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Sleepless in Seattle is a romantic comedy movie that was released in 1993. Directed by Nora Ephron, this film stars Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and Ross Malinger. The movie is a heartwarming tale of two individuals who are struggling to find love and happiness in their lives. The movie is set in Seattle and New York City and is based on the theme of destiny and how it can bring two people together.

Tom Hanks plays the role of Sam Baldwin, a widower who is trying to move on from the death of his wife. Sam is a successful architect and lives in Seattle with his young son Jonah (Ross Malinger). After the death of his wife, Sam moves to Seattle from Chicago to start a new life. However, he is still grieving and finding it difficult to connect with anyone. Sam's son Jonah is concerned about his dad and wants him to find love and happiness in his life.

Meg Ryan plays the role of Annie Reed, a reporter living in Baltimore. Annie is engaged to Walter (Bill Pullman), but she starts to have second thoughts about her impending marriage after hearing Sam's story on a radio show. Annie feels a strong connection with Sam and is convinced that he is her soulmate. She decides to write to Sam, and their correspondence leads to a heartwarming story of two individuals who are destined to be together.

Sleepless in Seattle is a beautifully shot movie, with stunning visuals of Seattle and New York City. The movie has a charming soundtrack that perfectly complements the story. The chemistry between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan is fantastic, and their performances make this movie a must-watch for anyone who enjoys romantic comedies.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is when Jonah calls into a radio show, looking for a new mother for his dad. The call becomes a sensation, and soon Sam and Jonah are inundated with letters from women all over the country. The scene is heartwarming and hilarious, and it perfectly captures the innocence and naivety of Jonah's character.

Sleepless in Seattle is a timeless movie that celebrates the power of love and the importance of destiny. The movie is a perfect blend of comedy, drama, and romance, making it a favorite among audiences of all ages. The movie teaches us that love can find us when we least expect it and that destiny has a way of bringing two people together.

In conclusion, Sleepless in Seattle is a classic movie that has stood the test of time. The movie is a heartwarming tale of two individuals who are destined to be together. With its charming visuals, beautiful soundtrack, and incredible performances, this movie will tug at your heartstrings and leave you with a renewed belief in love and destiny.

Sleepless in Seattle is a Comedy, Drama, Romance movie released in 1993. It has a runtime of 106 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.8. It also holds a MetaScore of 72.

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