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Episode 8
As the series races to a climax, who will emerge as winner in the battle for control of London?

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Episode 7
In a thrilling penultimate episode, Elliot goes after those who have wronged him, but when his plan unravels, we see what Elliot is truly capable of.

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Episode 6
With battle lines redrawn, Asif makes a ruthless business deal that brings him face to face with his nemesis Lale and a dark game of cat and mouse begins. Marian fights to secure the future of the Wallaces.

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Episode 5
The pieces fall into place for Elliot as he tries to free himself of the Investors once and for all, but manoeuvres elsewhere threaten to derail him.

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Episode 4
As Luan faces a desperate race against time, Ed starts to question where his own loyalties lie, and events reach an explosive climax.

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Episode 3
Marian finds herself forced to reconsider everything she has built over the last year when new allegiances clash with the old. Meanwhile Lale is hiding in plain sight in London, and Koba launches a terrifying helicopter attack on his enemies.

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Episode 2
Billy Wallace is lured back to London to seek revenge on Elliot, but can he go through with it? Meanwhile, pressure mounts on Koba as more of his associates are killed and he tightens the screws to stamp out rebellion.

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Episode 1
One year after the death of Sean Wallace, the map of London has been redrawn and there is a new brutal ruling force in power. But with a rebellion brewing, who will win the battle for London's soul?

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Gangs of London is a gritty, adrenaline-pumping, and riveting crime drama series that premiered on the AMC+ network in 2020. Hailing from the creative prowess of Welsh film director Gareth Evans, known for his work in action-thriller cinemas such as "The Raid" film series, this series promises high-caliber, bone-crunching action sequences, meticulously woven within an urban tapestry of organized crime, power struggles, and loyalty tests. Set in the heart of the United Kingdom's capital city, Gangs of London dives headfirst into the city's underbelly, presenting a darker depiction far removed from the city's conventional image. At the heart of the series is the question of power dynamics in London's criminal underworld, where diverse international gangs are interconnected through a web of power sharing, business partnerships, and mutual interests. The series gets its inciting incident with the sudden death of Finn Wallace, the head of the most powerful crime family in London. His abrupt departure from the scene leaves a substantial power vacuum in the city's criminal landscape. Finn's death sparks a ripple effect through the machinery of London's criminal underworld. It prompts a scramble for power, a desperate struggle for survival, throws alliances into question and brings buried secrets into the light. It becomes swiftly apparent that Finn's absence may mandate a grim reshuffling of the city's power pyramid. The central character, Sean Wallace, Finn's impulsive yet astute son, takes up the reins of his father's criminal empire, despite his underlying emotional turmoil. Striving to maintain order, Sean embarks on a relentless quest to avenge his father's murder and identify the conspirators involved, setting off an explosive sequence of events that reverberates through the city's gangland. Gangs of London also houses an ensemble of characters whose lives are caught in the chaotic whirlwind of the power shift. Different factions represented include Irish Travellers, Pakistani drug cartels, Albanian mafias, and even Welsh gypsies, each adding unique flavor and diversity to the narrative. With the common thread of survival tying them together, these character's stories are expertly woven in the overall narrative. Gareth Evans brings his signature blend of blood-pumping action sequences and explicit violence to effectively communicate the menacing reality of organized crime. From close-quarters combat to elaborate set pieces, the series doesn't shy away from showcasing brutality, underlining the precarious life and uncompromising nature of the world the characters inhabit. This isn't just a story of gangsters wielding firearms; it's a gritty tale of survival, authority, and ramifications. Yet, despite its focus on violence, the series does an exceptional job of telling a deeply human story, allowing the audience to understand and sometimes even sympathize with its characters. The series stands apart with its cinematic aesthetics and high-production value. The vivid cinematography breathes life into the cityscape of London, transforming it into a haunting character that silently bears witness to the unfurling actions. The production design and lighting, too, lend themselves significantly to the foreboding ambiance of the series, enhancing the narrative's gripping nature. Additionally, the series benefits from outstanding performances from its multi-talented international cast. The actors successfully embody their characters, bringing depth and believability to their roles. This enables the audience to invest heavily in the plot, whether they're witnessing a tense standoff or an emotional dialogue exchange. Gangs of London is a series that fans of crime thrillers and action dramas will relish, with its strategic balance of tension, action, complex characters, and dramatic plot. Its innovative storytelling, spectacular visuals, and dynamic character development set it apart in an overcrowded genre, underlining why it's one of the most talked-about series of the year. True to its name, Gangs of London offers a vivid insight into the intricate workings of London's gangs and the ruthless struggle for power within them. A must-watch for those seeking a thrilling immersion into the world of organized crime, delivered with aplomb and cinematic excellence.

Gangs of London is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 19 episodes, the show debuted on 2020. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.0.

Joe Cole, Sope Dirisu, Michelle Fairley
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