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They Came Together is a romantic comedy film released in 2014. The movie is directed by David Wain and stars Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler in the lead roles of Joel and Molly.

The movie begins with Joel and Molly narrating their love story to their friends over dinner. Their story is a clichéd romantic comedy, and their friends joke about how it's the same as every other rom-com. The scene sets the tone for the rest of the movie, making fun of the genre's predictable storylines.

Joel is the owner of a candy corporation, and Molly is the owner of a small candy store. Joel's company is trying to put Molly out of business, but they meet and fall in love despite their differences. The storyline parodies the classic rom-com trope of the protagonist's profession being something that immediately sets them apart from everyone else.

The movie pokes fun at other classic rom-com clichés, including the "meet-cute" and the montage of the couple falling in love. In a hilarious sequence, Joel and Molly have a "meet-cute" in a bookstore where they both reach for the same book. They then proudly exclaim that they don't read, which satirizes the unrealistic nature of clichéd romantic comedies.

The couple then goes through a sequence where they fall deeply in love. The sequence is shot like a music video, with upbeat pop music playing in the background. The couple is seen doing various things that usually signify falling in love, such as splashing around in a fountain together.

The movie also mocks the classic rom-com scene where the couple has to overcome a breakup. Joel and Molly break up and get back together multiple times, creating a parody of the often overly dramatic nature of these scenes.

Bill Hader stars in the movie as Joel's best friend, Kyle. The two friends jokingly mock each other's professions constantly throughout the film. Kyle is also constantly giving Joel misguided advice on how to win Molly over. The comical performance by Bill Hader adds an extra layer of laughs to the already hilarious film.

The dialogue in the movie is full of comical references to past romantic comedies. For example, Joel says the iconic line, "I'll never let you go," from Titanic when Molly is making a speech about being scared to lose him.

The movie also takes jabs at racial stereotypes that are often present in romantic comedies. For instance, there is a scene where Joel hires a group of black businessmen to "scare" Molly's store's customers away. This scene mocks the trope of the "magical Negro," where a person of color is used to help the white protagonist without any real explanation for their actions.

The film is made up of various comedic skits and situational gags, making it feel like a series of funny, loosely connected scenes. The comedy is often slapstick and physical, bringing the laughs.

The ending of the movie wraps up all the loose ends with a big, explosive scene that pokes fun at how predictable these romantic comedies can be. The ending is a hilarious parody of romantic comedies where the couple has to overcome one more final obstacle before getting together.

In conclusion, They Came Together is a hilarious parody of the classic romantic comedy genre. With its comical performances, references to past movies, and witty dialogue, the movie offers a fresh, unique, and enjoyable spin on the clichéd genre.

They Came Together is a Comedy movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 83 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.6. It also holds a MetaScore of 60.

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