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Chapter VI: "Force Majeure"
In the aftermath of his accident, C.J. Macias contemplates his relationship with big wave surfing, as does Andrew "Cotty" Cotton. While Cotty places in the second WSL contest of the season, Tony Laureano finally gets the opportunity to compete as Justine Dupont's partner. Results are disappointing for the duo, but Laureano gets another chance to shine in Spain. Garrett McNamara takes his six-year-old son Barrel into the waves at Nazaré for the first time.

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Chapter V: "Lost At Sea"
The huge swells at Nazaré continue to challenge and confound the best surfers in the world, and several dramatic rescues take place close to the perilous rocks. At the Gigantes De Nazaré event in January 2022, several wipeouts and close calls threaten lives, as danger is narrowly averted by acts of heroism and strength.

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Chapter IV: "Partners"
Garrett McNamara is now the director of the World Surf League's Tow Surfing Challenge in Nazaré, but eight-month pregnant Nicole McNamara and their young children fall ill with COVID-19, complicating his preparations and the plans for the birth.

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Chapter III: "Jaws"
Justine Dupont chases a swell in the Pacific at Mavericks, and then at Jaws in Hawaii, where three years earlier she suffered the biggest injury of her career; returning to Maui, Dupont faces her fears and surprises even herself.

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Chapter II: "The Circus is Burning"
Portugal's National Health Commission closes down all surfing due to Covid protocols, stranding the surfers for several weeks.

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In Nazare, an unprecedented swell from Hurricane Epsilon kicks the 2020 big wave surfing season into high gear.

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100 Foot Wave, an enthralling sports-documentary series released by HBO in 2021, is a gripping exploration of the world of big wave surfing. Spanning six adrenaline-fueled episodes, the series follows the pioneering surf icon Garrett McNamara in a downright gripping narrative focused on his pursuit to ride mammoth waves, particularly focusing on his adventures as he seeks the coveted 100-foot wave. The awe-inspiring journey unfolds in the quaint coastal town of Nazaré, Portugal, known for its powerful, towering ocean waves luring big wave surfers from around the globe. In 2011, McNamara, the Hawaiian-born surfer, renowned for his fearless pursuit of surfing's most dangerous and colossal waves, was drawn to the town by a cryptic email leading him to the phenomenal marine wonders with the promise of walls of water reaching mythic proportions. The series unfolds as a sort of a visual diary, capturing McNamara's relentless quest to conquer the world's biggest wave and push the sport into the global spotlight. 100 Foot Wave does an extraordinary job of intertwining the gripping saga with stunning cinematography and poignant narratives that go beyond the sequel of thrilling surf events. It is a sports documentary that is as much about understanding the passion and commitment behind a sport like big wave surfing, as it is an investigation into the phenomenon of the perpetually exhilarating yet perilous giant waves. The series delves into the physical, emotional, and logistical elements that come into play in the pursuit of such an audacious goal. McNamara's love for surfing, as well as his unwavering determination, is showcased and explored in-depth. It puts a spotlight on the factors that motivate someone to risk life and limb for a fleeting moment of extreme transcendence. It also doesn't shy away from documenting unexpected challenges and the many close calls that come with tackling such a powerful force of nature. It's not just about McNamara, though. The series expands its scope to others drawn to Nazaré's towering waves, including a talented group of both seasoned veterans and aspiring surfers. By highlighting these diverse experiences, 100 Foot Wave paints a comprehensive picture of big wave surfing. It immaculately captures the unique camaraderie in this close-knit surfing community, bound together by their shared passion for riding the ocean's most towering waves. Beyond the surfing community, the show also showcases the profound impact on Nazaré itself. In a particularly touching narrative, the series explores the transformative effect that the pursuit of this 100-foot wave has had on the local community. As the town grows into a hotspot for big wave surfing, 100 Foot Wave highlights the economic and social ramifications from the perspective of Nazaré's inhabitants. Led by remarkable stories of horror and heroism against the backdrop of awe-inspiring natural feats, the series is a journey into man's unyielding quest to master nature and push the boundaries. 100 Foot Wave breaks down the physics behind enormous waves and the vision it takes to accomplish such a daunting task. It also elucidates the meticulous planning, constant vigilance, sheer conviction, and high-end technology that goes into making these pursuits possible. The brilliance of 100 Foot Wave lies partially in a personal narrative about the marriage of ambition and fear, as these surfers set out to conquer nature's most dangerous games. Along with the electrifying footage of some of the most immense waves ever surfed, the series offers a gracious look at the allure of the ocean and the spiritual connection that surfers feel with the water. With Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Chris Smith and veteran TV producer Joe Lewis at the helm, 100 Foot Wave does an exceptional job of folding a sport's history, ethos, principles, and athletes into an irresistible watch. The show's brilliance lies in its human stories - of overcoming fears, endurance, perseverance, and, above all, the love for the sport. In 100 Foot Wave, you won't find heavily scripted dialogues or overhyped rivalries that often plague sports documentaries. Instead, the series strips down to a raw, intimate portrayal of a group of audacious individuals daring to chase their dreams in the face of potentially fatal risks. In essence, 100 Foot Wave is a visually stunning and thrilling exploration of one man's journey and the broader community's passion and daredevilry in chasing the unreal, the life-threatening, the uncharted - a 100 foot wave.

100 Foot Wave is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 12 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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