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What Women Want is a romantic comedy movie from 2000 that stars Mel Gibson, Helen Hunt, and Marisa Tomei. Directed by Nancy Meyers, the movie is about an overconfident and chauvinistic ad executive, Nick Marshall, who suddenly acquires the ability to hear women's thoughts. This newfound talent transforms Nick's life, as he gains a better understanding of the opposite sex and tries to use this knowledge to his advantage.

Nick Marshall is an advertising executive at an agency in Chicago. He is good at his job and has a reputation for being a ladies' man. Despite his successful career and charm, Nick is oblivious to what women want, and he mostly uses them for his own pleasure. Nick's world is turned upside down when his boss, Dan Wanamaker, assigns him to develop a new advertising campaign aimed at women. Nick believes that women only care about beauty, fashion, and sex appeal, but he soon realizes that he knows nothing about what motivates women.

Nick's life changes when he accidentally electrocutes himself while taking a bath with a hairdryer. The electrocution gives him the power to hear women's thoughts. At first, Nick is horrified by this new ability, as he hears nothing but negative comments about him from his female colleagues. However, he soon realizes the advantage that this power gives him. Nick uses his newly acquired skill to read his boss's mind and steals a creative idea that wins him the ad campaign. He also uses his ability to seduce his new boss, Darcy Maguire, by reading her thoughts and saying the things she wants to hear.

As Nick continues to delve into the minds of women, he discovers that his shallow view of women was wrong. He starts to see the world from a different perspective and learns to appreciate the women around him, including his teenage daughter, Alex. Nick also falls for his co-worker and neighbor, Darcy, who he initially views as an adversary. Darcy is a successful ad executive and a single mother, who has a low opinion of Nick due to his sexist attitudes. However, as Nick gets to know her through her thoughts, he realizes that she is a strong and caring person, and he starts to fall in love with her.

Nick's new understanding of women is not without its challenges. He has to confront his own chauvinistic behavior and apologize to the women he has wronged. He also has to deal with the fallout of his power, as he accidentally reveals his ability to Darcy, and she becomes furious with him. Nick must find a way to win her back, and he uses his talents to create an ad campaign that reaches her and touches her on a personal level. In the end, Nick learns to appreciate women for who they are and gains a deeper understanding of what women want.

What Women Want was a commercial success upon its release, grossing over $374 million worldwide. It was also praised for its gender-bending concept and the performances of its stars, particularly Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. The film was nominated for several awards, including a Golden Globe for Hunt's performance. What Women Want has since become a cult classic, and its themes of gender roles and communication continue to resonate with audiences today.

What Women Want is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2000. It has a runtime of 127 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4. It also holds a MetaScore of 47.

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