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The movie She's Funny That Way, directed by Peter Bogdanovich, is a romantic comedy released in 2014 that stars Imogen Poots, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston, and many other well-known actors. The movie revolves around the life of a young woman named Isabella "Izzy" Patterson (played by Poots), who dreams of becoming an actress and lands a lead role in a Broadway play. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she meets and falls in love with the play's producer, Arnold Albertson (played by Wilson), who is married to Delta (played by Kathryn Hahn), who is also an actress in the play.

The story kicks off when Arnold, a successful theater director, is handling the callbacks for his upcoming play. During the auditions, he meets Izzy, a gorgeous and talented actress, and gives her the lead of his play. Unbeknownst to Arnold, Izzy is also a call girl who is having a secret affair with a judge (played by Austin Pendleton). The judge becomes obsessed with Izzy and starts showering her with money and gifts, but Izzy only sees him as a way to fund her dreams of becoming a Broadway star.

Things start to get complicated when Arnold sleeps with Izzy after the first rehearsal, and they both start to develop feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Delta becomes suspicious of Arnold's infidelity and hires a private investigator (played by Pazzi) to uncover the truth. At the same time, a Broadway diva named Jane Claremont (played by Aniston) also gets involved and starts to cause trouble.

The movie is a refreshing and hilarious take on the romantic comedy genre, with numerous laugh-out-loud moments and witty one-liners. The storyline is complex but well-crafted, with twists and turns that keep the audience engaged till the very end. The performances of the actors are also superb, with Imogen Poots stealing the show as the lead character, Izzy.

One of the main themes explored in the movie is the power of love and how it can often drive us to do crazy things. Arnold and Izzy's love story is unconventional, but their chemistry is electric, making it impossible not to root for them. Their scenes together are some of the best in the movie and are a testament to the actors' incredible abilities.

Another theme explored in the movie is the cutthroat nature of the entertainment industry. The characters in the movie are portrayed as ambitious and ruthless, willing to do anything to achieve their goals. The inclusion of the private investigator and the Broadway diva adds an extra layer of tension and drama, making the movie feel almost like a mystery at times.

Overall, She's Funny That Way is a must-watch for fans of the romantic comedy genre looking for something fresh and original. The movie's witty humor, excellent performances, and complex storyline make it a gem in the genre and an enjoyable watch from start to finish.

She's Funny That Way is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 93 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 45.

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