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In the 1997 action movie Air Force One, Harrison Ford stars as U.S. President James Marshall. Marshall is returning from a diplomatic mission in Russia when his plane, Air Force One, is hijacked by a group of terrorists led by Ivan Korshunov (Gary Oldman). The terrorists take control of the plane and hold the passengers and crew hostage, demanding the release of a Russian dictator imprisoned by the United States.

The majority of the movie takes place on Air Force One, with tension and action building throughout its runtime. The President, a skilled combat veteran, realizes that he is the only one who can take action to save the hostages and defeat the terrorists. Marshall's quick thinking, bravery, and determination to protect the people on board Air Force One make for an exciting and suspenseful narrative.

In addition to Ford and Oldman, the movie boasts an impressive cast that includes Glenn Close as Vice President Kathryn Bennett and William H. Macy as U.S. Marine General Thomas R. Moore. The characters are well-developed, with motivations and personalities that feel authentic and grounded in reality. Close's Bennett is portrayed as a strong and capable leader who goes toe-to-toe with Oldman's ruthless and cunning Korshunov.

The high stakes situation on the hijacked Air Force One leads to a number of thrilling action sequences, including a mid-air refueling scene that provides a tense moment where anything could go wrong. The cramped, airless setting of an airplane, combined with the fact that the people on board are all high-ranking officials, ratchets up the tension and makes every decision and action feel critical.

One of the most memorable moments in the movie is a showdown between Marshall and Korshunov, which takes place on the plane's cargo deck. The face-off between the two skilled combatants is a thrilling and satisfying climax to the film's intense narrative.

Overall, Air Force One is a well-executed action movie that delivers on its promise of suspense, excitement, and thrills. The movie's impressive cast, high-stakes scenario, and well-developed characters make it one of the most memorable and beloved action movies of the 1990s.

Air Force One is a Action, Thriller movie released in 1997. It has a runtime of 124 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 61.

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