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Sniper: Legacy is a 2014 action film that revolves around the story of a father and son who share a passion for sniping. The movie is directed by Don Michael Paul and stars Tom Berenger as Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett, Chad Michael Collins as his son Brandon, Doug Allen as Captain Doug Papich, and Dominic Mafham as Lt. Colonel Hapner.

The movie starts with the assassination of an American ambassador in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The United States Army is called upon to investigate the assassination, and Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett is called to lead the investigation. Beckett is a veteran sniper who has been involved in many covert operations, and he is known for his skills as a marksman. When he arrives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, he meets Captain Doug Papich, who is leading the investigation on the ground.

During the course of their investigation, they discover that a group of snipers operating in the area is responsible for the assassination. They also learn that the snipers have a deadly plan to attack a summit of world leaders. The summit is being held in Europe, and the snipers plan to use the chaos caused by the assassination to launch their attack.

Beckett realizes that he needs to stop the snipers before they can carry out their plan. He contacts his son Brandon, who has followed in his footsteps and become a sniper himself. Brandon is serving in Afghanistan, but Beckett convinces him to join him on this mission.

Together, Beckett and Brandon travel to Europe, where they team up with Lt. Colonel Hapner. The trio sets out to stop the snipers and prevent them from carrying out their deadly plan. They face several challenges along the way, including a fierce gunfight in a forest.

Throughout the movie, the relationship between Beckett and Brandon is explored. Beckett is a grizzled veteran who has seen it all, while Brandon is still relatively new to the world of sniping. Their bond is tested as they face danger at every turn, but they ultimately learn to rely on each other to get the job done.

The action sequences in the movie are well-executed and keep the audience on the edge of their seats. The snipers are shown to be skilled and deadly, and the protagonists must use all of their training and experience to stop them. The movie also touches upon themes of family, duty, and honor, adding depth to the story.

The performances in the movie are solid, with Tom Berenger bringing gravitas to his role as Master Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Beckett. Chad Michael Collins is also impressive as his son Brandon, while Doug Allen and Dominic Mafham provide strong supporting performances.

Overall, Sniper: Legacy is a well-made action movie that will appeal to fans of the genre. It features tense action sequences, memorable characters, and a compelling story. It also pays tribute to the legacy of snipers in the military, highlighting the sacrifices they make to serve their country.

Sniper: Legacy is a Thriller, Action movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.3..

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