that succeeded in engaging audiences, making them laugh, and most importantly, making them feel an authentic connection to the characters and their stories.

Mad Love is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.5.

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