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The Other Side
Trotz Verletzung schafft es Hoffmann zum vereinbarten Treffpunkt. Um die Goldblatts vor dem Abtransport zu retten, setzt Margot ihren riskanten Plan in die Tat um.

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Head to Head
Wrangel catches up with Johannes, leading to a dramatic showdown out in the Atlantic. Hoffmann shows up at Cassandra's place.

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Decision Time
Auf dem Meer haben Wrangel und von Reinhartz mit ihren Mannschaften zu k

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Shoot to Kill
Wrangel hat U-822 endlich in Sichtweite und fordert nun seinen M

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The Die Is Cast
Um die Stimmung an Bord zu heben, l

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Tensions build beneath the ocean as Wrangel continues his pursuit of U-822. In New York, Sam takes drastic measures.

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Uneasy Alliances
Wrangel beginnt, seinen Rivalen Reinhartz mit U-612 zu verfolgen. In New York erh

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Exit Strategies
Dezember 1942: U-Boot-Kapit

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Das Boot from Sky Deutschland, first premiered in 2018, is a formidable sequel of the iconic 1981 film and the novel written by Lothar-Günther Buchheim. This gripping German television series, produced by Bavaria Fiction, who ambitiously undertook the task to build upon the original film, has successfully managed to take the icy dread of submarine warfare and the horrors of World War II to a new level. The series blend elements of war, naval strategy, and personal drama seamlessly ensuring a spectrum of emotions for its viewers. The plot of Das Boot is set in the autumn of 1942 in the backdrop of the then bustling French coastal town of La Rochelle, which is occupied by the German U-boat fleet. The narrative weaves together two parallel storylines, one set on a U-boat and the other in the Resistance of the French port town. The convergence of these two plotlines creates this high-intensity series filled with suspense, hope, and despair against the setting of World War II. The first storyline shows the gruesome war at sea through the perspective of the young, inexperienced submarine crew, led by the recently graduated and stern middle-aged captain Klaus Hoffmann, played by Rick Okon. The crew embarks on a secret mission with their newly developed U-612 submarine. The harrowing life inside the U-Boat depicts the high tension and suffocating claustrophobia endured by the crew as they grapple with the savage and unforgiving North Atlantic, as well as their damaging effects on the minds and bodies of the young men aboard. The series offers a bleak image of how war affects youth and innocence. Surrounding Hoffmann are various crew members, such as the conflicted mechanic, Hinrich Laudrup, and the ambitious officer, Robert Ehrenberg, who all deal with their own personal conflicts, turning the U-boat into a roiling cauldron of competing personalities and ideologies. Nevertheless, the crew forms an uneasy camaraderie born of their shared struggle against a common enemy. The second storyline introduces a narrative on land, constructing a web of espionage and intrigues in La Rochelle. Here, we encounter Simone Strasser, played by Vicky Krieps, a translator ensnared in the dark and dangerous world of the Resistance. Simone's initial excitement about being transferred to La Rochelle from Germany takes a drastic turn as she finds herself torn between loyalty to her home country, represented by her brother and her love interest, and empathy for the oppressed French citizens. This shift in her loyalty deepens the turmoil and stakes that the people onshore face, offering another lens into the effects of war. The series beautifully renders the drama and tension with a visually arresting cinematography. The claustrophobic confines of the U-boat contrast against the wide, oppressive nature of the Atlantic ocean. The dimly lit, grim interiors of the submarine, the strained faces of the sailors, and the fear-filled and distrustful atmosphere in La Rochelle, all fuel the suspense-filled narrative of the series, carrying the legacies of the original film and novel. The portrayal of characters is sincere and realistic as they are all morally complex figures caught amid the chaos of war. The series doesn’t shy away from portraying the sinister aspects of Nazi ideology and the grave consequences of war, both for the occupiers and the occupied. It underscores the human cost of warfare by presenting nuanced portraits of ordinary individuals twisted and transformed by extraordinary circumstances. Das Boot is a deep dive into the harsh realities of World War II, from the perspective of the sea and the shore. Its fascinating narrative and detailed character development offer a fresh perspective on one of history's darkest periods, amusing the history buffs and war aficionados alike. While presenting a chilling portrait of sub-aquatic warfare and its perilous stakes, the show also underscores the human drama and the wide-ranging consequences of war. By skillfully threading suspense, tension, and emotion, Das Boot stands as a brilliant testament to war’s paralyzing psychological stranglehold and a worthy successor to the original film and novel.

Das Boot is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 16 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.5.

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Franz Dinda, Tom Wlaschiha, Rick Okon
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