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What We Did on Our Holiday is an impressive and charming British comedy film, released in 2014, brimming with heartfelt emotion and a dash of quirky humor. This enchanting family film features Rosamund Pike, David Tennant, and Billy Connolly in lead roles and captures their extraordinary journey during a family vacation in Scotland. Directed by the creators of the hit television program Outnumbered, Andy Hamilton and Guy Jenkin, the movie delivers an intricate blend of intricate humor, candid commentary, and profound moments.

Rosamund Pike and David Tennant portray Abi and Doug, a couple navigating the choppy waters of marital discord. They decide to take a short break from their stressful lives in London to head to the breathtaking terrain of the Scottish Highlands, and more importantly, to visit Doug's ailing father Gordie, played by Billy Connolly. The objective of this journey is not just to serve as a break for the couple, but they also want their three children – Lottie, Mickey, and Jess – to enjoy some quality time with their grandfather. Though their marital woes continue to cast a shadow over the journey, they mutually decide to keep their problems hidden from the rest of the family unit.

The vacation is a backdrop for the couple dealing with their personal issues, but the real charm of the film lies in the interactions between the adorable children and their grandfather. The movie subtly uses the innocence of childhood to juxtapose against the complexities of adult life and problems, offering an endearing and emotional viewing experience. The three children are an absolute delight, with the youngest of them possessing an unusual truthfulness, while the eldest one attempts to document the entirety of the trip in a diary. Every character in this family movie is vividly complex and leaves an impression.

Billy Connolly, the grand old man of British comedy, shines as the charismatic and jovial grandfather, Gordie. His on-screen presence and chemistry with the young actors are among the defining aspects of the film. Connolly’s rendition of his character’s joyous disposition juxtaposed with life's harsh realities and his own personal turmoil is nothing short of brilliant. David Tennant, as Doug, does a commendable job portraying a conflicted character, trying to manage the turbulence in his life while striving to be a good father and son. Rosamund Pike, as Abi, wonderfully manages to convey the frustration, exhaustion, and determination of a woman committed to holding her family together in the midst of turmoil.

Scotland and its picturesque landscapes play the perfect setting for the family’s voyage of self-discovery. The breathtaking scenery adroitly mirrors the ups and downs of the family members’ lives. The landscapes prove to be quite a visual spectacle, showcasing the Scottish Highlands in all their glory and adding an aesthetic appeal to the film's overall charm.

What We Did on Our Holiday shines not just for its excellent performances and endearing plot, but for its natural and dialogue-driven humour. The film brims with laugh-out-loud moments that genuinely stem from the sharp, witty, and, at times, brutally honest comments from the children’s mouths. Both Hamilton and Jenkin have a track record of working with child actors, and their expertise is evident in the believable performances elicited from the young cast.

Despite being a comedy, the film does not shy away from tackling weighty issues such as familial responsibilities, illness, ageing, death, and the joys and pitfalls of parenthood. However, it accomplishes this without being excessively sentimental or preachy, maintaining a light-hearted backdrop throughout. It tiptoes the line between comedy and drama effortlessly, delivering on both fronts and ensuring the audience remains engaged throughout the narrative journey.

In conclusion, What We Did on Our Holiday is a delightful comedy-drama that offers an entertaining exploration of family dynamics, parenthood, and maturity. The potent blend of emotion-laden narrative, brilliant performances, ravishing Scottish landscapes, and heartwarming humor crafts an appealing narrative that speaks volumes about the essence of life and relationships. This should definitely be on the watch-list of movie enthusiasts who appreciate a good blend of humor, drama, and family themes.

What We Did on Our Holiday is a Comedy movie released in 2015. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 54.

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