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Night of a 1000 Cats is a Mexican horror film that was released in 1972. The film, which is directed by Rene Cardona Jr., follows the story of a wealthy playboy named Hugo Stiglitz who owns a private zoo filled with exotic animals, including 1000 cats. Stiglitz invites women to his mansion, claiming to be an animal lover, and then lures them into his private zoo where he feeds them to his feline friends.

The movie begins with a group of young women who are visiting Mexico for vacation. One of the women, Marilyn (Anjanette Comer), is a photographer who is looking for new subjects for a book she is working on. She meets Hugo Stiglitz's character and is taken aback by the towering mansion he lives in. Hugo invites her back to his home for dinner, and she accepts, unaware of the danger she is putting herself in.

As the night progresses, Marilyn becomes increasingly suspicious of the bizarre behavior of her host. She snoops around his mansion and discovers a secret passage that leads to the private zoo. To her horror, she finds out about Hugo's sinister plans, and she realizes that she might not make it out alive.

The film is notorious for its unsettling scenes, particularly those involving the cats. The camera lingers on shots of the animals jumping and clawing at their prey, making sure the audience sees the gore in all its gruesome reality. These scenes are disturbing and are likely to make some viewers uncomfortable.

Despite being a horror movie, Night of a 1000 Cats is also a character-driven narrative that explores the motivations of its protagonist. Though Stiglitz's character is undoubtedly evil, the film doesn't shy away from depicting his humanity. We see him as a complex individual with desires and fears that motivate him, which makes his actions all the more horrifying. Anjanette Comer's character is also crucial to the plot, providing a necessary perspective on the actions of the antagonists and helping to drive the narrative.

Moreover, the film is famous for its stylish cinematography and impressive visuals. The mansion's interiors are richly decorated with lavish furniture and ornate decorations that give a sense of opulence and decadence. The shots of the private zoo are equally impressive, featuring lush foliage and exotic animals that add to the movie's surreal and otherworldly atmosphere.

In terms of the performances, the movie's actors do a fantastic job of bringing their characters to life. Anjanette Comer, in particular, delivers an exceptional performance as Marilyn, a brave and resourceful protagonist who refuses to be a victim. Hugo Stiglitz's portrayal of the villain is also excellent, with his cold, menacing demeanor and intense stare making him a truly frightening presence onscreen.

Overall, Night of a 1000 Cats is a well-made horror film that is sure to give viewers a scare. It features strong performances, stunning visuals, and horrifying scenes that are designed to shock and disturb. It's a classic piece of Mexican horror cinema that has stood the test of time and remains a must-see for horror fans.

Night of a 1000 Cats is a Horror movie released in 1972. It has a runtime of 62. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.9..

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