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Episode 12 : Arthdal Chronicles
Eunseom and the Ago Union finally advance to Arthdal! Tagon fights them! Who will take over Arthdal?

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Episode 11 : Heroines
Tanya who wants to change Arthdal's owner and Taealha who wants to protect Arthdal fight.

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Episode 10 : Whirlwind Fire
Eunseom's Ago Union and Tagon's Arthdal have the final battle in the Arth Forest.

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Episode 9 : Remember My Face
The day of Tagon and Eunseom's battle comes. Tagon faces a shocking truth.

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Episode 8 : The Strongest Creature in the World
They need to stop Tagon. A brutal night falls on Arthdal. Eunseom advances close to Arthdal.

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Episode 7 : Ikomahis
Eunseom finds an unexpected breakthrough in despair. Saya's plan envelops Arthdal in fear.

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The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land: Episode 6

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The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land: Episode 5

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The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land: Episode 4

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The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land: Episode 3

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The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land: Episode 2

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The Sky Turning Inside Out, Rising Land: Episode 1

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At the convergence of fantasy, mythology, and history sits Arthdal Chronicles, a South Korean television series discharging an irresistible concoction of cinematic surrealism. Produced by Studio Dragon and broadcasted worldwide by Netflix, this enchanting series sweeps its viewers off their feet and into the epic world of Arthdal, a civilization masked in a primitive cloak, battling its nascent throes of hierarchical power struggles, political conspiracies, and passionate revolutionaries.

Arthdal Chronicles was brought to life in 2019 with an absolutely star-studded cast featuring some of the most revered actors from the South Korean industry. The charm and intensity of Song Joong-ki, the gravitas of Jang Dong-geon, the fiery spirit of Kim Ok-vin, and the empathy-inducing performance by Kim Ji-won allowed audiences worldwide to immerse themselves into the mythical world of Arthdal.

Traversing into the allegorical land of Arthdal, erected on the vast plains of the ancient city of Arth, the series spins a captivating tale about the primitive evolution of civilization. The series offers a rich narrative that lends itself to the exploration of politics, survival, love, ambition, and the bedrock of human nature.

The story revolves around Song Joong-ki’s character, Eun-seom, who’s brought to life with a depth of physicality, grace, and emotional rawness. Eun-seom, a cursed child born of a human and a mythical creature called a Neanthal, is both an outsider and a warrior, carrying the heart-wrenching desire to protect his world and his people from impending danger.

Jang Dong-geon takes on the role of Tagon, Arthdal's brilliant and cunning war hero who has the taste of power on his tongue. His character is strong yet vulnerable, fierce yet compassionate, painting the complexity of a man embroiled in the cunning games of power.

Kim Ok-vin steps into the shoes of Taealha, the ambitious daughter of a tribal leader, who is as adept at manipulation as she is at understanding the dangerous schemes of Arthdal politics. Meanwhile, Kim Ji-won plays Tan-ya, a character who is Eun-seom’s object of love and a shaman destined to be the spiritual guide for her tribe.

The storytelling prowess of Arthdal Chronicles is complemented by the splendid set designs that replicate the prehistoric times with impeccable precision, making the world of Arthdal palpable and believable. The scenic landscapes, the lush forests, the primitive tribes, and the grandeur of the city of Arth, all underpin the narrative's evocative imagery.

Arthdal Chronicles, despite being set in an imagined past, at its core deals with concepts that resonate in our present society. It delves into the realm of power, ambition, love, and the desire to survive. The characters struggle against discrimination, fear, and injustice. Each character has their loyalties tested and personal endurance pushed to the brink as they rise and fall in the game of power.

Moreover, the series is enriched by engaging, thrilling plotlines and intricate character arcs that keep the viewers on the edge of their seats. These narratives intertwine and evolve, keeping the viewers gripped with their evocatively crafted storylines. The viewers are treated to a blend of romantic entanglements, nail-biting battle scenes, well-crafted political stratagems, and intimate human emotions that capture the essence of humanity.

The component of fantasy in Arthdal Chronicles cannot be overlooked as the very essence of the series is steeped in mythical elements that add a layer of magic to the narrative. With its supernatural connotations, fantastical creatures, and prophecies and rituals, it succeeds in captivating the viewers' imagination.

The brilliant performances of the cast, coupled with skillfully crafted storytelling, stunning cinematography, intricate direction, and a memorable soundtrack, combine to make Arthdal Chronicles a series that is both visually and emotionally immersive. It promises an engrossing journey into a world wrapped in myth, power play, and an intensely human saga of survival against all odds.

All in all, Arthdal Chronicles is a window into a mythical past blooming with an enchanting narrative that doesn't shy away from exploring the depths of human nature and civilization's birth. This sprawling epic of love, power, survival, and adventure is an essential watch for those who revel in the charm of folklore entwined with the pulsating energy of high-stakes drama. The series distinctly carves out its place in the world of fantastical storytelling by taking an innovative approach and leaving a lasting impact.

Arthdal Chronicles is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 36 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.3.

Jang Dong-Gun, Kim Ok-bin, Yoon Sa-bong
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