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Children of Ukraine
FRONTLINE examines how thousands of Ukrainian children have been taken and held in Russian-controlled territory since Russia's 2022 invasion of Ukraine. The documentary follows Ukrainian families searching for their missing children, organizations investigating the alleged abductions and Ukrainian teenagers who escaped and say they were subjected to Russian propaganda.

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Boeing's Fatal Flaw
In collaboration with The New York Times, a new investigation into the design, oversight and production of Boeing's 737 Max jet, years after two crashes killed 346 people. An update of the investigation originally aired in 2021.

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Democracy on Trial
A look at the roots of the criminal cases against Donald Trump arising from his 2020 election loss.

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Israel's Second Front
An investigation into militants in the West Bank and Lebanon, their ties to Iran and their role in the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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Frontline is an acclaimed American television program that has been broadcast on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) since 1983. Renowned for its dedication to in-depth, hard-hitting journalism, Frontline consistently delivers thought-provoking, insightful documentaries on a wide range of topics. The program stands atop the field of investigative journalism, taking on complex, intricate, and often controversial subjects with integrity and grit, forcing critics, scholars, and audiences to pay attention and to engage in the thought-inducing discourse it ignites. The backbone of Frontline is its commitment to investigative reporting. Each episode constructively dissects a single topic, exploring it from multifarious vantage points and providing viewers with detailed, comprehensive, and nuanced understandings of the subject at hand. The issues tackled can range from domestic challenges such as poverty, race, politics, criminal justice, and healthcare, to international stories covering war and peace, human rights, and even global pandemics. What sets Frontline apart is its dedication to journalistic independence and integrity. The program does not shy away from uncovering bitter truths, examining controversial issues, or holding the powerful accountable. In fact, throughout its history, Frontline has tackled some of the most significant issues of our time, often sparking national and international conversations. Each installment of Frontline meticulously blends personal narratives with inquisitive and rigorous investigative reporting, achieving a compelling fusion of the emotive human tale and hard-hitting reportage. The use of gripping first-person interviews from those with direct experience of the issues discussed helps supplement the broader overview provided by the expert analysis. This approach allows viewers to understand the abstract, far-removed consequences of policy decisions, societal prejudices, or global affairs on people’s everyday lives. Also contributing to the allure of Frontline is its top-notch production values. From the quality of its camera work to its impeccable editing, the effective use of evocative music scores, and its high-quality graphic elements, each episode is visually and audibly engaging. These elements, in combination with the show's premium research and journalistic excellence, make for visually stunning and intellectually stimulating viewing. Frontline does not follow a star-studded cast or recurring characters. Instead, the host, narrator or reporter changes on a per episode basis. This is in alignment with the show's documentary format where each episode tells a standalone story. The prominence is always on the subject matter rather than the presenter, heightening the importance of the issues being explored. Frontline also distinguishes itself through its commitment to journalistic objectivity. The show places high importance on providing balanced reportage, seeking inputs from multiple sources and perspectives. Care is taken to avoid siding with any political agenda, thereby exemplifying journalistic fairness. Thus, viewers can find a reasonable and balanced representation of each topic, free from manipulation or bias. The series has been rewarded for its excellence with multiple Emmy Awards and Peabody Awards. Indeed, it has been recognized as one of the most respected investigative documentary series on television, praised for maintaining its journalistic integrity and resilience in the face of continuing changes in the television industry. In essence, while the medium of television allows for various forms of entertainment, few programs elevate the audience's consciousness to the extent that Frontline does. It strikes a balance between addressing issues relevant to contemporary times and capturing narratives that evoke empathy and provoke thought, inviting viewers to be active participants in understanding the complicated world in which we live. The decades-long run of Frontline on PBS stands testament to its timeless appeal. It is a masterclass in long-form journalism that combines compelling storytelling with insightful commentary. This trusted source of comprehensive reporting will continue to resonate with viewers for years to come, long after an episode airs. Frontline remains a keystone of public television, respected and revered in the realm of broadcast journalism, and it sets the standard for excellence in the field, pioneering a pathway that many aspire to follow. So, whether you’re a fan of investigative journalism, committed to understanding the complexities of the world, or simply love great storytelling, Frontline is a must-watch series of epic proportions.

Frontline is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 43 seasons with a total of 813 episodes, the show debuted on 1983. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.6.

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